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    The destruction of the earth

    by , 01-31-2011 at 10:30 PM (656 Views)

    Well this dream followed another dream that I recall being quite epic, but I can’t recall what it was. The transition between these two dreams involved my little sister. I apparently “woke up” from this epic dream and wanted to tell her about it. However, it appears that she kept wanting to talk about the color black. She was trying to explain how there was a difference between “black” and “velvety black” and I was all, “The hell? My dream had black in it, let me tell you!” (good thing she didn’t let me). She went on to explain that you could tell the difference on how a velvety black was “deeper” if you crossed your eyes while looking at it. I went along and crossed my eyes which transitioned me into a purely black scene.

    This black scene slowly started throwing stars out everywhere and finally a large sun. I was out in space, in a space ship and I could feel the gentle heat on my chest from the sun. Down below was the earth. I was rotating the ship around amazed by how the space was infinitely black in all directions. (At this point my sister sort of was “narrating”) However, as I turned completely around, I noticed that the entire outer space was white like a blinding light in that direction (The transition ended at this point, so my little sister disappeared from the rest of this dream). I thought, “That is odd, almost as if there was a large explosion!” which right then my view changed to view three huge planets soaring through outer space, propelled by the explosion of one of the largest suns. I thought, “wait, those are coming at us, they will hit earth!” I turned my ship around (I had been sort of coasting in the direction of the explosion) and pushed “full throttle” as I zoomed back to earth. I suppose I “told” the people there what happened (though I never saw this part, it was like me just being there let them know).
    So apparently at the time, space was highly explore able, lots of people (myself as well, obviously) owned personal space ships. Going from *livable* planet to livable planet was as easy as walking down the road, however FINDING a planet (other than the already charted ones) that was livable was a different matter entirely. So, at this point I suppose earth was being governed by 4 leaders and was split into 4 countries. There was the one that governed the area I was from, and he was good and quite “wize.” Then there was one from a rival country who was ridiculously war-prone, and then the two others didn’t really occur all that much in the dream. Anyway, these large evacuation ships took off from the earth containing all who lived on it, flown by their leaders. The war-prone idiot took a lot of convincing to finally leave and was constantly threatening to attack if we tried anything.
    So we were on our way, I was still in my ship, and as I saw the planets coming, I noticed they were going to hit the SUN rather than the earth. This led me to believe that they would cause the sun to explode, so the other four ships and myself did sort of a “hyper jump” (almost like an instant teleportation, but not quite) to a particularly familiar part of the galaxy right as the planets hit the sun. I was suddenly in front of another sun thinking something about how our sun was only a small sun, so the chance of a larger sun was probable (This sorta happened as we were “jumping”). As I finished this thought this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) star was in front of me. The thing was just massive. I could feel the heat baking down on me through the cockpit, and I started sweating a little. Now, unlike in real life, I could easily look at the suns. They were basically large yellow balls covered in fire (Like the pictures you see on the internet, rather than so bright you can’t see them).

    About now, something happened to the passenger ships where they couldn’t move (and I was suddenly on the one my governor was flying). I think it was because of the war guy. He was on about how they were low on food and was demanding us to give him some. Our guy was trying to explain that we just barely had enough for ourselves to last the whole year (apparently as long as it was going to take to find a livable planet). He went on to mentioning something about guys that didn’t go into “cold sleep” (I assume everyone from earth was stuck asleep at the moment) by tricking the system into letting them stay up or something like that. Then went on about capturing rats (where I questioned where the heck rats would come from on a space ship) for food. Well eventually the war guy got pissed off and left leaving us stranded (He took the other 3 governors with him). So really it was just me in the governor in this ship. By the time I ‘arrived’ in the room where the governor was at, his life was in danger. It was a circular room with a large hole in the middle. The hole was bordered by about 2-3 feet of walkway then a wall. From the inside edge of the hole down about 2 body lengths was a steep grade (probably a good 85 percent grade or so, almost straight down) . Inside the hole was vivid green light and some metallic structure which I assumed to be part of the engine. The governor had been trying to fix the engine but slid down the grade and was hanging from a ½ inch ledge at the bottom of the grade. If he fell, the heat from the engine would consume him instantly.

    I suddenly was carrying a bag of golf clubs, which ended up being quite lengthy ski-poles when I pulled them out. I reached down and was telling the governor to hang on, and he was having a very difficult time trying to grab the thing. He finally grabbed it, but jerked to suddenly. I was screaming something about not pulling on it, I would pull him up, but it was too late and I tumbled over the edge. Right then I noticed Velcro loops that were attached to the rim of the hole at the top every 4 or so feet. I quickly grabbed one which stopped me, but partially ripped out. The governor had somehow gotten up to standing on the small ½ inch ledge, but was quite prone to falling off with the slightest movement. I still had the pole in my hand so I lowered it so he could grab it and climb up (his head was still a good foot or so below my feet). He started up, and I saw the Velcro ripping more about to come undone. I started shouting at him to stop and specifically thought, “He better not act like one of those idiots in the movies that doesn’t listen and causes us both to plummet to our deaths.” However, he indeed did stop and I told him we had to get to the other Velcro strap. I sort of swung gently and awkwardly as he slowly sidestepped to the left pulling me over where I then tried to throw myself to the next strap. With a sigh of relieve I grabbed it and he started his way up where I then woke up.

    First dream in a long time where I remembered every detail. (With the exception of the rat part which is just barely fuzzy. Though that involved an explanation for something else as well I prefer not to mention)

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