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    1. Rain of rocks

      by , 07-28-2014 at 09:24 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm out of the city, standing between an open field and a school. The whole sky is densely covered with dark storm clouds. It's dawn. I see there's a lot of people wearing clothes from different religious grounds on the place when we hear a loud roar followed by its echoes. I cannot distinguish if it was a thunder or the eruption of a volcano when I see far in the field a huge rock making its way through the clouds like a meteor although I cannot see any fire nor smoke behind it. On the contrary, it looks like it was thrown by a catapult although it seems to be breaking the speed of sound because of the vapor cloud that can be seen around the rock leaving a white trail across its path which is not regular, as the rock has sort of motion effect that deviates it from its predictable trajectory randomly spinning to any size. It hasn't touch the ground when we see another one, and then another one opening their way through the clouds. Every time closer than the previous one. Producing the same irregular trails across the sky. One of the rocks heavily falls and quick bounces taking some persons with it. The rest of the people panics and run for cover in the yard which is under a second floor of the school. I decide to go with them but I'm starting to think that perhaps it's not a good idea to use this building as shelter. Then I hear a crash sound coming from the roof and almost immediately after, a rock makes its way through the roof above us taking more people with it. I hear screams here and there, people running without direction. It's madness all around. I don't have time to see the gore. I take a look out to the field, where I was standing, the number of raining rocks have significantly increased and it's starting to become dense here too. It's chaos, an Armageddon like feeling starts to spread around the place. I decide it's better to go out somewhere I can see the sky in order to avoid any falling rocks. I go out through the main gates of the school which has turned into my primary school because of the rocks have just started to fall in that side. I get to the street and see a lot of people running out of control. I turn to see the sky enough to realize there's one about to fall right where I am, I have to move fast to avoid it with a jump. It falls to my side taking some persons with it/...

      * Woke up hearing the sound of the wind hardly shaking the leaves of the trees

      * Relative size of the rocks:

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    2. No lights for us

      by , 07-17-2014 at 11:32 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../It's night, we're in a farm with my wife and other people. I see somebody's driving sort of a harvester inside the cow pen. I see some cows running scared from the lights of the truck. In the middle I see a calf sleeping. The driver doesn't care and runs over it. We're pissed off and start insulting the guy asking him to stop. He turns in stead and start chasing us. We get dispersed and I realize there's no other light but the lights of the truck. I hide behind a pickup truck. He uses the lights of the harvester to look for us. I just want to get him down, but by now, I have to hide while he turns closer where I am. I hope my wife is in a safe place. I think the lights under the pickup will show my shadow projected on the wall behind me/...
    3. Day 15 - A giant spider inhabits the house

      by , 05-15-2014 at 01:56 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I go downstairs of a house where we live. The ground floor is a huge cavern and I get lost looking for something. It's all dark and I want to turn on some light. The ceiling is high above my head. I find a corner with a light switch. I turn it on and I see a light has turned on somewhere but it's difficult to see because of my hair falls on my face. I remember somebody told me about a big spider inhabiting this place. I want to get back upstairs to our room. I try to free my view but it's a mass of hairs in front of my eyes. I hardly find the stairs and go up, hoping not to find that big spider. I don't know how big could it be, when I feel some spider web falling on my face. I think it could be just my hair. Finally I get to our room. The door is a closet which doors are made of glass. I have to open them with a little key to get in. A soft moon light get through the windows, I see some shadows in the corridor. My wife gently sleeps on the bed. I cannot close the lock when I see a spider which body is the size of a basket ball, running along the hallway. It gives me the creeps, I want to close the damn door but its lock seems to be broken/...

      * The dream is abruptly interrupted by one of my kids
      * I consider that as a nightmare because of the uncomfortable feelings.

      .../It's night. I'm walking on the streets close to the informal market, playing with my shadow on the lines of the slabs. I'm hearing the song Black Sabbath playing on the background while someone tells something about the band/...

      * Alarm went off. I know there was more but unfortunately I wasn't able to remember more...

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    4. 7th day - Short lucid and some more connections.

      by , 05-07-2014 at 12:05 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Like yesterday, there were some extra cups of wine before going to bed...

      .../It's a celebration day on the town I'm visiting from a long time. I see an aunt and ask her for her son, my fellow cousin to salute him. She tells me where he is, but I notice "his parents" are sitting in the same table and they're not too friendly. Anyway, I don't care and go to give him a hug. I try to make a joke about me getting drunk at the airport and sitting next to the airplane wheel just before the airplane starts to move. He doesn't get it. I think because of it has been a long time since we don't make jokes together/...

      .../I'm walking on a road, getting in a town where its welcome sign literally states: "Welcome to the state of California. Our little DOF things" (DOF is written in overlapped capitals). Then I get into a bar where a DC-mix of some drunk people I know, invites me to have some beers. I accept although I don't feel motivated to drink. He gets angry with me, and throws the whole content of a bottle on a wooden wagon. Then he asks me to leave and threats me to throw a rock on my head if I don't go because of I'm being a killjoy. I got confused and decide to better go out. In the street, I see the DC going out turned into my dad. I'm walking on the streets, feeling sad. It's cold out here and I'm wearing just a t-shirt. I want to go to the apartment we rented with a friend of mine/...

      * Apparently we rented that apartment in another dream and we live there with some other friends and family.

      .../change one letter game could be bravest from breast...

      .../I have to deliver something in the 14th floor of a house. The elevator door gets closed when I'm about to step into it. The door opens while the elevator goes up. Now it's just a platform and I can see the stairs and all the stuff around. I must stay standing in the middle. I see an old woman going upstairs. The elevator stops in the 15th floor. I get out of the platform. It's just a sort of stairs with huge steps that I have to go down. There's a big empty space in the middle. The woman stands in the opposite side where I am. I ask her to be careful, she says something and makes a wrong move, then she falls. I run to take a look down. She's sitting on a table talking with a girl friend. She mocks about something pointing at me. She's not dead. There's something going on here. I want to go downstairs very quick and think I could take a shortcut by jumping if it's what I'm starting to think. This place doesn't make sense, I know what it means! This time I don't want to jump due to the vertigo. I go on with the plot, I still have her delivery in my hands. I throw it close to her. She doesn't like it, I don't care. I look around to see how can I go out. I see some escalators on my side leading to a wall with a hole above it. I command them to stop. They stop and I have to climb to get on the roof of a building. I hear she is quite upset following me. I command the escalators to move again to squeeze her against the wall, but she gets out before getting trapped in the motion. Now she looks very young but angry, she wears like a witch from the middle age. She stands in front of me yelling something. I feel scared but I have to control myself. Using my mind, I throw her against some sharp spikes I see in front of the house. She gets impaled uttering some spell on me. Her mouth looks like a Venus flytrap and it opens to the sides. I command with my mind the spikes to open up. It finishes her. Now I see the dream in 3rd person view. I see a DC who looks like Harry Potter, getting out from my point of view, he gets close to a door that I previously saw stating it was level 13. Now it's time for another level, the number on the door changes to a lower one, and it opens to show a wall. There's a couple of brown werewolves getting out from a window. The female one has two bats flying like flies around her head. The traffic in the streets is weird. Most of the cars move backwards. The authority car has a toilette in stead of a seat, and the driver seems to be taking a shit while driving. He speaks with somebody with the radio. This place is weird and I'm wondering what have the werewolves to do here/...

      * I have to point out about this one, when I started to write down some fast notes (which is really tedious due to the fatigue) I barely remembered a couple of fragments of the final scene in the city where I wasn't lucid anymore. It was not until I wanted to go back to sleep, when I was able to remember the whole lucid sequence. Then my scratched writing turned into something more devoted.

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