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    Side Notes

    1. Winter competition 2024 - Nights 5-8 (10-13.01.2024)

      by , 01-14-2024 at 07:00 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 5 -10.01-


      Night 6 -11.01-

      Ö/immerse into work activity. We get a task to work in couples. Each one becomes a contract to work with. One of my kids is t doing something there/Ö

      Ö/I see my English neighbor has cut her hair. She looks angry. Her mother is around while sheís sweeping the street next to a small park in front of her place. I ask her if sheís angry for something because of her face expression. She goes mad and we start discussing about something. Her mother gets something like a stroke but not really, I think to myself ďItís because of her advanced ageĒ and somebody has to call emergency. I donít have a phone at hand. My neighbor goes dancing on a stage while her mother waits for help somewhere else. Thereís a festival show taking place on the second floor of the house surrounding the park which now is on its yard. The dreamscape then fuses into my grandparents house where thereís much more activity than usual/Ö

      Ö/Iím going with somebody to a known place, she turns into S. Thereís a couple of buildings joined with a bridge around. Itís recent dreamscape. I notice Iím not wearing any jacket. I see a jacket hanging inside a room. It looks like a Kindergarten dressing room when we get in. I turn to see we have nothing to do there. We better go now but trying not to be noticed by the parents who are playing with their kids in the front yard of the place. One of them throws a black plane with a gadget. They follow its flight. I turn to see it looks like a raven figure. It gets stuck on the roof, they laugh because it looked like the bird landed by itself/Ö

      Ö/There's somebody saying that the police is searching random houses by tricking the people somehow to catch drug dealers. They notice because of a mark left on their lips by the use of a pipe/Ö

      Ö/Itís an apparent that mixes with one of my childhood classrooms. Itís white. Iím not sure who owns this place, possibly S. N went out to meet her friends. I go to the corridor to do something. When I turn to get in again I see a piece of paper on the upper left corner. It looks like it was part of a bigger picture and was left behind by the former owner. It depicts a an Asian dragon similar to some I drew long ago for a design project. I want to take a picture to compare with mine. I turn to look for my phone and turn on the camera app. Then I cannot find the piece of paper. It takes a while to find it again. Thereís a second corner of a picture but less visible/Ö

      Night 7 -12.01-

      Ö/We are with S on my dadís bed. Itís a mixture of places again. We see some small insects popping out of her blankets. I slap the first one out with my finger. The second one jumps on my voice recorder when I put it close. Then I bring it to the window. A centipede now comes out of the mattress. Itís disgusting and she wants it out of here. I thought she was going to start a show but she didnít/Ö

      Ö/I see a reel of a beauty contest. The winner is carrying a white dress and turns to receive the price. She has a huge red spot on her butts, itís an embarrassing situation/Ö

      Ö/I see something I did on a list on paper. Has something to do with music and some explanations. I don get to see what Iím trying to show with the arrow I drew to the right side of the list. Iím trying to figure out what I wanted to say. There are some Chinese characters somewhere. Iím at work. The list has YouTube links on it and I can see a short clip telling in documentary mode saying something and that the guitar player didnít mind, then again something about the bass player and that he didnít mind neither while the video shows a very raw zoom in and out of their instruments. I hear a techno song fragment singing ďI wanna be an AngelĒ/Ö

      Night 8 -13.01-

      Ö/itís sort of big auto repair shop. Thereís a lot of junk. The place is dirty with low illumination. Some corners are very dark. Thereíre different levels of the junk/Ö

      Ö/again my grandparents house. Something about some lists and Google maps is not showing the actual position but you may use a reference to locate it/Ö

      Ö/Iím shopping somewhere when I turn to see a big wall of peanut packages. Thereís somebody saying we can have them for breakfast. I think theyíre a snack for cheat talk or something like that. I see the cutlery must be organized, itís random set on the box/Ö

      Ö/some family recent stuff waiting to be done and more stress of work/Ö

      I lost many of the fragments dictating them on the back of my mind with the voice recorder on pauseÖ

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    2. Nights 11 & 12 - Aut Comp 2023 (11-12.09.2023)

      by , 09-13-2023 at 09:02 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 11

      Ö/I turn and cross a door when somebody at my back says: ďHere we Ďflayí because of we f*ck and playĒ/Ö I woke up remembering that

      Night 12

      Ö/Iím in front of the model of a modern large house in the mountains. Iím carefully placing some round transparent reddish covering plastics on the courtyards to protect the next places Iím planning to go. Iím wearing skin colored stockings/Ö
    3. Nigjts 7-10 Aut Comp 2023

      by , 09-11-2023 at 10:15 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      07.09 - Night 7

      Ö/I get into a new section of the sorter, itís main purpose is to heal books. Here fall all books that got damaged along the process of distribution. The books this time are modern paperback versions. Thereís a book with pink cover on top of one of the piles on the plates.
      I donít see itís going to work, I have my doubts about the process. Itís not my task today anyway, Iím too wide away from my working place where Iím sorting stuff for titles for its placement or something like that. Weíre moving to another section of the sorter, we have to board a train. There are people from the design area. The big J is there/Ö


      I succeeded to incubate the dream back again but failed to recognize when it started

      Ö/itís the same new section, thereíre other paperback books piled there. Iím leaving the section now and I can see now the creeper of my living room hanging in a precarious way next to the sorter. Iím afraid itís going to fall, I try to fix it into a better position while the sorter keeps moving. Iím trying to figure out whatís the logic of this new station. Each book has some values, like RPG cards. And they must be placed on their corresponding plate according to those numbers for the machine to take them to their new location or something like that . Thereís a guy wearing glasses working on the first plate. He shouldnít be there handling books because of his task has nothing to do with books. Heís taking the books away from where they should be taken by the machinery. I think to myself: ďNow I see why itís not workingĒ/Ö

      08.09 - Night 8

      This time the dream was too abstract to recall a full sequence, Iím moving into thoughts and the scenery changes too fast to recall more

      Ö/I see some coworkers, old J is there. They twist and fall into big woks like theyíre sort of omelettes. Other stuff turns around and moves on/Ö

      09.09 - Night 9

      Ö/Iím on a train arriving at a train station. I see some cops with dogs doing their job/Ö

      Ö/I see my daughter is watching films In a strange language. I cannot understand what the actors are saying. Look like a live show comedy/Ö

      10.10 - Night 10

      No recall, got too few hours of sleep, then must go back to work
    4. Day 6 - Aut Comp 2023 / 06.09

      by , 09-07-2023 at 11:46 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Ö/Thereíre groups of cartoon like fat people with small thin heads, wearing coats. Some of them are wearing big round hats. Theyíre standing on platforms at different heights. Thereís something like a huge tonearm of a turntable switching from one group to another. They follow its inducted instructions and sing along a melody. Some seem not to know the lyrics and start improvising. I donít like it although itís not bad the result. I go down to the lower level of the system. I get to the small yard of my grand parentís house. The couch of the small living room is out there and another sofa. A short haired arrogant looking pretty girl around 20 is laying along the couch, with the head on the coach arm and both legs crossed on the couch back. Sheís wearing black stockings, mini skirt, plaid shirt and a jacket. I want to correct her posture without being direct to avoid rebellious confrontations, just by sitting next to her in order to force her to put the legs down. She doesnít look clean. I donít want to get too close to her feet, sheís not wearing shoes. I sit and she turns to put her legs on the table in front of the couch. I think: Thatís not the best but much better. I ask for a kiss as reward. Sheís angry/Ö

      Ö/Thereís something with my dad/Ö

      My daughter slammed the bathroom door when I was recalling the segments of this dream. That blocked my recall while I was remembering more details and lost the rest of the dream
    5. Day 5 - Aut Comp 2023 / 05.09

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:04 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Fragment 1

      Ö/Iím heading to the end of a low illuminated dark brown corridor with dark green doors on the sides. In stead of a wall at the end, thereís a section of a conveyor belt crossing the way from left to right. The corridor is 3 plates of the conveyor belt bright. This part of the corridor is better illuminated with white lights above the machinery.
      There are old but well preserved hard cover brown books on each plate and Iím filling the plates with more books to get piles of three books on each plate while the conveyor moves on. I finish to set the piles and turn to do something else to my left. Looks like Iím very concentrated in some task at work/Ö

      I woke up remembering these scene, and wondered if I should consider it as a theme related fragment for the competition, since such books can often be found in libraries. They might come from one, same as they might go there. One way or another must point into that direction. Anyway, Iím constantly handling the main components of a library although Iím not aware of that during the dream. So I think it could score for that. Working with basic components of a library. I could use these books and the conveyor belt under dream control circumstances, to get straight into a library. May be jumping on one of the plates

      Then I considered to give it one more try and started to think about the fragment I remembered and fell asleep somewhere in the process

      Fragment 2

      Ö/Iím again in the corridor next to the conveyor belt. The sequence unfolds the same until I start to arrange more objects on the first books. This time I see what Iím arranging on them arenít other books, itís my folded clothing. And think: ďSo, they werenít all books, there were my clothes as wellĒ and put my pants on the old book to see it disappear to my right carried by the conveyor belt/Ö

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    6. 03-04.09 (Nights 3-4 Aut Comp 2023)

      by , 09-05-2023 at 09:30 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 3

      I didnít recall any along the day until I opened the refrigerator to see my daughter didnít buy any other cup of her apparently beloved dessert

      Ö/I open the refrigerator to see my kid brought more cups of the dessert that she didnít eat for more than a year and are still on the upper corner as a reminder to show her great love for it. I start complaining about that fact with sarcasms/Ö

      Night 4

      Ö/back in my teens, catching up with a friend. Heís talking about his father and how he killed him because of he didnít want to hear his arguments/Ö

      Ö/Itís a huge house, Iím walking all around looking for something, possibly recollecting something, not sure. We have to set all in order and there are still two circles left to be finished/Ö

      Ö/Iím on the street, close to one of the campus of the university of my youth, performing sort of sorcery or ritual with somebody dressed with long hooded clothings. Weíre drawing big circles on the floor, with a broom that leaves a line of characters on the floor, turning our body 360 degrees to paint the whole circle with lines that must be perfectly matched in order to have a continuous closed line. It must avoid the evil spirits to come in or something like that. It reminds me an old film about an apprentice that has to spend 3 nights closed in a locked room with a coffin containing the dead body of a witch. I see the signs that form the border of the circle, twist at my will to match their ends. Some characters look like Ďmís other are just straight lines. I have to finish two more circles of those/Ö

      Ö/In the kitchen, somebody is washing the dishes and putting them on the dish holder. Turns it downwards and all of the cutlery falls on the floor. I come out of the kitchen and find a coworker is about to get into the bathroom. I stop her to tell something and cannot avoid the impulse to kiss her. She kisses me back and with a gentle push she shows me that sheís in a hurry/Ö
    7. 02.09 - (2nd day Aut Comp 2023)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 10:25 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Ö/I see a black and white drawing art of a modern house. The paper size is around an A2. Itís hanging on the outside of a building in front of a glass door I have in front of me inside of this building. I see the picture breaking into pieces with the wind while I open the door/Ö

      Ö/Some coworker pooped on his pants three times, thereís something spoiled in the work place because of it, Iím still confused about the incident. Weíre working at night with very low illumination. I donít get the new distribution of areas. Thereís a lot of work taking place changing the distribution of items along the different aisles/Ö

      Itís a very recurrent dream scenario

      Ö/Iím working in a Sorter which is distributing the different media into its respective cells, itís sort of huge warehouse with 4-5 story buildings inside. Iím getting close to one of the corners of the transport band which is being loaded by people on a platform some levels away to my front. I see the moment when a large thin book gets stuck at the end of one of the curves. The coming articles which are also large books, start to crash after it and get stuck in a chaotic way. Itís starting to be a mess. I run and pull the squeezed book out of its plate, to let the rest of the material flow again. Itís a large light blue book and is ruined on the corner. Looks like itís a book for kids and itís too large to be put on the plate of the sorter. I get angry because of somebody intentionally put it there in spite of it was way too large. I walk to the upper levels. I see an ex-girlfriend working there, she looks perplexed. I keep walking some levels up until I find my brother and ask him if he knows where to find our uncle who is one of the auxiliary teachers in the place. He has no idea where to find him. Somebody says heís somewhere straight ahead, on the top office of one of the buildings which is close to a big yard, where a group of students in sport uniform forming a block are following the instructions of some trainer. I feel like Iím not going to be able to talk right now with my uncle, so I try to figure out who might be the person to talk with about the incident of this book/Ö

      I failed to realize because of the rush, this uncle passed away long ago and his DC sometimes uses to be a dream sign.
    8. 15 - 17.06.23 The dream interpreter and an accident

      by , 06-17-2023 at 10:22 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Fragment finishing the week at work and a couple of longer fragments for the first day off. Still one to come, Iím gonna use this scenario to try sort of extended DEILD


      Stress of work once more sneaking around. This time only fragment of the night was a situation that happened some days ago at work with one of my coworkers. In the dream it happened the other way around as it really did

      Ö/I see E. searching for one item, doing his best to find it between the other items that cover it/Ö


      Ö/I see two kids on the upper platform of a toboggan of grass. One of them stands on the taller kidís shoulders who jumps high in the air to do a somersault 360 forwards. To land standing. The smaller kid lands on his back touching the feet of the other who stands. The feeling of the moment is not good. It sounds terrible bad when they both land at the same time. One standing the other laying. The smaller changed his position from the older kidís shoulders to the feet during the somersault. It went wrong and now the kid doesnít react laying unconscious on the floor. Thereís a lot of stress around, it breaks a lot of events that were happening at the time. One of those events is related to a dream interpreter who went somewhere and will come back today at any time. Iím worrying about him, because when heís going to come back, the place will be empty because of the accident/Ö

      Ö/To the right side of the toboggan there is a small hangar. Iím waiting for a tire to be changed there. I see the old tire resting on one side of the car. It seems that S. stands somewhere around/Ö

      Ö/In the same dream, I see my brothers approaching, Rn got long hair and it seems that P. is coming together with him. Rl comes from a lower platform, itís a recurrent scenario, like a park fused with a backyard/Ö

      I had some impressions from past dreams, related to the place. Iíll use that to focus when WBTB later

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    9. 15.06.2023 - SC2023 during work days

      by , 06-15-2023 at 05:45 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Possibly alarms are breaking deep sleep stages or somewhere around, but far away for REM stages these last days. I woke up contemplating the void mostly. Last night was a bit more accurate although due to work couldnít go on for the lucid.

      Ö/Iím playing an air fight arcade game 80ís style. Seeing my space ship from above. The opening screen reminds me the graphics of Galaga. The game is a bit more complex. I detonate the bombs that I first dropped on the ground/Ö

      Ö/Iím dressing one of my kids. Itís night, weíre in a corner on the street. Sheís 3 or 4 again, reminds me the times when she didnít go to school yet. Sheís happy and kisses me playing while I finish to put her warm clothings/Ö
    10. 12.06.23 - SC2023 - stress sneaking around

      by , 06-12-2023 at 03:48 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Not much this time, I just have to calibrate the alarms to not disturb the dreams.

      Ö/Iím arranging Wagons/Ö

      I didnít realize first alarm was with vibrate. Now I remember why my DC coworker came to turn the machine off last night! It was the vibrate what she was pointing in that dream! This night it almost break the bedside table. So loud!

      Ö/Iím arranging wagons with natural size figures of people in different positions on them. The figures start on the knees and look like 70/80ís comic books normal people drawn on them/Ö
    11. 11.06.23 - Bells as reminders

      by , 06-11-2023 at 09:30 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Ok, this time it wonít be too short, so I will try to make it understandable

      Knowing what was the problem with my phone, I made a plan 1.2 to fix the failure and try one more thing. I corrected the brightness and set new timing alarms like intuitive crazy along the night, starting from the midnight, to match REM stages, whenever I was going to fall asleep.
      As usual, woke up some minutes before the first alarm. Then started to take the first notes along the night. The show of the alarms was good to be the first time.
      I was able to capture fragments from possibly all cycles. There were no LDís yet. Although found myself acting around the subject a couple of times while interacting with other DCís. Thereís a lot of confusion in the background. And Iím too concentrated to finish my task of arranging stuff of any sort. May be it wouldnít be a bad idea to start new RC method. It could be similar to the alarm system for the night. And also should have an estimate ďwake cycleĒ which coincidentally could match the duration of a sleep cycle. To RC while Iím at work. I think it wonít be much difficult to catch one this time.

      Fragments from last night:

      Ö/Iím sitting on my desk, working on my paper ship model at night, Iím arranging the cannons now. Then with my eyes closed. I notice that I fell asleep sitting on the chair! I donít open my eyes but I get confused because of I donít remember keep working on the ship today. How did I get here? Am I sitting on the chair?Slowly my dream body gets back to the position on my bed/Ö

      Ö/Iím checking dreamviews website. I see there are 10 notifications

      Ö/I see stuff passing by on kind of rails in front of me, Iím waiting for a second round to start, mine is done. The DCís turned from pieces of my paper ship model cannons. Itís very confusing/Ö

      Woke up to see itís still not midnight, first alarm will go off in less than an hour.

      Ö/Again at work, the round is almost ready, itís lacking a couple of Items, Iím seeing the boxes of a known video game console while a small female coworker DC arranges them. Wondering if the scanning was in the corner, it wonít be enough because of the CMYK patterns lose data. I zoom-in the corner of the box to see the pixels of color printed on the carton/Ö

      Ö/Another machine, another task, Iím rolling a thin stripe of tracing paper. It has pictures printed on it. Like in a film roll. I put together two of them, they look like Toilet paper on its edges that helps bond them together. Cutting the damaged sheets using the perforation line to have straight edges. I get complicated with the rolls, they are not well rolled and have complications to let them set in one roll/Ö Ö/Another female coworker dressed with a looney tunes t-shirt comes to shut down the machine. Because of I didnít shut it down. The new set alarm clock keeps sounding in the background and I tell he: ďnot yet, because of the alarm clock has just gone off and I have to dream some moreĒ/Ö

      One of the alarms keep sounding in the background while I wake up to turn it off and dictate some frames

      Ö/Weíre finishing the day at work and the place looks like a street market after everybody picked their stuff and went away without cleaning up the place. Al Bondy is there picking some stuff from the floor. There are some valuable items still on the floor, including coins. Heís looking for the money, but ends up scratching to release three black sandals glued to the floor, that I know belong to our group of work/Ö

      Ö/Iím with somebody else at an oasis in the desert. The place looks like a jungle and we help a sloth to find its way back to the trees. We go out of the place and sit on a hill to contemplate the landscape. A group of African hunters, armed with very long riffles come walking from our left side and cross between the oasis and us. They stop to ask if we are in the war there, pointing to our right, thereís a huge jungle at the distance. We say no. Then they keep walking in that direction. The last one of them turns to see in the oasis. I know he saw the sloth. He takes his riffle and shoots, the whole group get into the oasis and some seconds after I see them keep walking in the direction of the big jungle. Theyíre carrying a bonfire made of green leaves. Above it, hangs the sloth from a pole as itís being cooked/Ö

      Ö/Iím at home, somebody is going away, sheís packed her stuff and wears black sportswear. She has black jogging shoes with middle high heels. She wants to say goodbye to the cat but it doesnít care/Ö Ö/Sometime around im saying something like:Ēthe tasks (talking about the lucid tasks of the SC2023) can be solved on the other side as well, you donít need to take them with you right nowĒ/Ö

      Ö/I see one of my older aunts who passed away many years ago again. Weíre doing something o mr talking about something, but it let me feels uncomfortable/Ö

      Ö/There is something with an octopus taking extra stuff with its tentacles, I see it swimming on the air crossing from my left to my right. It takes things while it moves/Ö

      Ö/Weíre playing soccer with tennis balls in the small yard in my grand parents house. My team was winning 17 - 0 when all people is gone except for two guys who keep playing. I notice the guy from the other team is inverting the score. I come to help. I avoid him to increase his score, but Iím not sure about the disposition of the game field. I donít know where to increase my score. I think, possibly I should go to the house door at the end of a corridor. We used to set that as the other goal line. I kick the balls in different ways to get one into the corridor. I try to give them effect to turn around the other player. Finally I get to kick one into the corridor. When I get in, it turns into a plant nursery. It turns to my right. There are small animals helping me to move the balls. Itís very entertaining/Ö Ö/A guy with long curly hair is tearing apart some buildings made of Lego bricks, he gives me one of the houses and asks me if I want to keep it. I accept but I donít know where Iím gonna put it since thereís no more space. It tears apart on my hands. I put it all pieces together and go out of there corridor. Thereís another Lego building, I try to match a piece on the roof, it needs some more pieces to be finished. I take a modul built with such red bricks. I cannot put it on its place, I donít find where I wanted to put it/Ö

      Ö/A doctor is dictating his prescription, to write down in a paper. I donít care about what heís saying/Ö
    12. 10.06.23 - SC2023 - Cows, mud and short videos

      by , 06-10-2023 at 01:36 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      First alarm didnít match an REM stage, just turned it off and went back sleeping. Next alarm was set to match a full cycle, it launched in the middle of a dream. I could have recall more fragments if it werenít because of had some struggle handling my phone. Had to adjust the brightness for not insulting the darkness around

      Recovered fragments:

      The angry cows

      Ö/Iím seeing it as it were sort of Ďlive-iní video clips. What I see, is what the camera takes. It follows my eyes. Not my head as in a GoPro or such cameras. Itís a collection of short clips about raging cows/Ö

      *There were more clips in this section but lost them while struggling to handle my phone when I woke up. I had to dictate twice the first fragments I was holding because of a mistake of mine and couldnít focus in the lacking scenes to remember*

      Ö/The next sequence I see is about a cowgirl blooper in a Bull Riding show on mud. Sheís wearing boots, hot pants, a white jacket and a white cowboy hat. She tries to climb somewhere jumping with her legs wide open, her boots get stocked on the mud and she cannot properly jump high enough to get the surface she tries to reach, and falls on her back. A sort of bulls are standing in group behind her. In the video theyíre know to be cows. One of them sees her falling. It has bright open and long horns. It comes running on the mud to attack her. I replay the scene to see it from another angle. Basically it goes the same, just to confirm it was the boots which got stuck at the bottom. The next sequence is taking place in a country field next to a road separated with trees. There are a group of guys and one of them also falls on the floor. Thereís some mud around too, but darker than the previous video. I see cows with black and white spots coming to the road, going back to the stall. One of them sees the guy falling and get excited. It comes also to attack him. The other guys get scared und spread out running away. The guy stands and runs while the cow is getting closer. I exclaim something like ďUgh ugh ugh ughĒ every time faster as the cow gets to the place/Ö

      Short sex clip

      Ö/I see a woman from behind. Sheís wearing a summer dress and bends down to hold her ankles with her hands, without bending her knees. Her legs are wide open forming a triangle with the floor. Sheís wearing black high heels shoes, sheer tights with opening in the middle and It seems to me sheís not wearing any underwear. I change the view from back to the view from below, as if the camera were on the floor. Sheís not wearing any underwear. I see a guy with a white suit coming from her back, getting closer and closer to her. Heís getting too close in my opinion, and a couple of seconds later he starts doing it to her. I zoom out from the tablet display and turn to see my daughter is also watching that film. I quickly scroll it up. Gosh! Who posted something like that!? It should start the following clip/Ö

      The smooth sound of the bell coming from my phone woke me up. It was the perfect timing. Unfortunately the display light of the voice recorder was too bright, I turned my phone with the display down, accidentally pressed pause and start dictating the first fragments that came to my mind. Then I turned it again to see I didnít record any. I had to start again and turned the brightness to min. The fragments were fixed but unfortunately the rest of the dream was lost.
      Later I was able to recall one more fragment coming from another dream:

      Ö/I see one of my daughters first teddy bears on the top of a stack of things inside a bag/Ö

      After the second alarm, I tried WBTB once more with no result. I guess it was because of the unplanned events that distracted me from my goal.

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    13. 09.06.23 - Night 8 - SC2023

      by , 06-09-2023 at 03:37 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      I went to sleep earlier since these days the cat is no longer with me, heís on vacation. I woke up twice during the night. Second time was around 1:00 I had to get off to wear my sleepwear. Both times the only thing I remembered was having the feeling of I was dreaming something. After that I was only able to remember a small fragment and the feeling of solving some problems

      Ö/I see the cat resting. S. says something about his hair again, itís still opaque/Ö
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    14. 08.06.23 early in the morning - SC2023 Fragments

      by , 06-08-2023 at 06:36 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      This time a ensured to have the voice recorder set to start using it with one touch right after waking up. I woke up minutes before the alarms. Had some struggle setting them off before they start and lost most of the dream. Although I was able to recall the last fragments of it.

      First recalled fragment:

      Ö/I see two tanks maneuvering on a cross street. One of them belongs to A. who passed away last year. I see his tank turning on the street/Ö

      Second recalled fragment: (happened early in the same dream)

      Ö/I see the field as an 80ís arcade game of war from above. Iím shooting bombs wherever I see barricades with enemy soldiers. They look like a video game I played sometimes during high school/Ö

      While closing my eyes trying to remember the dream, some HA start to form but cannot go on because of had to get out of bed

      Ö/I see a train station on the distance
    15. 05.06.2023 4th night SC2023

      by , 06-05-2023 at 05:06 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      WBTBx2 => 2 non-lucids and 1 fragment

      First round:

      Ö/Iím in a concert hall. The hall is still empty. The stage is set. It looks like itís very early in the day of the concert, all lights are off, except for a couple of bulbs somewhere above the stage. Not enough to illuminate any. Thereís some people, no more than 10. The place is very dark. As nothing is happening I go on the stage, take the microphone and start talking shit. Then I see N. Is on the back side of the stage, standing next to a speaker. I challenge somebody to come to the front to show up as she is. And I look at her and ask again to come on. She laughs but doesnít want to step to the front. I ask once more, to show up, so much that you like to show up, I say. Sheís nervous and smiles. She has her lips painted in red. Ok I say, and ask for somebody to show the program. I see that E. has a T-shirt showing the program of the night. But he doesnít react. I ask for somebody to bring some music on the stage. A shadow comes closer and gives me a small speaker, with a white logo on the front side, like it was a signature. Thereís a big speaker almost in the middle of the stage. N. runs to the right side of it to get the small speaker from the shadow. I donít understand her. I already have it. Itís playing some music, like a primitive Black Metal song. I think to myself, it fits perfect with the video of that parody band of Black Metal. And I see for short the mix of that song with the video of the Black Satans/Ö

      I wake up for short, to record some audio notes for the DJ, itís almost midnight and I try first WBTB

      Second round:

      Ö/I see an old man coming to the house, Ďthe fatherí I think. I see him from the second floor through a window in the first floor. Thereís some agitation in the house. There are women there, possibly sisters. An old woman who I think itís the mother is sent to the basement. She doesnít have to meet with the old man. Theyíre hiding her. She goes downstairs. The place is very illuminated and wide. Once the old lady is down, I see some crows building nests on many places around the floor of the basement. Thereís hay all over the place. It looks like a barn. The old woman tries to go upstairs, but the doors are closed. I see again the crows. Thereís one guiding the rest, showing them what they have to do. I get distracted for a while with their activity. The place diffuses to black behind the nests. Thereís a little girl to the side, doing something similar. Although sheís following the instructions of a small bird. It is told that sheís learning how to build a bonfire. I see the small bird jumping and shaking his head as heís giving instructions while tweeting around a kind of nest with leaves set in random ways/Ö

      I wake up once more, still have around an hour before the alarm clock goes off. So I resume the voice journaling and go back to attempt once more to get in lucid

      Third round:

      There was something else but I was able to recall just a fragment, I woke up short before the first alarm and realized I was already in the void again when it went off. I forgot all of it along the day. I was surprised to find a voice recording from the last fragment I was able to take. No memory of doing that.

      Ö/Iím following a girl in 3rd person view. Sheís performing long step jumps. Every time longer. Like those I use to surf on the air. Holding the feet up avoiding to touch tte ground when falling. She needs something from another city. She got there in three steps/Ö
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