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    1. From stress to lucidity...

      by , 03-08-2015 at 01:50 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, Comments

      .../I have to take my flight back to my current city. I'm with my brother and I'm telling him how different it is when I fly alone. There's one minute left before the plane takes off and I'm still in the waiting room when I tell him if I were with my wife she'd be stressed like hell. I see the plane is about to take off and thinking how are they doing with my package. It doesn't matter, I know I'm inside that plane before it takes off.

      There's a jump back in the sequence of the dream time and get back to something about a disgusting guy who I ended up murdering for the second time. I have a knife covered in blood in one hand and a tea spoon in the other. I feel the urge to get rid off both of them but I must be careful because of I start to see police officers everywhere. I clean the blood from the blade with my tongue, I don't want to use anything else because of it may let clues. I hide the knife under the sleeve of my jacket and the spoon in the pocket. I get inside a sort of pond under a roof. The water seems to be deep and dark enough in some places. I throw the spoon there taking care that no one sees it. I see an adult woman sniffing around. I think she may be a detective or some. I hesitate to throw the knife. I think I must find a better place to get rid off it. I see some officers started to dig on some of the ground near the pond. Definitively I want get out of here but I don't want to call their attention. I still feel the blade with my arm. I wonder if the sleeve is funny shaped because of the knife. I follow a guy who did something similar but he doesn't seem to be worried at all. He tells he got rid off the knife near his neighborhood which is far away. We are drinking wine and vodka. I'm drinking my bottle of vodka while I'm still thinking about a place where I could leave the knife when a thought flashes in my head: "Hopefully when I wake up all of this stress will be over". I realize what it means and feel slightly stupid for the waste of time. I still have the knife in my hand but now I don't care about where I could let it. I finish my bottle and let it on the floor. A dwarf starts to follow me. I get into a store and stab him with the knife. I hear some DC's screaming. I don't care and let the knife in his back. I go out of the store thinking about what could I do now? I remember there are some lucid dares. I remember the dare about the alien invasion! I wonder how could I do it. I realize there was a weird mountain in the dreamscape which I didn't pay much attention. It's like a pyramid covered with pines. Now I see it looks like a huge Christmas tree. I think it could be the alien mothership. Then I wonder how could I accomplish the dare. I think what about a telepathic communication? I look in the back of my thoughts to find the invasion was already taking place but we humans don't have to realize about it. I "feel" they are infiltrating their people already. I send the message to stop it. Now? How could I know they have already stop it? I think this task requires a lot of imagination and I don't feel I have enough time to see a proper "war" taking place. I think I may give a try to another task when I see an athletic guy jogging on the road I'm about to walk. He could be one of the aliens I think! He keep on jogging. What was the other task? Now I remember, it sounds easier to perform! "Be a good person with the duck of the smile" (No idea where this one came from). I start walking on the road towards a forest when the whole dream starts fading out/...

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    2. 2 Lucids in a row and the search for the Neconomicon

      by , 12-10-2014 at 11:29 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Lucid, non-Lucid, Additional Notes

      * I don't remember the first part because of it's very distant and didn't last too much. I just remember I became lucid in some ordinary situation and perhaps I was unsuccessfully looking for some lucid sex but didn't have much time before the dream started to fade out to partially wake up and hear the clock of my room for a while...

      .../Now I'm walking in some narrow streets looking for my train station when I get to a very steep street that I have to walk sideways to avoid sliding. It reminds me that I use to find these kind of streets just in my dreams. RC confirms it the same way of the first part. I get to the other side where it was supposed to be the train station but there's a sort of street market there. I see a ladder leading to an upper small platform. I decide to go up there but I want to get there playing with some teleportation. I decide I will get in two steps. When I step on it for the second time the ladder sinks until its upper bottom is on my feet. I like my subC joke. I have to climb to reach the top. Now I see some people from above and the street which is wet as it has recently rained. I want to step on the floor changing my size by playing with my perspective. Once again I just teleport stumbling to the ground. This time it's not working, I keep on walking through some stands when I remember there are some TotM but I cannot remember any of them. I have a very long walk trying to remember, but I don't want to focus too much in forcing my memory to come back because of it could destabilize the dream. I decide the memory must come in a natural way. I realize I'm walking inside a house, getting from a room to another and so on. It looks like a neighboring city of my grandparent's town. The last room I get in is a kitchen where there are no more doors to follow. I see some grilled chickens on a table. I remember I like the taste of the grilled skin, so I take the whole skin out of a chicken and put it in my mouth. The flavor is good but then I spit it out because I don't like to eat it. A woman gets in the kitchen and objurgates my behavior. I don't care and decide to go out through the window. I get in my grand parent's house yard. I still cannot remember any TotM, I just know there are some easy to do but my memory is complete blank this time. I think perhaps there are some other options to remember when it hits me all of the sudden, the Lucid Dares!! Of course, Percy asked me to find the Necronomicon and raise some zombies. I see downstairs the old bakery oven room is still there. I remember there was something with fighting a beast around (). I find this place perfect to find the mentioned book. I know it must be black and have a weird graphic on its cover. I get in the room and see three coffins down there. The beast must be sleeping in the huge one, around 4 or 5 meters tall. I see the interior of one of the little ones which are arranged to the sides of the big one. There's a statue in the shape of a gargoyle
      although it's red and is all covered in dust. I'm curious to see the beast, I know it was an epic dream when I fought it. I open its coffin. Another dusty red statue although bigger, muscular, with a bearded human face and huge wings. It's in a standing position holding an axe like it is the keeper of a gate or some. In the background starts playing "Two Steps from Hell" from Protectors of the Earth. I think they are sleeping because of it's daylight and I should better hurry before they wake up. I'm not intending to wake up these three little beauties. I decide to look for the book first. There are a lot of books here and there between the ruins of this place. None calls my attention to say it's the one I'm looking for. There's a bookshelf on the darker side of this room. I decide it must be there because of it's taking too much time. I see a big black book in the upper side of the shelf and decide that's the one I'm looking for. I cannot reach it because of there are some other things piled up in front of it, including a wooden model of a ship which reminds me the one I used to play with when I was a kid. I decide to use telekinesis to bring the book to my hand. It takes some effort before the book falls on the ship. I can hold it before it's a complete mess here. I don't want to wake up the beast by the moment. I don't see any peculiar sign on its cover. I open it and realize it's some Geography book, full of maps! Of course it was the book I found when I was trying to accomplish the fractal dare for the first time. It was full of maps, that was why I didn't find it interesting because of it had no sense at all!!! I flip through the book looking for something special, but it's just full of maps. At this point I hear my dad's radio is playing some Latin music in the background. I think somebody must be working around and that's why it's getting in the dream when everything starts to fade out to black.

      * Woke up after that with the tic tac sound of the clock... no music around.

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    3. Semi-lucid planning how I'm going to do the fractal dare

      by , 10-29-2014 at 05:26 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Non-lucid, False Awakening, Semi-lucid and Additional notes

      Went to take a nap, and I fell asleep while playing some Sudoku, the hard level with diagonals...

      .../I'm in the corner of our building. There's a garage door turning to the left side of the corner. Apparently it's part of our apartment. I take two low tom drums and sit next to the playground. I start playing some rhythms that I consider to sound like a war call. I like how it sounds and want to record this one. I see one of the patches is broken. There are a couple of punk kids walking around the neighborhood. I decide to go back into the house taking the two drums with me. Apparently the dream has ended and now I'm still laying on my bed 'thinking'. My 'thoughts' start to appear in front of my eyes, I don't consider this to be a lucid state, I just know that I'm not awake. Then I remember that I have the fractal dare in my things to do list. While I'm waiting for the dream to properly 'materialize'. I look for an image of a fractal where I could start this task. The whole floor turns into a cut shell structure like this:

      I'm standing on the lines and notice it's diffracting in small portions of the same pattern to the borders like the borders of a crocheted doily.

      I go there thinking that in order to perform the task, I must dive into those small structures. I think I have to zoom into those structures in order to do so. I knee on the web of lines and stare deeper into the structure. It doesn't take too much until I'm inside a huge 3D fractal structure of the same pattern. I think this is going to be awesome when I'm fully lucid. I turn on my back thinking that it's the best image I could come up with. When a thought (those very imaginative thoughts that only show up when I'm dreaming) gets into my mind: "What about if I cheat it? I mean, I could jump into foam bubbles and wallow on it! That's a fractal too". Then I remember it should be a romanesco and the task would be awesome too, like this one shell like pattern I'm wallowing on right now. I wallow extremely happy on this structure.
      Then I turn and fall to my side and end laying upside down against the mattress which is leaning against the wall. It's very uncomfortable here. I think I could RC to confirm if I'm not already dreaming when some hands pull my feet to the other side of the mattress. It's my wife and she seems to be very horny. She kisses me but her tongue tastes a little bit disgusting and I don't like it's texture, but damn, It has been so long (?) since she doesn't do something like this. I go on with the play trying to drive her passion in the right way/...

      * Woke up to realize my little mistake...

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    4. Lucid back in the days

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:30 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../Once again I'm in my grandparents house, it's dusk and there's a strong electric storm out there. I'm on my room, looking to the front side of the house when a lightning hits the hanging cables of the power supply of the city. There's a lot of sparks and a roaring noise until everything goes dark. The following scene, reminds me a WL night, when I was learning to use a semi-automatic photographic camera taking pictures of candles in front of an arrangement of mirrors. It was midnight under a clean full moon sky, when the energy supply of the city was cut for a few minutes. There's an old stadium in front of the house which looked amazing under the moonlight. For some reason, I go downstairs and find my old bike which looked something like this one here:

      although it was another brand name. This time I find a dynamo to put in the wheel. I'm happy with this finding because it's something I was wishing for long time ago. I try to see if it works, when I decide to go out. I see my old comrade

      is coming with me to take over the streets! He runs next to me, although sometimes I let him behind because of he finds something interesting to smell before turning back to run again. It's a known uphill wide street from my old days that I have to pedal standing on the pedals. I see him getting to nose into a passage when it automatically triggers my lucidity, I don't need to confirm because everything seems clear to me. I'm back in the days! I feel amazed how real I can feel my bike once again, and see my buddy boy once again running free on the streets. I want to do some tricks with my bike. I just get to run on a wall for a while. Not bad, but I don't remember any other I use to do when I dream here. Then I remember about there's the TotM, but anything else comes to my mind. I'm too focused on the bike to think about it. I turn to wait my pal. I got to jump with the bike high enough to turn it in the air. If it could talk it'd say something like: asd&tižo3/?*83hihfj$ I'm laughing of my sketched move when I see my buddy running again, then I turn again still trying to unsuccessfully remember some task to do. I feel my legs are starting to get tired. I sit pedaling for a while, but I don't find it funny to ride my bike that way. I stand up again, when I see my dog running somewhere else. I decide it's time to leave him go. I turn in the opposite direction to get into a cross section. I have to brake some before getting into the traffic and realize I'm going towards the cemetery of the city. That's it, now I remember. I put some flowers on the graves, now I have to change the color of the flowers, of course, that's the task of the month!! () I'm getting closer to the main gate when the dream starts fading away/...

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    5. Brought the little one to the kindergarten

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:27 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm squatting to let the little devil go to play with her friends. She doesn't want to let me go and tuns back to hug me. It makes me fall on my back. I stand up, and start talking with one of her teachers. We have a conversation about Lego bricks. She tells me she used to play with her dad building a castle and a bridge that used to fall. I tell her that my brother and I, used to build a brick with plastic soldiers standing there, and threw batteries against it until it was completely "devastated". I remember I was around 8 when we did that, and I tell her it was like saying goodbye to that era. Because of it was one of the last times I remember playing with my old brother that way. She tells me that's exactly what the Gipsy Kings sing in one of their songs, they say: "My son didn't want to hear me, that's why I burned him"/...

      * Alarm clock went off long ago and I realize it's late again, I have to run... again.
    6. I saw my avatar fighting

      by , 10-18-2014 at 12:14 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../It's the second time some characters of the game Summoners War get into a dream. This time I see a sequence of a fight where my avatar changed its colors and used a sword to fight against a salamander which is defeated in around 4 moves. I try to repeat the sequence/...

      * I will try to use change those colors in my avatar, it seemed to be pretty interesting
    7. Lucid in the temple of fractals

      by , 10-07-2014 at 08:41 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../For some reason I'm holding a cutting board like it is a tennis racket

      and get out somewhere to run on a road next to a lake. It looks like my grandparent's town lake, although I must be far from the town. The view is amazing but the scene doesn't seem to have much sense. I wonder if it's a dream. Look for the tattoo, it doesn't look bad, but there's something with it, it looks too blurry. I don't remember if it looks like that. I decide to do a second RC to confirm, I don't remember any other but the nose pinch. I give it a try, and I can breath! Great, now, What I was supposed to do? I don't remember about the TotM but the lucid dares in stead. I try to remember StephL's dare this time. It was something about taking a walk on a giant broccoli or something related to fractals, but where can I find it? I turn to my right to see there's sort of a temple carved in the stone of a mountain. Of course, I can look for it in the temple of fractals. I go there to get into a huge gate. It's a long corridor flanked by columns, it seems the interior of an abbey.

      I look out of the corner of my eye a couple of pictures of fractals at the entrance of this temple. They seem to be a pretty simple structure. It's like they're made of an ECG graph. It's not what I'm looking for. There are a lot of altars between the columns. I think perhaps I can find a picture of the sort of broccoli I was dared to look for. I don't remember its name nor its shape. I see an altar in the style of a colonial cathedral, with pictures around it, and some carvings of people here and there like some Mesopotamian ancient artwork. There's a tiny window with a colorful cathedral glass in the middle. I turn my view to change the shape of the image that forms looking to form the image of the vegetable I'm looking for, although I cannot reconstruct a mental image of how it looked like. I just remember it was something like a raspberry. And that's the pattern that appears on the glass. I don't remember the exact figure as well. I try a couple of times but I cannot reconstruct the image with my movements. Then I decide to turn the whole thing with a single movement. There's a door behind the circular altar. I jump there. It looks like a short hallway, it's all made of wood. There's some stairs at the end. I decide to go there, and cross in front of a door of a room. There's a huge book on a table. I stop to see it. I remember I saw a similar scene in one of my old 'non-induced' lucids, although back then, the room was dark and there were candles next to the book. I want to see what's there. I got to take a look although I forget what it was. Then I realize it has been a while since I'm talking this walk and remember it's a good way to stabilize the dream in stead of start flying or attempting to teleport somewhere else. I decide I like to walk in my lucids. I go to the stairs and start going down. It was a second floor. The dream start fading out when I feel my legs on my bed/...

      * I didn't remember it was a romanesco what I was looking for.

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    8. Lucid DC help me to put on my shoes

      by , 10-01-2014 at 01:48 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      False Awakening, Lucid

      .../I woke up in our current apartment, when I have some issues with one of my teeth. It's moving and after I while it falls out. I think it's bad because of it's one of the front side. I look for a mirror to see how bad is it looking. I don't see much difference. It's not that bad after all I think. It looks like a candy mint. I'm sitting on my bed thinking perhaps it was better to happen when I feel another tooth moving. I remember it uses to be a dreamsign! The first thing I do, look fot the tattoo. It's completely distorted this time, no need for more questions. It's wonderful, the place looks so real. It's around noon. I start spitting the pieces of teeth I have in my mouth when I remember it's a useless thing to do, because it never ends. I stop doing it, it's hard because of the amount of pieces there and I try to remember some lucid goal while start to take a walk in the apartment. I see our shoes on the floor, when it comes to my mind PercyLucid's dare! I find the perfect pair of shoes for this task, my beloved shoes from the old days. I take them and go to the balcony to look for my wife to ask her to help me. I know she's there because of it's summer like dreamscape and she uses to study there during those days. She's there, I give her the shoes and ask her to help me to put them on. She looks to me very tender. I sit on the chair, and she put my first shoe on. It's a little bit difficult to put, but finally I have it nicely adjusted to my right foot. Now the another one, I see some laces are inside of it, but I don't care. The same, it takes a little until I have it perfectly adjusted to my foot. I realize there's a stereo recorder on a table and some music is playing in the background. I recall the good feelings of the old days, and I'm very happy to see her again in a dream this way. I give her a sweet kiss before I go inside the apartment to remember some other task to do. The music sounds great! I turn the volume up with my mind. The music is wonderful! I feel very happy, when I get into the apartment, trying to remember some other task. No other idea comes to my mind but the feeling of how much I love her. I stand up, and want to give her a warm hug thinking to myself I do love her. When I turn to get back, she gets upset into the apartment, saying something about our neighbor is going to rise our bill for electricity consume for this month because of the music. I get upset with that guy, thinking to myself for who the hell thinks he is to bother her. I see him on the next house working on his hanging garden. Then I turn to see to the front of our house, there's a huge park. I want to go there/...

      * Unfortunately the alarm clock goes off and I have little time to take some notes which I take the opportunity to post in the Lucid Dares thread. The riff is still playing in my head. I make some voice recording to catch it. I went to work hearing it for a while.

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    9. Lucid playing with the dreamscape perspective

      by , 09-24-2014 at 12:54 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm staring at some sort of catholic rite, where a niece I never met in WL, is doing her confirmation (however it's said in English) in front of a very old Bishop or some high catholic authority specially dressed for the occasion, who can barely move his hands, sitting on a chair standing with its back to me. Somebody pushes a table between my niece and the bishop, and he's having problems to get rid off that. I find the whole scene funny. Then he stands up and start giving cakes to everybody, he turns towards me and throws to me a big piece of cake that I skilfully catch in the air still laying on my bed. I stand up and stare at some dreamscape about flowers (daisies?) that triggers my lucidity. I realize I'm on the roof of a building. I start moving jumping on the roofs, there's a guy who follows me wherever I go. I see him on the roof of a lower house, and asks me to be careful not to step on the floor, but on some structures to avoid getting my shoes stuck with some sort of glue. I'm upset because of I didn't mind to step on the floor in the first place, I think he doesn't have any idea about I know it's a dream and that I just want to get on the ground. I jump to another house, until I get to the ledge. It's a building of more than 7 floors. It's pretty high here. I can see the other houses from here. The ground is very dark, and the walls are white. It's a big open space surrounded by the houses. I want to jump straight down there, but I don't want the adrenaline rush of the fall if I don't get to properly fly. I remember, long ago I wanted to put my foot on the ground as I was a giant, from this higher point. I step on the ledge and visualize the whole scene as the floor is at my level. I want to step directly on it without falling. I step forward, but I close my eyes, hoping not to fall and to step on the ground. It works! Now I'm down here and I'm happy I got to this lucid-goal I failed to do long ago. I see the guy is running in front of me. For some reason, I call him "Siegfried" and laugh at it. I want to go to the toilet but I reject this idea because of I find it useless in a dream. I start running in stead, then start flying some centimeters above the ground. I want to leave this place, but I don't want to leave the guy alone. I think I will stay here. I turn and land on the ground, to find a commode or some, which is out there. I see some little stickers of ducks and remember something about them that I start looking at them, absorbed by the dream, I go on trying to put some order and wanting to take them with me/...

      * Unfortunately I didn't remember any of the TotM or lucid dares this time, and I didn't do the goal as it was meant to be done: With me standing as a giant on a sort of Lilliput town.
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    10. Lucid in the ruins.

      by , 09-18-2014 at 11:27 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm taking the trash out when it starts playing in the background the D.R.I. song "Enemy Within". I start thinking to myself that when I was a kid, I pretty much liked the music style but I've never paid attention enough to the whole lyrics, and start wondering about what exactly it says. When I see an unfriendly guy walking in the opposite direction. I suspect he's the guy who's ruining the place and notice he's trying to be dauntingly hostile with me, that pisses me off. I push him back, hold him from the head and take him to have a walk on an abandoned place to teach him some good manners. I'm walking through a street passage, when I want to squeeze his head against the wall, I notice this feeling could be a dream sign, then I realize that I have no body, it's just like I'm visualizing all of it!I focus on walking and start paying more attention to my surroundings. I feel like I'm holding a long branch in stead of the guy, I can hear how I drag it on the ground. Slowly I start to feel my body in the dream while I slowly walk. Yeah! I feel the weight of the branch and lift it to my front to see it's a leather jacket. I put it on, completely amazed of how I entered the dream this time. I'm in the middle of an abandoned yard of a country side house in ruins. There's no roof, and just the walls stand around. Some vegetation has grown here and there. It's illuminated like there's street lighting around but I don't see any source of light. My sex drive starts to take over. I don't have idea about what could I do, but I feel excited about the possibilities. I see my shadow is blurry and turning into a female shape taking a shower. As a first step, I decide to take off my clothes which are pretty close to that in my profile picture. When I'm starting to loosen my pants, crossing a doorframe, I see my shoes and I remember the related TOTM. I think I'll find a pair of shoes in the next space. Crossing the doorframe, I turn to my right and see a pair of velcro shoes, for men this time, next to a waterway. I don't waste my time and sit next to them to take mine out. I start with my right foot and just pull the shoe out. The laces just follow the motion, like it was not tied. I do the same with the left foot and see that the laces seem to be tied around my ankle again. I just pull it harder and goes out with no problem. I put the velcro shoes on and stand up to see the tapes are not properly adjusted. A minor detail I think then I turn and start walking somewhere when I remember the Expecto Patronus task! I want to do this one since it seems to be pretty easy. I hold a stick from the ground thinking that it may work wood for a wand. point it to the front and say the words. I see a bit of smoke rising from the tip like it is an incense stick. I go to the next space and repeat it again more confidently. More smoke rises from the tip. The place is still empty, no animal, no bug, nothing. I turn and see inside a mirror hanging on the wall of what apparently was a room. I see a blurry reflection of me, and remember that I must feel specially happy to do this task. My first thought is sex! Ok, I think about the good feeling and say the words louder. My throat hurts a little. More smoke and I start looking around to see something, when I see the shadow of an eagle moving on the floor. I turn to the skies to see it, but it's a dark night sky. Then I hear it screeching, like it's flying away. I don't know if it counts but I decide to properly adjust my shoes when I start feeling the whole dream is fading.

      * Woke up after that.

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    11. The lake port and some other fragments

      by , 09-15-2014 at 01:20 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm in my grandparents home town, near the lake I used to play around when I was a kid. I see two groups of men running somewhere. I notice one group is wearing the same sport uniform while the other a more informal sport clothing. I notice because of the haircut style of the first group, that they are police officers apparently in their day off, while the other group looks like a bunch of delinquents. They are going to play a match on an indoor soccer field that floats near the shore of the lake. I wonder about the limitations of the field, because of I don't see any security net around it, just some humble railings. I'm standing on the bridge that communicates the platform with the ground which is to my left side. There I see a vagabond old man. When the guys to my right start asking for their ball which has landed on the water in front of that man. He tries to catch it, but it's hard for him to get it. I jump from my place and fall on the water trying to reach the shore, I take care of not getting wet with it in spite of half of my body got into the water (most ignored dream sign of all). I turn and pick up the wet ball to bring it back. I want to kick it back but I see the platform is too far away to try this move and it's possible that the ball will fall again on deep waters. I walk until I have a proper distance to throw it with my hands, while feeling its weight, which reminds me some past experiences with this type of leather soccer balls. I have a flash of memories before I unsuccessfully throw the ball which lands on the water after bouncing on some ground. It doesn't matter because the guys are playing with another one, which I see is floating further from my point of view. I see a friend of mine from the school, jumping on the water and swiming until he gets back that red and black ball. They go on with their game.

      I move near to the lake port to have a better sight. I see a huge floating structure where, according to my dream memories, it was used to produce milk during the old times when the cows where brought on the ships, but now it's abandoned. I examine the structure to see if it's already floating or it's sunk on the bottom. I see the bases moving with the waters. I think about the recipients which look like train containers connected by huge red pipes above in the shape of arcs. I'm wondering if those things got rotten milk in the inside, when for some reason I have to move from there. I get inside a huge hangar, where I see some adjustable wrenches of different sizes on a table. There I see a huge one, which I think must be used on the ship. I see how easy could it be for anyone to pick one of those, but I leave them there, I don't have to do it.

      Somehow I get to the living room of my grandparents house. I'm wearing some old clothing. It's still day and for some reason we have to go out. I don't remember who was there, apparently is a new friend I met in this dream world. I notice my shirt has just one sleeve, so I pull it off to have the shirt without sleeves. It's easier to pull, because of it's old I think. When I see there's a skull similar to the Misfits' fiend skull, I show it to my new pal saying something like "look I have a new patch". Then I go on trying to match the broken fabrics. I cross in front of a mirror to see it doesn't look that bad. I'm wearing short pants and the long shirt. I just need to put my fanny pack on to go out. I have some problems with my clothing because of the shirt has grown too long, it gets to my knees and I feel like I'm looking like a junkie delinquent from those lands.

      Out in the streets I see a couple dressed in black talking with a man. I think they could be related to the porn industry because of their look. It looks like they are explaining something to the guy, I go on walking until I get to a place which is a mixture between a restaurant and the interior of a bus. I see two girls deliberately pressing her bodies trying to cross a tiny passage. One of them comes to my place and sits on my legs. I see some guy in one of the tables is paying attention on what she does. I think they may be a couple. I realize she's wearing a very light dress/...

      .../Previously there were something about my old daughter and a pain in her back, which I assumed it was because of she wanted to lift a heavy weight or some. I'm scolding her/...

      .../There's something with my little demon sneakers that are full of sand/...

      .../I see in the back of a newspaper, some news about two Indian elephants swimming together to cross a river/...

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    12. Lucid air-surfing on a lake

      by , 09-11-2014 at 11:24 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm in sort of a first person shooting game which name is 'Combat' or some. We're in a patrol moving across a road, we know the enemies are hiding at the left side of the road. To the right there's a precipice. We're preparing to cross an open place where it's supposed to be an enemy entrenchment. Got our weapons ready and we cross shooting everywhere to cover our run. Once we crossed it I notice there's no more road and stop just at the edge of the precipice which is now in front of me. Another guy stops to my side, and I'm like "It was really close!" When I sit to see the landscape to the front, there's a beautiful lake in the middle of a jungle down there. which most of its color tones and perspective look something like this:

      although the lake starts some hundred meters to the front because there's some jungle ground between its shores and the bottom of the precipice, it extends to the sides and there's no river from my point of view, it just goes to dark green, almost black to the rear of the dreamscape. I'm amazed with this view and I want to tell my pal it looks like a dream! Now every thing makes sense, I don't need to RC to confirm it. I'm just blown away with the dreamscape. The lake looks awesome, its waters seem to be deep in some parts although it's not homogeneous. My first impulse is to jump off the cliff and start air surfing, I want to fly above that view for a while before doing anything else. I ask my partner to move on because his legs are impeding me to move and stand up and run some before jumping. It's impossible to get a proper distance so I stand up and just jump off the cliff to start surfing on the air. It takes a while before my motion turns to the front in stead of free falling, like in a wing-suit jump. There's a moment when I think I'm going to crash to the ground, I stop looking for a while but then I go on looking to the front thinking it's not good to close my eyes, finally I'm flying above the lake. I'm totally excited with it, while I start to air surf almost above the waters at a high speed, I remember the TOTM. I realize it's too late to think about it because of I'm in the middle of an adrenaline rush and it would have been better to do it before the jump. Anyway, perhaps it's not that bad, I look for some ground to land as I get closer to the surface and calm myself down. It turns in a tropical swamp with some weird plants around. I remember the shoes task. As I'm getting about to land, I see a pair of white velcro shoes with orange-yellow tapes for girls, in the middle of some vegetation. Great imagination buddy boy! Ok, it doesn't say it must correspond to my gender. I land, and look for the shoes, when I see more pairs here and there, some sneakers are good, but all are for ladies. C'mon can you put something more interesting? It's getting too long, so I pick up the first shoe I see close to me, again it's a girls sneaker, size for kids. Just one! I don't see the other one. I decide to pick up the next pair I see. Another pair of sneakers for kids, light purple with laces. Ok, it doesn't matter, they will fit, I know it. Next step, find a place to change mine. I walk around looking for a comfortable place while feeling the shoes in my hand and looking around to avoid fading away. I try to keep calmed, but I'm little bit over excited. I find some ground to sit. while opening the shoes because of the laces are too tight. I pull off my left shoe to find it's laced around my ankle. Great idea right? I look for the lace with my fingers to pull it off. Finally I got to free my foot and put on the first shoe.

      * I wake up pushing my foot in the same direction

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    13. The most improductive dream of all my time...

      by , 09-09-2014 at 06:14 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../The dreamscape corresponds to one of my university times, when I didn't know about inducing lucid dreams. I'm carrying all my stuff that I use to take with me going to work nowadays. I check that everything is in place. I'm waiting for my bus to come, getting bored, I go here and there waiting. I'm worried about my bag, I take care of it. I see a kid talking about his dreams, I want to ask him if he knows when he's dreaming but I don't find an opportunity to ask for it. I go upstairs of the building next to the bus stop. I see a lot of public transport from above, when I see my bus going away. I cannot get down fast enough. The whole place is getting empty, no more cars. I'm worried about it. I see the time in an analog clock , it shows 7:00 pm, when I see again it's 6:50. I remember the last bus comes until 9. I don't remember which one I have to take. I think I will recognize it when I see it. I see a couple of known buses. Not the one that I need. I go up and down the building. I see kids coming back from school/...

      * I spent the whole dream doing that, waiting for my bus, worried about the thieves, alone. No RC, perhaps because in those times I didn't think much about it. I cannot believe it!
    14. Wasted lucid

      by , 08-19-2014 at 10:43 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Took a nap after I posted something in the TOTM thread

      non-lucid, lucid

      .../I'm in the university campus. I have just left my car parked in a parking lot behind a building. I'm carrying a lot of papers I have to deliver here thinking to myself, it's safe to let the car there because of it won't take much time. I walk behind a lot of buildings hoping to get to one of the main libraries. I'm getting to the Electronic Engineering building when I realize I parked in the wrong place; it should have been behind the next building. Anyway, a decide to take a walk because of it's nice to be back here from so long. I see some folks playing on a platform. I walk on the bleachers, and see one of my first pals who left the career because of his girlfriend got pregnant. There's a lot of people here, and I'm recognizing many of them. It has been so long that I didn't see their faces, saluting here and there. I see the 'philosopher' playing soccer, he doesn't see me because he's with his back turned to me. Finally we got to see each other, but he doesn't seem so enthusiastic as he usually used to be. I wonder there must be something strange here, it hits me, of course it's a dream! Then I remember I wanted to do some of the TOTM. But first, I want to leave all these papers I have in my hand. The best idea that comes up to my mind: Let's deliver all of these using Telekinesis! I throw the first brief in front of me, waiting it to take flight and look for its destination by its own. On the contrary, it falls some meters ahead. Perhaps I didn't give it the time to take flight. I take the next one and throw it up to the sky. It falls on the roof of a building. The throw the third one, it flies better and makes some curves on the air, like a paper plane to finally fall on some dirty waters. I don't care, but I got obsessed with the idea. At least one, although I want to throw the whole packages to fly to their destination. I throw one after the another, and some of them take flight to my back, I see them disappear behind me, I don't follow them, I consider it a success because of I don't see where they fall! Good, the next one, and the next one/...

      * Wake up hearing my neighbors talking and thinking to myself How stupid!
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    15. Dive into shadows

      by , 08-17-2014 at 03:07 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      non-lucid, lucid, false awakening

      .../I see a group of drunk people gathering in a park, one of them is going to help a porcupine to get rid off some spines it has nailed in its body. I go to my house which now it's a cabin and it's a mess inside. It's night and I walk to the kitchen. The whole house is lit by the street lighting that gets through the windows. I find a door in a strange position on the upper corner of its doorframe. I think it has happened again. I use telekinesis to rotate it in the right position. I go to do something in the living room, when I come back to the kitchen, I find the door is back in its strange position. Once again I'm going to use telekinesis when I realize it must be a dream. I'm exited to do it again. I rise my hand and command the door to move back to it's normal position. I got to do it with some difficulty. Now I turn and go to the living room, feeling exited. I want to do something else. The first thing that pop in my mind, flying! I'm not outside the cabin, but I think I can do something here inside, thinking it's all about confidence. I see the shadows of the room, and I jump face down on them to start the flight. I think I may fly inside the house. But in stead, I don't even crash to the floor, on the contrary it's like diving into the void. I'm fascinated with the experience, I turn surrounded by darkness to slightly fall on my bed. It's on the room of the cabin, I open my eyes completely amazed by the previous flight into darkness, and realize I haven't change my outerwear for something more comfortable, I have even my shoes on! I feel to tired to stand up, so I try to take my clothes out on the bed. It's getting complicated to do so. I give up, and start thinking in my previous experience. I have to take note of this before I forget about it while slowly I start to feel the transition.

      * And I wake up for real in the same position on my bed noticing it was the end of my first sleep cycle of the night

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