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    1. 2 years of lucid dreaming and counting

      by , 03-08-2023 at 08:24 PM
      I began lucid dreaming today 2 years ago. This is a pretty good start for the next year to come, as last night I recalled 3 non-lucid frags, had 1 DILD, and 1 WILD. I didn’t complete any dream control goals.

      (This journal entry contains spoilers for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 8: Jojolion)

      I was reading some Jojolion (Seemed like the chapters with the stand that removed your ability to differentiate faces and words).
      It was the part where Yasuho thought she was talking to Josuke, but it was really Joshu.
      Memory gap, then I was reading a panel of Josuke and Yasuho finding each other and discussing how they were going to defeat the stand user (this panel doesn’t exist irl).
      The dream transferred the scene to me laying in bed with my dog.
      Then I woke up.

      I found myself in my old school’s gym. We were playing hockey, and I was doing horribly.
      I was kind of getting embarrassed, and then I nonchalantly figured out I was dreaming.
      I exited the gym through the door to the left of the stage. In the halls, my brother and his friend walked out. I got kind of scared, seeing as he previously loved to ruin my lucids. So I noclipped into the floor above, but it was too late. He grabbed me and then I woke up.

      I woke up from a non-lucid dream I no longer recall, and kept my eyes closed, and thought that just maybe I could chain it into a lucid.
      And it happened. A very faint dream formed, one where I was able to reality check. I did the nose-pinch test, and it worked. However, I quickly realized that this dream was really faint and unvivid— I quickly “woke up” into a false awakening.
      I did the nose-pinch test again to check if I was really awake, and I breathed through my nose, an indication that I’m dreaming. However, my brain rationalized this somehow as me just having a stuffy nose (there’s no way that logic would work out??). So I went non-lucid again.
      I walked out of my room, into the living room, and my dog was wide awake and sitting on the couch.
      Went into the kitchen. I acknowledged the ‘feeling’ I was getting of still being in bed dreaming, but I didn’t connect the dots.
      Then I woke up, ironically. Chaining the lucid did not work.

      Time to count up points.

      Had a DILD: +10
      Had a WILD: +10
      Had a non-lucid (3 fragments from the same dream): +1
      Used WBTB: +2
      Phased through solid object +10
      RC + 1

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