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    Comp week 2, almost done already

    by , 03-12-2023 at 03:51 PM (233 Views)
    First time updating in 4 days.

    Day 8: Just WBTB
    Day 9: Just WBTB

    Day 10:

    Non lucid -
    First thing I remember is that I was in my room and my brother was on the edge of the bed. Was trying to use my laptop, but for some reason it was buggy and my mouse kept moving too much. I thought it was a computer virus that I forgot the name of.
    Turns out he was moving my mouse around and there was no virus.

    Memory gap. I'm heading out of an auditorium. it's actually just my old school. I head to the grade 6 science room. While I'm headed there, I hear rumors that there's an 'animation studio' in the school now.
    Inside the room, my old computer teacher was there. He didn't seem to know what he was doing. I could probably do better than him, I think.

    Memory gap again. I'm playing Minecraft now at a void base. A warden spawns, notices me through glass, and kills me with a laser.
    A chicken falls down into the void after I respawn.
    Then a new warden spawns somewhere else and kills me again.

    Day 11 (today):

    Frag -
    I was having a non-lucid but something was a little off: The sound and vision of the dream had little to do with each other. I was hearing people talking about lucid dreaming, while I was trying to do something else I forgot.

    Frag 2 -
    ELD changed his profile picture, and the thumbnails of all his videos. He also renamed the channel to something else.

    Lucid -
    I don’t remember how I got lucid. But as soon as I did, I just flew. No crazy stuff happened, I just flew through a wintery valley for what felt like half an hour. It was kind of fun to just do that.

    Counting up the points

    Full non-lucid: +1
    2 dream frags: +1
    DILD: +10
    4 WBTB (nightly, not subsequent): +8
    Fly: +5

    Total: 25
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Think you jumped one day forward somehow(been happening a lot to people this comp lol). Fine with you if we erase day 8 and your day 12 is day 11? Or did you have a nap today? Then it would count as day 12

      +5 For the Flying, Three Step Tasks are completed in order

      Ps. Half an hour winter valley flying? Damn.... nice, gz!
    2. BrickSnake's Avatar
      Yeah, I think I got mixed up. Subtract a WBTB, and erase day 10, move the rest back a day.
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