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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    See you in hell boys

    by , 07-23-2010 at 08:48 PM (547 Views)
    I'm at my moms house back home. All my friends are there and we're celebrating something. People are eating cake and drinking. I went outside and sat down. I could hear everyone singing "Roll me through the gates of hell." I walked in and everyone had their arms around each other singing the words.

    Roll Me Through the Gates of hell on youtube (song)

    I joined them in song, and after we were done someone (I don't recall who I was with) wanted to go to the doctors office with me. We went, and the place was kind of like a gypsys office. He told us he was prescribing us something and went out of the room for a while, he came back and told us he was out of everything. We left and went back to the house where everyone had left already.

    Next, I am walking down a path with the dog. She's on the leash. I'm going really fast, much faster than walking. I feel like maybe I was on some sort of motorized something. I was going down this dirt path and stopped, looking to the right and behind me. I realized that I had passed up this one part of the path that looped where I could see a view of the river. I backed up and took that path. I hadn't realized how steep upwards this was and I went bouncing and flew off the front. The dog got unleashed and bounded forwards. I got off the machine thing and started yelling her name. I found her, she was sitting next to a pig who started talking. I don't remember what he was saying but I do remember that I was very taken aback by this.

    Next, I had to go in for surgery. I was really scared because I was told that when they put you out you can still hear everything and are completely conscious.

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    1. Clyde Machine's Avatar
      Hah, what a great dream! I'm sure hearing that song and seeing everyone sing it was a cool thing to witness.