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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Troubled hearts map deserts, and they rarely do come back

    by , 09-13-2010 at 03:21 PM (1013 Views)
    So, before I start rambling about whatever dreams I may have had last night I'd like to say that... It's very strange. I dreamt of getting a kitten the other night, and yesterday I got two kittens Yay! Dreams=real.
    Enough of that.

    So, dream. Yes. Ahem. Er. Anyway....

    It all started out with me in the woods somewhere. There was a house I was supposed to find and I was just kind of wandering around this very sparse neighborhood surrounded by trees. It resembled Felton, that's in California... in Santa Cruz county. Possibly Ben Lomand. Like that. Anyhow, here I am wandering around looking for a house that to my knowledge may or may not exist, and I go finding it. Fancy that. So I find it, stand around outside it for a while, go inside and it's empty. I'm not quite sure if I'm supposed to live there or wait for someone, so I simply wait. And since when you expect that something is going to happen in a dream, it generally happens. D stopped by and we went somewhere.

    Next thing I know I'm in a very odd store with D. I say it is odd because they're mostly selling gigantic pans and ice cream cakes. I marvel at their perfect mint chocolate ice cream cake and compare it to the one I made a few weeks ago, wondering how they got the ice cream so perfectly level.

    D is admiring a very large pan for fitting a whole chicken in. I note that you could probably fit 50 tofurkey logs inside of it. A boy of about 18 or 19 comes up and they start talking very animatedly about the pan and its many uses. I'm rather bored. I like cooking things in pans, but I don't generally like standing around speculating on pans themselves.

    I walk outside and there is a woman in a sleek black car waiting for me. She tells me to get in, so I do.

    I vaguely remember someone, possibly while in the car, asking me which route it is that they should take on their journey around the country. I take the map and begin mapping out the route that D and I took last summer. I start it around San Francisco, moving down to Arizona and New Mexico, up to Colorado and all through the states until it swerves around up and down 'til New York. I make a note to stress stopping in Toledo, Ohio. The map seemed to be made of clay and I was simply molding the way there.

    So, I'm in the car with the woman. She says she's going to drive me back in Santa Cruz because there are people who would like very much to see me. I look down and realize I'm wearing some cut off shorts that would be perfect for jumping in the ocean.

    Driving there doesn't take long at all, and I can see the huge wide ocean approaching swiftly. We're driving on the beach and I press my hands against the glass window, longingly wishing I could jump out and into the water. The woman snaps at me and tells me I can do that on my own time and not when I'm going to get covered in sand and get it all over her nice fancy car. I scoff at this and sit angrily, wanting to jump in the ocean. I never got to. I was bitter.

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