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    Lucid Dreaming Discussed in Science Class

    by , 05-22-2012 at 01:19 AM (735 Views)
    Most of the details from the dream are fuzzy now.

    I was in school, and I had the same science class as two of my friends. My female friend tried to seduce me in my room, but she was only doing it to use me. She was very tempting, but I shied away from her offer. Then someone else accused me of having feelings toward a male friend, even though I'm engaged. I wasn't quite sure how to handle that situation; the accusation was true, but I didn't like him enough to consider ending my current relationship. The accusation was a waste of breath.

    I went to my science class, and in the middle of the lecture, the teacher began discussing lucid dreaming. Even his powerpoint slides had LD pictures. I notice how focused the teacher and the projector screen are on lucid dreams, and I am immediately suspicious. I become a little anxious--I think I was concerned that I would miss an opportunity to become lucid--and plug my nose. I can't tell if it had worked or not; I might have been able to breathe through my nose, but my nose didn't feel anything. The previous time, I distinctly felt the air in my nose. I make sure my mouth is closed, and I try the nose plug again, and I feel the air flowing through my nose.

    My alarm goes off. I miss my chance to become lucid.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Bad, BAD alarm.

      You're so close Caenis, you're gonna nail it next time. I know it!
    2. Caenis's Avatar
      Thanks Ophelia. I'm happy I remembered to RC when the lecture turned toward lucid dreaming. It's the first time I RCed in a layer zero! I'm going to see if I can will myself into having another LD by Monday. I'm also going to start keeping a second journal for my goals, achievements, failures--a physical workbook.