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    February 6, 2023

    by , 02-06-2023 at 11:25 AM (146 Views)
    I went on a bus ride with a bunch of obstacles.

    It starts off at the train station where I see my friend, who's a model, and his friend stopping someone whose leaning forward as they're trying to end it all because they're struggling with their identity. I get uncomfortable and start running back home, I hear a Dutch YouTuber whom I occasionally watch talk in his podcast as he's talking the person at the train station out of it. It starts getting dark and stormy when I think I'm walking into the street home until I check Google Maps which, after it keeps moving around due to the raindrops on my screen, finally shows me that I ended up on a random island on the opposite side of the direction home.

    A bus then stops in front of me, it's my friend's theatre coach sitting in one of those small buses I took twice when I was in Leusden. Also reminds me of those special education buses from when I was younger. He told me that he's going to Utrecht and that I can join them, saying I'd have to pay half of my bus fare. I enter the bus in the front seat as he starts driving off. The bus is full with students. We enter this neighborhood in Kanaleneiland (very similar to the route of my special education bus commute now that I think about it) where we see a bunch of children playing on the street, the community police officers move the first children away, but a bunch of stubborn children stay on the road, even after the bus driver honked. The bus driver then carefully drives past every child like a game of Frogger.

    After getting out of that neighborhood, we drive through a difficult forest path without any roads. Things go smooth until we end up having to cross a lake in which the bus drives straight into the water. The bus driver then asks me to help him kick the windshield off. After several attempts, the water pressure does the job for us as the bus slowly sinks into the lake. We then defy the law of physics by moving our weight to the back of the bus and balance out the amount of water in the bus in order for us to drive forward. A fat kid stands up from his seat (the bus driver and I were the only ones doing things) and joins us as he goes to the back of the bus to balance the weight.
    I then get out of the bus and push the bus from behind and it successfully drives out of the lake. Another passenger joins me to save a small trailer that contained a basket full of pets that was attached to the bus. (Why the basket with pets wasn't just in the bus itself is beyond me. We recover the basket and get back in the bus where we stop by a student dormitory, we drop off all the cats and hamsters that were in the basket and reunite them with their owners and families.

    All the pets from the bus ride are nervously shaking from the extreme bus ride. I then ask if this was the final destination to which the students look at me with a smug face and tell me there's more. Unfortunately for them, I woke up.
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