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    June 19, 2023 9:0? pm

    by , 06-19-2023 at 08:33 PM (131 Views)
    I was hungover all day from partying with my friend the day prior where I had two beers and did a shot with her. On my hungover day I went on a run in the hot sun and bought apple juice because I once read it gives you vivid dreams, I took a nap and you can judge the apple juice effects for yourself:

    I was in a diner themed McDonald's, I had a call from my employer apparently, I don't know what it said. But someone did an in-depth analysis about Chickie's dad from Rugrats in which he held a gun to his head and asked "What's a drama that makes you fall in love with life again?" it featured a 90s cartoon style scene of Chuckie, disguised as Elisabeth Thornberry, running away from home, and his dad getting depressed. The families from Rugrats go through the city to search for Chuckie, it shows a really cartoony montage of everyone's houses chasing around the city like cars. Spinelli from Recess makes a cameo appearance as older homeless woman punching the dad from Phil and Lil.

    I wake up in the McDiner again forgetting about my order, I see an invoice letter with my name on it wilth the receipt attached saying order 97, I then see the take out bar with a bat with my order, I grab it and this mysterious black girl sitting by the bar who follows me on twitter apparently tells me I "shouldn't let that girl control me" referring to some random meme I got on my birthday on twitter within the dream canon. A girl tried to order a burger but with nothing but the "banana sauce" the black guy working there looks at her with this "really?" smile on his face.

    Dream was in English

    Edit: (and TW: Suicide) during that Rugrats bit I had a dream of a vine type of sketch featuring a group of black guys in which one of them holds a gun to his head and shoots himself then drops to the chair, his friends jokingly re-enact his dropping motion as he just lands sitting down with a funny bounce, the guy from the gun was still concious watching bis friends and laughing along and playing along with them followed by his POV of suddenly noticing his vision going dark and blurry.

    I should add that the reason I added everyone's race is because they were all black just like I am, it reads a little weird to me as well, but I wanted to remember that detail. Reference was probably because I went to an African festival yesterday and hung out with people from the festival at an after party.
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