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    Bum Steer

    by , 08-03-2014 at 09:09 PM (591 Views)
    This lucid is from the morning of August 1st.

    Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

    Lucid #226: Bum Steer

    Iím driving on a long, tree-lined road when I remember that I was hoping to have a lucid dream. I become lucid and just sit still for a moment, still driving as the dream continues just as it did before. I have this slightly paranoid feeling like the dream is going to ďcatch meĒ, but nothing happens.

    I settle in to driving for a bit, thinking about what I want to do, feeling pleased with how smoothly the transition to lucidity went. I come to a rightward curve in the road and turn the wheel, but the car refuses to follow my instructions. I crank the steering wheel hard over to the right but nothing is working. The left front tire grinds along the curb for a while, the car shudders, and after a few seconds, Iím thrown into the void.

    I rub my hands together and try to move my legs in a walking motion. It sort of works but Iím not feeling proper resistance in my feet and I have the sensation of my legs flailing around. It feels like this is going too long and I recall how Dreamer used flight when her dream went dark. I take to the air and fly around for a bit, the sensation partway between flying and falling. I finally remember that I have had good luck singing when I fly through the dark.

    But before I even have to do any singing, I find myself flying high over a city. There are two tall, ruby-red buildings below me that are shaped like stretched out hexagon. As I look at them, an unseen voice gives me some kind of garbled warning about ďballsĒ and
    the dream ends.

    Notes: Given the theme, Itís interesting (well, to me at least) that during the day I was implementing the character-steering code for our video game project. Maybe Iím a little anxious about how well itís going to work.
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    1. lucidmats's Avatar
      Nice dream Canis!
      Well I don't know if I've ever been to the void, I still don't really know a lot about it Well anyways I think I have been to it everytime after a WILD attempt. What works for me to get out is, I close my dream eyes (not that I was seeing something anyways ) and then I imagine something with a really bright neon like colour ( I have a bottle with cleaner at my house, bright yellow ). Really quick I start seeing the color and within seconds, like looking through an empty toilet paper roll which end gets chopped off more and more a scene emerges within a couple seconds. Maybe that works for you too!
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    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      LOL, a warning about balls? I'm not sure how to take that!

      Glad you managed to escape the void!

      Do you like to sing in waking life?
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @lucidmats - It's what I call any time that the dream fades out to black and places you into a scene with no visuals. All sense of location often disappears too. It used to almost always end the dream for me, but these days I just view it as more of a transition point than anything.

      Your technique sounds great! It actually sounds like a nice WILD entry tech in general. Hey, something to add about all techniques that work in the void: they generally make great DEILD techniques as well! Over time I've come to believe that making it through the void are very, very closely related to each other.

      @Dreamer -

      LOL, a warning about balls? I'm not sure how to take that!
      Ha! Neither was I! Afterward I thought it might be a warning somehow related to the dream where OpheliaBlue pinched her own balls. Advanced Elevator Totm - DEILD - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      If my subconscious was trying to warn me away from that, it needn't have worried. I appreciate it all the same though!

      Do you like to sing in waking life?
      Ha ha, I sense the gears turning in your head already! I'm an enthusiastic car-singer and a shower-singer and a before-the-other-guys-show-up-at-the-office singer, but that's as far as it goes IWL. (In dreams, of course, I am a freakin rock star!)
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    4. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Ha ha, I sense the gears turning in your head already!
      *Gasp!* You speak of me as though I'm some kind of fiend for exploiting people's vulnerabilities and convincing them to step outside their comfort zone for my own entertainment!

      On an entirely unrelated note, where is this duck face selfie you promised to send me?
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    5. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      As I look at them, an unseen voice gives me some kind of garbled warning about “balls”

      Nice spontaneous recovery from the void!
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    6. StephL's Avatar
      Wow - very well done on coming out of the void. This worked once for me, and I keep forgetting it. I'll try to remember you coming out over this city and not give up on my next one!
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    7. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld!

      I have this slightly paranoid feeling like the dream is going to “catch me”, but nothing happens.
      Do you mean paranoid as in someone is after you or afraid that the dream was going to end? Anyways, good job forgetting all about it.

      So Dreamer used flying to get out of the void, that's so interesting. Can you refer me to the entry? Though, I'm not quite sure this will work for me - all these floating sensations I associate with lack of tactile sensations and hence more towards the void. Now, crashing into some object flying or not, that ought to do it.
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    8. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Hey Nyx!
      PercyLucid recently suggested I try flying to make my way out of the void.
      It worked the first time, which I assume is the entry Canis was referring to:
      Naked at the Playground
      But I had no luck with it the next time I tried (the LD part is way down the bottom of this entry):
      Potty Poetry
      I'm going to keep experimenting with this tech to see how reliable it is.
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    9. Xanous's Avatar
      Interesting void techniques there. I think its just about stimulating some dream interaction or maybe its something about balls.
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    10. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Dreamer - I am doing this duckface selfie because I want to! Nobody tells me what to do!

      @KristaNicole - Thanks! I'll also carry this warning with me as a vague (and vaguely disturbing) guide for my future lucid travels.

      @StephL - Thanks you, Steph! You are exactly right on! The void is just one more location. It's nothing more than a piece of the dream that will take you from one spot to the next as long as you hang in with it. Once you internalize this, it changes so much... Let me know how you do with it!

      @Nyx - Yeah, almost like this sense that the dream would change on me now that I became lucid. A silly thing to think about (since it's so self-fulfilling) but there it was anyway! Yeah I think that hand-rubbing my way through the void and just grinding it out has been the most universally effective approach. LucidMats had a real cool idea above that I'd like to try, too. My favorite is still expecting a DC to pull me out, though! Always leads to cool stuff happening!

      @Xanous - Ha ha, agreed! Just getting something, anything to hold onto seems to help, whether it's the gladius trick, hand-rubbing or Xanous-style bicycling. Didn't you think of clapping, too? That's a good one IMO but I've not tried it.
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    11. Xanous's Avatar
      The clapping was more about stabilization but I suppose it would do in the void. Its all the same IMO.
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    12. lucidmats's Avatar
      Haha nice, then I've been to the void a couple
      times already. The first time was pretty creepy since I didn't know what was happening and I tried to run somewhere in panic and woke up
      Makes sense, my approach is some kind of visualization, similar to what I do during DEILD and WILD
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    13. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @Xanous - Agreed. I'm coming to believe that stabilization, working through the void, and even DEILD are in many ways a part of the same continuum.

      @lucidmats - Yeah, that's perfect! You can apply those same DEILD/WILD skills to the void and very often extend a lucid dream into a whole nice, new segment! Just last night I had one that began in the void and would've gone absolutely nowhere if I hadn't made it through!
    14. NyxCC's Avatar
      @ Dreamer

      Thanks for links! Awesome this has worked for you even if once. Maybe as with the other techniques it's about expectation - if Percy uses it often and expects it to work, then it will work.

      @ CL - good luck trying lucidmat's idea! Looking forward to reading how that goes.
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