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    Christmas in April

    by , 05-01-2014 at 03:11 AM (492 Views)
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    Lucid #207: Christmas in April

    Iíve joined up with a bunch of other people and rented a blue-carpeted condominium. There bedroom of this condominium houses the entrance to a vast cave system and we crawl downward to explore it. I have to do sort of a funky sideways roll to slip under the entrance.

    The caveís well-lit, but I start feeling claustrophobic. I turn back to make sure that I can easily get out and Iím shocked to find that when I execute my little sideways roll to escape, that I just barely make it out. This means that in only a few seconds, the entrance has gotten shorter! I warn the others that the entrance is closing but they ignore me.

    I relax against the wall and for some reason start imagining that my hands are moving. Iím surprised to see my hands really are moving. I canít believe how vivid my imagination is and I think If my imagination is this good, itís like being able to lucid dream any time I want! And then it occurs to me that
    Iím dreaming right now.

    I dig my fingers into the thick, blue carpet for a moment and then stand up, rubbing my hands and arms together. I move slowly, relaxing and letting the dream continue as I explore the apartment. I move through a total of four rooms, studying the layout and furniture of each as I pass. I recognize the den from the non-lucid portion of the dream and itís almost entirely unchanged from before. I walk a quick circle around the wooden coffee table, confirming that the scene and all of its contents are unusually stable.

    It concerns me that I seem to be stuck in just one type of scene so I move for the wall and phase through it. The phase is quick and I end up outside at night in the front yard of my house. I try to remember goals, but they just wonít come. I really focus on this for a moment but I feel the dream starting to wobble and destabilize. Back to some arm-rubbing, and I forget goals for now.

    I look west down the street. Everything looks realistic but itís way too dark. I turn around, think Thereís some light behind me, and then spin back around to face west again. About two blocks down, I spy a lone Christmas tree festooned with lights. Iím pleased by this, and I try to just let this idea flow. Soon there are lit Christmas trees in front yards all up and down the street. Looks like my darkness problems are solved.

    I head west to the end of the block then turn south. It looks like my street for a bit but as I continue it transitions into something more like a crowded outdoor mall. DCs bustle back and forth, and just as Iím passing a wooden bench and a free-standing sign that looks like a mall directory, I see a teenage boy and a smaller kid of about 8 (his little brother?) walking past. The older brother tells the younger, ďDonít worry about them. All these people have never done a goddamn thing for you.Ē

    Again I get the desire to remember my goals. This time I really push for them. I dig too deep, though,
    lose focus on the dream, and am too late to save it before it ends.
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    1. Xanous's Avatar
      Very nice! I enjoyed reading your LD. Ive totally woke myself thinking of goals before. Now if I cant recall Ill just freestyle it. Sometimes thats funner anyway.
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, man! Ah okay, good to know that it's not just me that's lost focus from thinking about goals. This happened to Nyx in her most recent entry, too, so it goes to show that a little study beforehand is better than trying to perform heroic feats of recall mid-dream.

      Freestyle is a great back-up, you're right. Particularly if you can shake those doubts about "Oh was I supposed to be doing something with this LD??" That was giving me trouble this dream.
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    3. Xanous's Avatar
      I suspect its pretty common issue for a lot of people.
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Merry Christmas, uhm, I mean, happy ld!

      That part with the Christmas tree lightning up the scene sounded really cool. I was also impressed how you kept orienting yourself using the cardinal directions. I guess this would come in quite handy if one is trying to more precisely replicate the real world.

      On goal memory perhaps we have to have a back up plan/task, something general and not subject to constant changing like the TOTMs in cases where we can't recall anything else. Just enjoy the dream seems like a good plan.
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks, the light-up scene was quite cool (and unexpected.) The brain just seems to roll with whatever the first thing it thinks it "sees" is. The cardinal directions make me seem like I was more on the ball than I really am probably, ha ha... mostly it's because this portion of the dream followed real-world geography (more or less) so in the light of day it's pretty easy to put the directions back together.

      Agreed on the "back up plan"! I've had a background goal of slowing down and cranking up vividness, and I have loved it. It's very rare to hit an LD that this isn't an appropriate goal for, plus it's something where I can use all the practice I can get!