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    The Prancing Pied Piper

    by , 12-09-2014 at 03:39 PM (759 Views)
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    Lucid #260: The Prancing Pied Piper

    A false awakening takes me downstairs where I putter around for a bit doing silly "chores" like moving chairs around. Then I head back upstairs, totally focused on having a lucid dream when I “return to bed”. Just so that I’ll get in the right mindset, I do a nose pinch reality check and oh hey, check it out, I’m already having a lucid dream! I hold the nose pinch and start leaping and prancing about, waving my other hand in the air. I sing about lucid dreaming while I do this.

    I head into my youngest son R’s room, but instead of R, I find my 5-year-old son E sleeping on his bed. “Daddy, what are you doing?” he asks getting out of bed.

    I keep singing, prancing, nose-pinching, and waving one arm. I sing, “Lucid dream, lucid dream, lucid dreeeeee-eeeeeeam!” E laughs and says, “Daddyyy!” I think about returning to the master bedroom in the hopes of finding Wife and enjoying some sexytime. But those plans fall through when E gets out of bed, and starts following me around, prancing the same way that I am.

    I reflect on the joy of being lucid and this emotion takes me to a desire to hear beautiful music. (I’d chained these feelings together using Dreamer’s goal memory technique.) This is in pursuit of Jenkees’ dare to do cool stuff to a lucid orchestral soundtrack. E and I go prancing into the master bedroom as I realize that I need to stop singing if I’m going to get a new soundtrack.

    The lights are on in the bedroom and instead of me or Wife, my friend KS is lying in bed next to some blonde guy with surfer hair. KS gets out of bed and rubs her eyes like it’s the morning. I ignore her and surfer guy, instead phasing my face through the shutters so I can look out into the night. I start creating an orchestral soundtrack in my head.

    It sounds nice, but I realize that I’m forcing every note manually and composing it as an act of will. I want it to emerge organically instead. Maybe if I go do something outside. I phase through the window and leap out into the night with a yell. As I’m preparing to take flight,
    the dream ends.

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    1. KarmaSangye's Avatar
      What is your main technique for lucidity?
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @KarmaSangye - For day work, I'm using an approach that I call "look for the dream". It's basically a mantra and mindset that involves seeking out the dream during the daytime and filling myself with positive energy and thoughts while I do this. Ideally, this positivity and these good habits carry over to the nighttime. If I get enough sleep.

      For nighttime, I perform a short WBTB where I spend a few minutes using Dreamer's goal-chaining technique (which I described in the last couple of DJ entries.)

      If you're interested in my "Look for the dream" thing, here's a description I wrote of it a while back. Hope it helps!

      Quote Originally Posted by Look for the Dream Approach
      What I do is try to internalize the attitude that I'll have many dreams every night and that they'll feel very much as waking life does now, but that if I look for them at the right time, I can find them. And furthermore, I keep it firmly in my mind that there's great joy both in the process of seeking and finding the dream.

      Whenever it occurs to me to do so, I think of lucid dreaming and spend a moment reflecting on how happy lucid dreaming makes me while I look for the dream in what I see around me. Is it here? No? Well, it will be soon, and it'll be awesome.

      I especially do this when I find myself experiencing any slight negative feelings like stress or social anxiety. As a nice side effect, it forces me outside of my head to examine this world that I'm a part of and see whether it's all my own creation.

      I think that the joy of these moments is a big part of what's made it work for me. It feels easy, peaceful, relaxed, but with this sense of happy anticipation. Like dreams are coming very soon, and it's good to be ready. I hope that helps give some idea of what I do!
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    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      What an awesome mood lifting ld! Just reading about the joyful singing and prancing put a smile on my face.
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    4. darknightedlady's Avatar
      I love how E followed you and was mimicking your joyful dance! At least you started to make the soundtrack! Next time, hopefully it will be more organic...good will to you on that! Whenever you do it, I would love to hear the outcome!
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    5. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      @NyxCC - Thank you, Nyx! It was fun! My son thought this was hilarious when I told him about it too.

      @darknightedlady - Thanks, dkl, I'm hopeful about the next attempt too! And yeah, I'm also hopeful about "hearing the outcome"! I'm going to really try to remember it as well as I can, and maybe jump straight to humming it upon waking or something, see if I can hold on to some part of it for later. These amazing songs have always tended to fade for me very quickly, so I love the idea of managing to hang on to one in a form where I can truly remember it later.
    6. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      This is so cute, I can just imagine you and E prancing around joyfully together!

      I'm glad the goal chaining is working well for you!
      Are you still planning to work on this soundtrack dare at some point? I know you have a few other lucid goals in mind for now.
      I look forward to hearing about whatever you (and your dreaming mind) may come up with next!
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    7. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ha ha, Dreamer, thanks! It was heaps of fun to go ing around with E!

      The goal chaining really paid off well for several dreams in a row, and the really great part is that I've not found myself growing so attached to specifics that I find myself "fighting" with the lucid dream. I'm able to enjoy lucid dreams as they emerge without getting too terribly hung up on goals vs. enjoyment of the experience as it unfolds.

      One goal that I would like to make sure that I always hit is always leading off with a nose pinch, something that you do very well and has given you some really high levels of stability.

      Yeah, I'm still very interested in doing the musical dare! I've got a nice, long list of stuff that I'm excited about! The main ones I'm chasing right now are a couple of personal requests from others (the ones that I told you about), and after that I have several dares that I'm excited about doing. I've got a lot of great LD ideas that I'm looking forward to... I need to get my rate up so that I can get on to experiencing them!