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    by , 01-15-2014 at 12:19 AM (377 Views)
    Dune-based, a Fremen leader has just died and everyone's chanting the name of someone they're choosing for the new Naib, a well-respected middle-aged man known for being level-headed. But they're interrupted by Paul and Jessica, performing some Bene Gesserit trick with light that makes them appear god-like, a move to take power over the Fremen. It works. I find it extremely distasteful.

    My IRL mother weighing a desire to give up physical possessions against the potential uses for the land she owns, and considering an apiary.

    A wrong number from an angry woman looking for a Melissa. (Not the one from the myths specifically, but still presumably inspired by the apiary bit.)

    I'm looking at a digital folder labeled 'Eric'; none of the files inside have anything to do with him.

    An earlier, lower-budget movie version of Barbarella.

    A variety of nautical references: ornaments shaped like ships, a trip to the beach and a mention of pirates.

    A painting of pale, black-haired elves with ravens on their shoulders, in a park.

    Two homeless men, one with a dog, the other a preacher standing on a wooden crate, arguing about Jesus and whether or not he spent a lifetime as a cat.

    "So ever shall be considered the gardens of Biblios."

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