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    Hooded figure in the mirror, angels and vampires who fell

    by , 01-14-2014 at 12:47 AM (537 Views)
    I'm standing in front of a row of elevators with reflective gold-colored doors, and in a sort of voiceover I'm hearing what sounds like an article about a scientific study of reflections. There's a lot of information that sounded reasonable at the time but didn't actually translate to waking life - for example, your eyes perceive this angle of motion and expect an impact that never comes, causing tension, and resulting in your attention focusing on this or that minor detail. As I get into the elevator, the article is saying something about there being two different ways to think of reflections which both carry different benefits, and it goes on to explain the two ways. I find this interesting and decide to experiment with switching to the other way of thinking, which is viewing your reflection as a separate person, even expecting it to talk. Acting on the article's advice, I address my reflection on the mirrored elevator wall. My reflection's a great deal taller than me, and completely covered by a hooded cloak. I find I like him - or it - a great deal.

    (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

    Some vague fragment involving briefly passing through an exhibit to do with planets, and something about Artemis.

    There's a woman who's determined to hold onto the hand of some monstrously deformed figure who keeps trying to shy away. She's thinking about how she's been through some kinds of transformations in the past herself, so it takes more than some monstrous appearance to frighten her off. The monstrous one's thinking something about Cain, and something about two angels, one in favor of allowing the other's creations - humans - to develop variations of themselves (which is to say, to have children); the one who created them was opposed; and now he's found his downfall in a relationship with a human, which wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for that decision, allowing the humans to develop into new variations.

    (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

    There's a man who's been running through the halls of a house and now reaches a dead end, a study with a portrait, which I briefly thought was a mirror. A man who's been following him at a walking pace comes into the room and starts talking about the portrait, and about the history of the man in the painting, who was - is? - a vampire. He says, "They forgive him the very thing he (something)," and then something about "fell." Meanwhile the man who'd been running is stumbling around the room with his hand over his stomach like he's been injured, saying "Please!" There's a resemblance between him and the portrait.

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    1. Whaledreamer's Avatar
      Interesting... Just a shot in the dark, regarding the first dream, do you think the dream may be hinting that you are too self critical and perhaps need to step back and view yourself from the shoes of another person?

      As for the third... they seem linked. The portrait and the mirror. Also the man looks like the portrait... Perhaps there is something this man (aka you) cannot forgive himself for although others can.

      Then there is the horribly deformed figure, who keeps trying to shy away... some one who does not realise they are stronger or more beautiful than they think... who deserves forgiveness.

      The two angels thing and Cain seems to be a battle over guilt blocking progression.

      What do you think? Does this hint to some self image dilemma?
    2. Carabas's Avatar
      That's a reasonable interpretation. But I wasn't looking for someone to interpret my dreams for me. Try the dream interpretation section of the forum.