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    Rell and the princess

    by , 05-21-2014 at 06:53 PM (579 Views)
    I'm a young boy walking into a room which contains a sort of glass bubble, small, like a snowglobe or a paperweight, and through the glass I can see a girl the same age on the other side, who I think of as 'the princess,' a nickname. I'm aware the glass represents a barrier between worlds that we can't cross anymore, we can only meet here in between. The glass bubble now appears to be larger than me, and I walk up to it with my arms held out in front of me, as if I'm holding something like a tray - I'm thinking about bringing the princess something, though visually my hands are empty. I pass through the glass. Inside, it seems to be a little round room, and the princess is sitting at a desk; she sees me and gets up and says "Rell!", which seems to be my name; she sounds happily surprised.

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