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    20/04/19 - ld 24

    by , 04-19-2020 at 11:27 AM (252 Views)
    Woke up after ~6 hours of sleep. Started to do some SSILD but fell back asleep after the first cycle. Nevertheless, I went lucid later on.
    In the dream I was just trying to take a shower but I was stuck taking off my clothes - they kept reappearing. After a while I realized that I was dreaming and left the bathroom. Immediately I got to a beach which wasn't that surprising as it was where I intended to go. There were some people around, children playing at the edge of the water etc. Without thinking twice I went on towards the sea. I could feel the ground beneath my naked feet, mostly sand mixed with some stones and dry seaweed. Though I could feel the sharp-pointed stones it wasn't uncomfortable to walk on them.
    The sea was quite rough but I was still surprised about the waves' power when I got into the water. They kept pushing me back towards the beach or pulling me further away. I recognized that it would be dangerous to go swimming in these circumstances but as I knew it to be a dream I didn't care and swam towards the open sea. I remembered that I was able to dive down and breath underwater. Suddenly a man swimming submerged crossed my way. I wondered what would happen if we crashed into another and kept swimming. Time got a bit strange here and he passed right before me. Before I could do anything else, I woke up.

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