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    20/07/24 - ld 30

    by , 07-28-2020 at 01:44 PM (251 Views)
    No techniques used, completely random lucid after ~6 hours of sleep.

    Had a long non-lucid dream about wandering around town while being late for work. In the end I ended up on a beach and because I felt extremely tired I laid down on the sand. Immediately, I felt a sinking sensation which I associated with WILD so I got somewhat aware already. I relaxed completely and 'awoke' in my bed the next moment. Being pretty sure of having a false awakening I got up and looked around. My surroundings were more vivid than ever; for further testing I precisely inspected some furniture nearby. I couldn't believe how real everthing felt and looked and RCed to confirm my dream state.

    Walking over to the window I now saw differences to reality. There was a large window facade and I looked down into a sort of foyer with another wall consisting of glass. Down there was a DC with a bike trying to leave the building through the glass wall but couldn't get through. Thinking to myself that I'll succeed where he failed I passed through the windows (though they seemed solid at first) and slowly floated down. I tried to remember what I had planned to do next in a lucid dream but my memory was largely inaccessible. Only some tasks of the year came to my mind, so I proceeded to fly away from here. Outside I somehow found myself in my parents' garden - but a version from more than ten years ago. Suddenly, flying felt physically exhausting (what kind of nonsense in a dream...) and I woke up.

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