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    Late To Class (14.9.13)

    by , 09-16-2013 at 12:47 AM (515 Views)
    I was at my primary school, standing next to a fence naked . I asked a few people that walked passed if they would climb the steel wire fence with just their hands and nothing else. I told them if we did it, we may get the Olympics in Australia. One of the guys I told was someone I knew, Matt H.
    Steel wire fence.

    I skipped part of my next class. I was wandering around the school for a bit, then decided to head back to class. I was trying to think of what I would say to the teacher on why I was late. I saw a kid in the distance getting medical attention, he must have hurt himself pretty good. He was getting taken away by the paramedics were helping him leave the school.

    Someone came up to me, while I was still outside the class room. I think it was Brent's friend Brad. I said to him, I think this is our class room. It was strange, I knew it was our class but I didn't at the same time.

    We walked into class, and I think it was my year 3 - 4 teacher. She reminded me of PINK the singer, a little bit in this dream. She said that I reached the injured kid after it had happened, meaning that I was just a onlooker, and should have came to class on time. I was looking for a seat to sit down on. I moved a chair to the front of a DC and was going to sit down, but it would have been both of us facing each other which would be silly as I would have had my back to the teacher. I again, moved the chair to another spot, this time next to the DC. I sat down.

    The teacher was writing stuff down on the chalkboard. She was thinking of a name to write down, as an example. I thought to myself and wrote down Tommy (can't think of last name). I was struggling to spell properly and my hand writing was pretty messy. The teacher had written the exact name as I did.. I was amazed that she thought of the exact thing as me. I looked over to the DC and was going to tell him what had just happened but I remember scribbling out the name on my paper as it was incorrect spelling and messy, so I didn't mention it. I think the DC was an old friend Devon L

    There was a lot of stuff written on the board. She was writing a lot of Eminem (the rapper) on the board, I think she was a big fan of him. I said silently to someone near me, that Eminem once said ''something something nigger'', which I thought was funny. A few people laughed, but I think I offended some girls across the room. They had darker skinned boyfriends.

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