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    Ol Mate Kyle, Free Hugs (22.7.15)

    by , 07-22-2015 at 11:30 AM (313 Views)
    Ol Mate Kyle
    Im at some kind of function and I see Kyle Potter and others. We're all having a laugh. I ask him what he's dad is doing. He tells me that he's in Thailand 1 week on 1 week off with his girlfriend to see her family. I tell him that my dad needs to do something similar, and that he's a hermit. I add that I'm kinda similar so I can't really talk. Kyle says that his dad made some kinda layered pancake for this function years ago and failed. But he was awarded for his effort. I tell him that I have an idea, and should make some vegemite toast and cut them into small triangles. I'm joking. A waiter brings food over to us, which ends up being cake. I grab a small piece and begin to eat it. I jump the gun a little, as they have plates that they hand u moments after u pick your cake. There's moose and other similar things on the plate. The cake was chocolate mud cake, with chocolate icing. Kyle seems very welcoming and likes me.

    Free Hugs
    I'm in a house, in the kitchen. I see Ash Kendon. I'm being jokingly mean to her in a flirtatious way. I think she starts getting offended. I could tell she wanted some attention off of me. I think of writing a sign that says free hugs, or get something that says that on my phone and hold it up In Front of her.

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