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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Just Right there

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:04 AM
      Slept in a different place than usual as I was saying. This is a very good place for dreaming and lucidity. My mind did not shift into dreams at all. When I was asleep it just held the same place as I was when I awake. I was very still. I was nervous about relaxing and going of into dream cause it was a new place and I also had a killer headache all night which helped me focus my attention on the present. There were a couple of times when I knew I was asleep but was still I in the same place that I fell asleep in FA and so could have gone off into dream and explored whatever. However I was very happy just to be there and on retrospect this was very helpful. I am always saying how dreaming is not dreaming it is lucidity and here I really experienced that and I am working towards a dream goal of meditating when becoming lucid because I know all the adventures to be pointless, from a dream yoga point of view, and just reinforce bad worldly habits. The next time I am going to trust the lucidity more and do some meditation methods. Looking forward to snuggling up in my new spot again soon. And the stary sky that you and patience were talking about. TOTALLY know what you mean it is like the roof comes of my head and there is so much space and the place where I am sleeping becomes totally safe. Happy Days
    2. Kissing in a Taxi :)

      by , 09-26-2015 at 12:37 AM
      FA RC nose plug fail and couldn't find my hands. I was asleep but it seemed like I was awake in bed. I got up and headed for the door to see what would be outside. I had some paralysis in my face which disappeared quickly.

      When I went out the door and into long corridor a bit like a boarding school. I went flying down near the top of the ceiling with a nice feel of weightlessness and ease like I was a ghost. There were a lot of rules in this boarding school and there did not seem to be a way out. I went back to a room where my ex-wife was. It was as if we were still married. We opened the window of the dorm and climbed out. At this point I was starting to loose lucidity as I thought it was real that it could be dangerous to fly to high. She was trying to keep my safe!!! It was a nice dream I guess. As I flew up into the night sky it was cold and raining. I could feel the dark dreary atmosphere.

      When I landed it was if I went forward in time because all of a sudden I had forgotten about my ex-wife and was happy to head into town. My lucidity also went. Some DCs told me that flying is really dangerous and other people have got in trouble for it. I believed them and thought I better be careful forgetting I was in a dream.

      A group of us got together and caught a taxi into town. The girl in the front seat was beautiful and I started to chat her up. I held her with my arm as if to protect her and she liked it. 'Why did you do that?' she asked. 'I could see that you were cold' I said. I could see rain drops from outside on her tanned smooth shoulder. She turned her face to me and we kissed. She had black curly hair, dark brown eyes and a joyful complexion. When she got out of the taxi I said to her I might see her around town and she happily agreed. I fell very happy with the whole dream and woke up.

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