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    1. Driving with Style

      by , 01-25-2017 at 12:39 PM
      I was having a NLD about a guy who is driving quite a cool car in NYC. I was the observer in the dream and not playing a part in it myself. It was a bit like watching TV. He went into a warehouse and met the lady there who was minding the warehouse. He did not realise it but she fancied him. He wanted to keep making an effort for people to like him. The ladies were talking together from the supply chain and they were saying how hot he was. Looking at him from the dreamer's point of view I couldn't see totally why but I guess he had a lot of things going for him. He brought his car up to the top of the skyscraper where his office was and starts to spray paint it a different colour I guess to make more of an impression. I see the car and it is half one colour and half another plus it is about 70 stories up the building on the balcony. I said this must be a dream so I had a DILD but woke up shortly afterwards. I could see the car and the balcony and I knew it was a dream.
    2. Crazy

      by , 05-10-2016 at 07:20 AM
      Ok well this dream really cleared up any confusion from yesterday. I was with friends they seemed like school friends at a conference but they were all highly addicted to sex. Some had it in a mild way while others were full on. I was living among them at this conference and had to work with them because there seemed like nowhere else to go. Pity I was not lucid as I would have taken the first flight out of there. It was really seedy and everyone was addicted and thought it was normal. There was ques from the men to line up as subjects to get satisfaction from women as objects. Some places were worse than others and a couple of guys were trying to persuade me to stay involved and they thought it was completely normal and nothing wrong with it.

      I was the observer in all this bit like watching in a tv or being shown it)In the next dream the guy who does my workout video was making love to his wife. This had been going well for years. They had sex normally not very exciting slam bam thank you mam type thing but they still loved each other very much. He decided he was going to get into tantric sex, semen conservation and boost up their sex life. She agreed but was not sure about it. The sex got steamyer for a while but then he started to go crazy and loose control. There was a surge of energy in his body where he thought he was great but his wife was getting hurt.
    3. Desire = Mindfulness

      by , 05-09-2016 at 02:02 PM
      I am with my dream guide, my actual dream guide in his actual form. The room is dark and he is giving a talk to about 30 people. I am about 4 steps away from him sitting on the floor. He is looking for feedback when I immediately express my gratitude to him for what he has shown me. There is such a close intimate connection where I feel he is right beside me listening within me. I express that although I have picked up a bit that he has so patience to deal with how far removed I am from the truth. I feel his love and him saying that it is what he wants to do. I am requesting to be freed of some more of my troubles.

      I have this small pack of smarties. They are very sweet ones and small and are in a hard plastic container a bit like Tic Tacs but bigger. These smarties were present in my previous dream and have some significance. My dream guide had changed his form into another kind of dream guide who focuses more on clearing negative actions. I offered some of the smarties to him and he accepts them but I know he does not really like them but he says he will eat them for me and tell me what they communicate to him.

      I am on a walk in the countryside. It is very open with not much scenery. I am walking quickly with a big stick that almost looks like a crutch. I look like I am on a mission and yes actually I want to sit down to eat my food and email my friend. I see two guys ahead. One guy looks Asian if not Tibetan. They are laughing at how restless I am and how quickly I am walking. I joke to them saying I am rushing so I can sit down and see a picture of my love. Then the Tibetan young man (tall, slim, sallow skin, short black hair) says in this incredibly clear communication that: "Sex does not have a purpose. It is not real. There is nothing to be gained from it. It is like a dream. It is not really there" Then he hands me a note explaining more. There were four lines but I only read the first one before I woke up but I did see the other 3 but am not 100% sure of their content:
      1. The only reason we are in this world is to have sex (the urge to procreate)
      2. Sex is not real it has no purpose.
      3. ....
      4. ....
    4. 2 DILDs

      by , 04-27-2016 at 12:12 PM
      1: I was having a nap and I was in quite a deep sleep dreaming about walking in the countryside. I realised I was just dreaming because I knew I had just taken a nap. I could see blue sky all around me but I knew that I was asleep as this should not be the case. I woke up immediately thinking nothing much of it but it was a lucid moment.

      2: In my last dream this morning after two vivid non lucids I was suddenly on the operating theatre getting my usual check up down. The anesthetic had not worked and the were just about to put a scope down my throat. I told them to apply the anesthetic and they agreed and to give me some gas. I then thought that I was not meant to have this operation today and this was a nightmare. Nightmares are not real and can be changed I said to mysielf. I am the dreamer and this is a dream and even if it is real life I am going to try and fly. I tried to lift myself off the bed and the next thing I was levitating. I went up through the roof and into a different scene. I did some stabilisation remembered one of my three point tasks and tried to summon a friend then I woke up.

      The next time I would prefer to practice a waking life hobby as soon as I become lucid and not go running away from the situation but be kind to the DCs but not subservient.
    5. Quiva Turns Up Again

      by , 04-15-2016 at 11:33 PM
      I am inside dreamviews program. It is like the whole program and everyone in it is trying to defragment me because I don't realise I am dreaming. It feels like brain and heart surgery. Every so often I will come out of the computer and meet my good friend Quiva IWL who is trying to show me in the way she is or how to be. She is encouraging me and then sends me back into the dreamviews program or website. It is clear the the program is not working on me that there is like a big block and I am not getting the main message people are trying to tell me. I meet Quiva again and she is completely happy and content but she says "it didnt work did it". I wake up feeling that something is going on even if i don't fully get it yet.
    6. Ungrateful

      by , 04-14-2016 at 09:04 PM
      I was texting my sister to see if I should order flowers for my landlord and what type of flowers the would like. I could see the phone and the text clearly and could see my thumb typing out the text. I got the flowers and brought them to my landlords. They were not my landlord anymore but I was trying to make up with them because I left the house and not the best terms. I brought the flowers and the father of the house was delighted. They had loads of flowers there already and he added them to the collection. My flowers were a big enough to not be shown up by the rest of them. I had a chat to the father about a mutual friend we have who is now working for them. He was saying how our friend does not believe in himself enough or enough to match his capacity. He was saying that he just wanted that job to stay out of trouble. All of a sudden the wife of the house arrives and asks me do I want to have dinner. I say yes even though I am over staying my welcome. I feel a bit out of place and am served bacon dinner which I do not eat because I am a vegetarian. After the dinner I am talking to the wife as she is going out to the garden. I end up shouting at her that she could have done more for my ex-wife. I am then in a scene where I am being consoled and calmed by the daughter of the house.
      Tags: anger
    7. Getting What I Want Can Be a Dream Sign

      by , 04-08-2016 at 09:49 AM
      There is a beautiful 18 year old girl who lives beside me. I was up at their house and I was telling the family that I was going to London that evening. She said that I am going to London too but not until tomorrow morning. She said I will change my flight and we can travel together. I felt warm and cosey and loved. I went back home to prepare for my flight and I started to get a little anxious about getting ready and what to pack which is normal for me before I go away. Then I felt this is great but I don't actually need this experience. [Dream Sign] Even though I was going to go on the journey I was happy in myself in my lucidity and I realised that this was just a positive experience in my perception which was clouding my lucidity.
      Tags: family lucid
    8. Competing VS Lucidity

      by , 09-26-2015 at 01:54 AM
      My friend Michael and I were in a shop buying loads of stuff for the week. We were working together to get a job and the boss was really busy. We had loads of litres of milk and we didn't know what to do with it so we hid it so the boss would not see us messing with the food. We tried to act cool. The next thing we were in retreat with our spiritual teacher and he gave me a personal instruction to learn how to climb ladders and wash windows. Now when our teacher gives a personal instruction it is usually really hard to accomplish especially when I am afraid of heights! The next retreat we are at there is a demonstration and Michael was leading it. It was a Fire and Evacuation demonstration. There was a group of them climbing ladders walking on edges of window cills all at their ease. Everyone was clapping. Michael and I went back to the shop. He wanted to stay in my place for a week cause he had no where else to stay. It was a long journey to class everyday. Everyone was walking at a very fast pace. I found this nice girl who I could walk with or just about keep up with but then I had to goto the toilet. After going I couldn't get off it!!! There were all sorts of strings attached to it. My friend was long gone. I was still trying to get off the toilet when I woke up.
    9. Closeness

      by , 09-26-2015 at 01:25 AM
      I am after a long day. I am frustrated and needy. I goto sleep in a shared dorm. While I am getting ready for bed the girl next door to me wakes up. It is my friend Maisey. Her skin looks soft and clear. She also looks older than the last time I met her. She tells me she has been using some cream on her face. We embrace close for about 10 minutes until something happens and we separate.

      I find myself trying to find her again and it is almost impossible. There are so many corridors, numbers and letters like I am in a massive hospital. A staff member gives me this small drink and asks me to deliver it over to the section I am going. It takes me ages and I get lost. I am dissatisfied. There are many people around busy going everywhere in all directions.
    10. No Situation is Bad

      by , 09-16-2015 at 02:16 PM
      We are all hanging out together my cousins their wives and a few friends. We are in a doctors surgery and Tim is the doctor. They are all hung over badly including the doctor except me and maybe Tim's wife. I am kinda bored of all the jokes about feeling sick when all of a sudden another person rushes out to the toilet to vomit. Everyone laughs. Seeing that there is not much happening I decide to do some spiritual practice quietly. I fold up one of the cushions on the bed feeling its softness and the way it is not folding exactly as I want to make it higher so I can sit well. I feel the feminine support of Tim's wife and I guess the fact that we both think it is ridiculas because we both don't drink. I start practicing and I can here the first chant in my mind. It is so beautiful and my perception changes. They are all my friends again no difference between us no judgement just happiness like it always is with cousins. I start teasing them asking them would they like a pint of cowshit to drink or a cup of grease with black heads in it. They like this and surprisingly nobody gets directly sick as I say it . I could see pint of cow shit filling and the cup of grease as I said them. My sisters used to tease me like this when I was small on time when I was sick !
    11. Making Up with Old Friends

      by , 09-14-2015 at 07:16 AM
      After many years of putting on jungle / drum and bass events I got invited to host a night in an exclusive club with an excellent sound system. All I had to do was show up everything else was provided. I talked to my friend Emmet over the holidays and he said that everything would go well as the guys that were putting on the gig were legitimate. I was never so relaxed in my life. When I got to the door I was one of the last people in the que but it did not seem to bother me. I was charged too much but that did not seem to bother me either. Then when I was getting my money back from the overcharge I met these old friends that I would not have known that well and did not get on with that well. They were both so vivid to me and I greeted them with positivity. I put my hand on my friends shoulder to say everything is fine and he liked it. There was little anxiety in this dream.

      My friend James was working with me in my family business. I had to meet him in Dublin to complete a deal. We were quite busy. I went to my retreat centre and saw this lovely checkers set for sale. My friend Dan was behind the counter and sold me the checkers set which was beautifully carved out of wood for a very good price. It seemed too low to me and I could have given him more seeing as he gave me the board for free. I think he made a mistake. The shop was clean and vivid and the counter was made of clear glass. Dan was busy but confident. There was a slight sense of anxiety in this dream as it was to do with deadlines etc. I wanted to bring the checkers set to James as a gift. I had already bought a chess set before from them.

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    12. The Caves of Binding to Convention

      by , 09-13-2015 at 05:30 PM
      I am in dark tunnels trying to get out of what seems like a game. I get out and enter to an open space like a courtyard. There are two women there. One is the game master and the other her helper but it could be my dream guide. Before I do the next task there is a series of questions as to why I have not been myself IWL. I tell them that when I speak to them I speak in regular English that I was taught in school and can explain any of my emotions or the reality of the world. When I speak with friends in the countryside they use this thick accent and I cannot explain or express everything as I am chained to convention to what I speak about. She listens carefully and selects my next game. I wake up.
    13. Looking for Love - Is there a Journey?

      by , 09-13-2015 at 10:35 AM
      I had emailed my friend who I have a good heart connection with to accompany me on an important journey. I was with my girlfriend who was really sweet but did not have the same heart connection that I needed for this journey. She was my girlfriend and I appreciated her more than anyone else but I needed to meet this other lady if my journey was to be a success. We were in the airport around a lot of other people and we were changing flights. I remember all the different security checks and how supportive my girlfriend was. She was a beautiful Japanese girl a used to go out with years ago. I could see my boarding pass very clearly and at one stage I dropped a lot of different things into the rubbish to clear my pockets. She realised that I might have dropped my boarding pass too in the rubbish and helped me retrieve it. She held my hand and looked after me. As we came down the elevator I knew I would have to meet this other lady to fulfil my important journey. There was also a sense that there was a sexual nature to meeting the person with the so called heart connection there was a neediness and a yearning that is hard to identify. I did not know if she would be there or not and she was not. I looked up and down the terminal and she was nowhere to be seen. I even checked online to see if I could contact her. I could see the computer and the websites very clearly. I was logging in on a friends account who use to protect me in the past from falling into desire influenced situations. I was left alone and a bit empty wondering what all this is about.
    14. Frozen Sleep

      by , 09-11-2015 at 03:38 PM
      Last night I was exhausted and processing some emotions. I had a state in my sleep where I could see my son and other images but could not touch them or interact with them. I guessed I was in a state of frozen sleep and remembered advice received here not to worry about it and it will go away after a bit. It was like I was frozen and could not function but could see different things. I recognised it was a dangerous state and needed to be freed. I waited patiently and came out of it after what seemed like a few minutes. Thanks to dreamviews I was able to relax and free myself. Happy Days.
    15. Communication through Non-REM Sleep

      by , 09-04-2015 at 04:23 AM
      I was in awareness for most if not all of my non REM sleep from 10pm - 2.30am.

      "Picture of Black Cat" - this was really strange it came from a place I never experienced as vividly before in sleep. It was like a heat seeking rocket! It just arrived in my mind and kinda freaked me out cause I did not expect it at all.

      A message with "yoga" and "Ireland" appeared in front of my Non REM sleep really vividly like I have never experienced except for tonight as it was similar to the cat. It typed out in front of my mind like there was nothing else there. It was a surprise.

      Now I often sleep these hours in awareness and do have semi lucids and people appearing to me and things but this was an extra depth. It was like it had nothing to do with me.

      Both these things had NOTHING to do with my subconscious they were transmissions and if they were not I am learning to perceive in a new way or I don't know...
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