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    1. Team Dewey Invade Team Huey's Base

      by , 04-11-2016 at 09:18 AM
      There was a leader in our group which I think was BadAssLongCoat and we were dealing with the invasion of what I think was Team Dewey into what was clearly my old house. I was living in the bottom floor of the house and there was a yard out the back which the invasion took place. We had had a problem because they had tried a couple of times to infiltrate and I'm afraid we felt they were looking to steal, kill and take over our base. We were taking the invasion very seriously but I did not realise how serious the weapons Team Dewey had. BadAss was checking my old steps which lead up the garden which was the most likely place they were to come down when I looked up and was really shocked. It was BlairBros with the most serious Bow and Arrow I could ever imagine aiming it directly at BadAss. "Watch Out" I shouted. It looked like the bow and arrows from Hunger Games. It was made of black graphite with a steel tipped arrow. BadAss would not survive if it impacted. I went running into the flat to find what I could to help with this battle. I found the biggest knife that we had when we were small in the kitchen. It had a blade on top which looks like a serpents tongue. When I went back to the yard I was sure BadAss would be dead but he was dueling BlairBros in a hand to hand combat. I grabbed BlairBros by the head turned him over and ... well put it this way it wasnt pretty. I don't know who won but I was surprised that I wasn't scared.
      non-lucid , nightmare