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    1. Dreaming is not Dreaming

      by , 08-13-2015 at 05:03 PM
      After my lunch I fell asleep and had a WILD out in the countryside. I kept telling myself "When I am dreaming I will know I am dreaming". I woke up a few times knowing I was dreaming as I seamed not to be stabilising. Then I fell asleep again. I could see my son Matthew and my ex-Wife Melissa. Melissa was giving me a list of instructions on what to do when I was minding Matthew while Matthew was looking up at me smiling with not a bother on him. Matthew is 8. I looked into his face and then I knew I was dreaming. There was something about the twinkle in his eye and as I stabilised myself looking at him. Melissa had finished giving me the instructions and had gone away so immediately I said to Matthew would you like to go flying. He looked puzzled but then he said ok. So a grabbed him in my arms and flew up into the sky. I could see the clouds around me and could feel the height we were at. Then I remembered about the black hole. Probably last months task but anyway it is meaningful to me. I told him we were heading up to the black hole and he looked puzzled again but said ok. We went up into space and found the black hole quite quickly and kinda disappeared into it. We were in there for a while. I wanted just to see what would happen next. Now this is when I realised that dreaming is not dreaming as the whole of our perception including ourselves turned into the Buddha in the form of a golden statue. I stayed in that state lucid for some time not very long and then opened my eyes. All my thoughts had stopped and I was one with nature looking up at the sky. I then realised that the whole point of dreaming and waking life is to understand this and stay in this reality. The lucidity in daily life and dreams becomes much more vivid and I am able to understand and see everything clearly. This is definitely reality free from personal interpretation. A flower is a flower and a tree is a tree without any other stories going on. So dreaming is not for dreaming but for being fully present in the dream and daily life.[/SET_ANCHOR]