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    Hiding in the Dark with the Ray-gun of Time

    by , 08-01-2014 at 11:13 PM (835 Views)
    I had this little dream I remembered but hadn't written in my journal last night.

    It was late at night, I was outside and it was dark and gloomy, just barely bright enough for me to see my surroundings. I was on the run, I had some people chasing me, there was a scavenger hunt of some sorts going on and I had just grabbed a plastic bag which had a bunch of ham in it and ran away. I was scared that I was going to be caught, so I ran as fast as I could around some buildings and found a field of grass behind them, and layed down as flat as I could in the grass, knowing that someone would come looking for me. I figured I was low enough not to be seen, but the plastic bag of ham out to my left might have been more visible. I stayed still for a good few minutes, worry running through my mind. I could hear voices coming closer, and they sounded like a couple of old buddies I had from high school. I jumped up and sprinted away to my right towards a small office building, but inside was an older thin man, who was working security.

    Inside was small and brightly lit, with a desk in the corner and the walls barely decorated. He saw me and immediately sounded the alarm, crap! I knew there was only one thing to do, shoot him. I shot at him, and a bunch of people ran inside. I knew suddenly that I had messed up, this shouldn't have turned out that way, and I had to fix it up. The people chasing me ran in to the office and saw what had happened. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a small parabolic dish attached to a handle, this was a special ray-gun which had the ability to reverse time, but I had no idea how it worked. I assumed that if I pointed it in the direction of the man I shot, he would simply reverse and be alive again. I pointed it and pulled the trigger, but not just the man went backwards, but everything in the room was affected, including me. It created some really strange distortions as things started going in reverse, people walked out of the room and the dead man came back to life. When I decided I had gone back sufficiently far, I released the trigger and waited. This time there was no alarm, and the officer seemed rather happy instead. It was very bright, as though it was now day time and the sun was glowing through the window lighting up the room. The people who had run in though, alerted me to the fact that not everything was as it seemed, and I could feel some strangeness throughout my body. I knew that reversing time would have adverse effects, and it felt as though my hand had turned to goo, even though it still looked fine. One of my friends who ran in pulled out their phone and showed it to me. One half of it was normal, but the other half was distorted, with the letters and numbers sliding off of the phone. Whoops!

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    Tags: reverse time