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    String of Lucid Dreams - 12-13-14-15

    by , 08-06-2011 at 11:03 AM (1073 Views)
    String of Lucid Dreams - 12-13-14 (WILD)


    I had just changed from my school to my friend's school, though the dream actually took place at my school. I was getting accustomed to a new group of friends, and Hamish convinced me to leave during recess and go out of the school.

    We climbed through a fence, and started walking down the street when Hamish said 'Shit! That's the principal's car!' We started running back towards the school as fast as we could. I got back in the gate and walked back up to the group. I asked Dunstan what he'd done, his hand was swolen, he said he'd broken his knuckle. We were standing in a circle beside a tree close to the fence line.

    I asked fOrceez where his group sits, but I don't think I was ever shown.


    I wake up and want to write in my DJ. I roll over and open it, take out my pen and go to write the date. What the, it's not the 31st, it's the 12th. I started writing when I noticed -
    wait, I'm in my bed. I was sleeping at fOrceez tonight. I looked up at my clock, it read 8 : 0~. I did a nose RC, aweosme! I sat up and rubbed my hands and the sheets on my bet, but when I got up my entire body felt top heavy again. I struggled against it and got up and out my door. I opened the door into my hallway, though it was a different version. Everything was poorly lit, with a green tinge. It was hot, and muggy. I felt as though I was in a chinese seafood market. WHOA. My head tilted to the side very quickly, I stumbled, fell down and woke up.

    I layed in my bed and did visualisations as I fell back to sleep. I ended up without a dream around me, floating in the void. For the first time ever I imagined a dream scene, I believe it was a beach, in which I was able to simply step into. I remember doing the nose RC in the dream. Yes! I'm lucid! WHOA-

    I wake up in a false awakening, in a room with fOrceez, his little brother and two of his brother's friends. We were all in the same room, there was a bed on each side of the room and then 3 mattresses in the middle. I got up and walked down the hallway and accidentally walked into fOrceez parents room, crap! I ran back to the room we were sleeping in and tripped and fell in through the doorway and woke everyone up. Some kid tried to elbow me in the balls, and I pushed him away.
    I told fOrceez, "Dude, I just had a DILD and then a WILD!" I got excited and noticed the dream fading.
    I'm dreaming, shit! No! Don't collapse!

    I woke up and stayed still and let my mind wonder. I started visualising. I was atop a cliff, looking over the edge and out at the stars. I look back over the edge and jump down. I free fall, feeling the air rush against my skin. I fall about half way down before I start to catch myself, and begin to float away.

    This dream then faded into a non-lucid about being in a bird-zoo at night, I was being instructed by someone to use two axes - one in each hand- to kill as many birds as possible. I was just swinging wildly at birds and they'd disappear in a puff of feathers.

    This night made me so proud, I was just so incredibly happy with it.

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