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    Farewell In The Rain [NLD]

    by , 05-14-2016 at 01:23 PM (252 Views)
    This dream was a mixture of first-person and third-person perspectives. As such, i found it better to just write it down in third-person as if it's a story.

    The first part took place at my house.
    A guy befriended a girl and they had a close relationship. She had some form of sealed power that if un-sealed would make her kill him. After the seal broke, she got far away from him and told him that she would end up killing him if he got near her again. Still, he insisted and tried to stay close to her as much as he could.

    The guy followed her to an area near a convenience store along some small shops. It was at night, raining and you could hear a loud thunder sound in the skies. He reached out to hold her left hand and stop her, but she shoved his hand away and continued walking in silence. She didn't look his way while walking. He saw amongst the people walking nearby, the gothic-loli character from the "gate" anime series.

    In any case, he stood there in shock and shortly fell on his back, now starting at the sky and hearing the people walking nearby laugh at him. Afterwards, there was a girl of relative young age who patted him on his head and said "cute".

    Then, he was attacked by a group of three men. Two were standing in front of him while the third was holding him from behind, like those scenes in some tv shows. The guy was filled with anger and broke free from the one grabbing him and said "screw you all!". Fighting ensued and while the three used fire as a weapon, the guy was able to take two of them down with their fire. Fighting with the last one, he was very close to being caught on fire, so he asked an old man in one of those shops nearby to point a water hose at him. Finally, it ended with his victory against the three thugs.

    The girl that walked away was not seen again..

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