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    by , 06-14-2014 at 02:59 PM (504 Views)
    There is this girl that i like in the dream. We like each other but some guy took her and told her that he would kill me if she leaves him. We are in a very small house/hotel, it has one kitchen and living room and 4 rooms for rent. I was in the first room to the left and the other guy was in the 2nd room to the left. I went over to see the girl but then he saw us and told me that he would kill me if i come within 18 feet of him. I went back to my room and started drawing with these tubes filled with graphite powder. Then some people started to come and help with the drawing (it was a really big drawing of a waterfall). Then right before it was done the guy came in. I looked for my sword. I grabbed it and i was going to attack when someone drawing on the drawing used some graphite it went in front of him and it instead cut my sword. (my sword was literally about 1/4 its size and had a boxcutter edge (slanted)) He was flash stepping around me and he had his sword only a few inches from my face. I started doing some battle cry of anger and slashed at his stomach. He flash stepped to my left only a foot away. I stabbed him. He said he put his sword away and we didnt need to duel but then i grabbed him and stabbed him over 9 times (there was a set amount to kill, it was like sao only needed 7 hits to deal enough damage but i kept stabbing. when he died he exploded like in sao)

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