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    Dancing With The Moon Crone

    by , 10-06-2016 at 06:56 PM (205 Views)
    We were chatting and playing with ideas. There were patterns and shapes, they were flowing in and out like breathing and woven from magic

    I land next into a teaching type of dream...

    My teacher is the moon crone.... We are playing with sacred space, and area of influence.

    She shows me coloured markers round my self! How they move with me A swirling dance of energy, I'm playing the game, learning the steps of the dance and how to flow with the rhythm like a heart like breath.... we mix and twirl as we dance and become one only to part once more.

    She brings me new shoes, my wellies must go! My hair we dye black like the night, magic we work and we weave...

    two spiders her servants one to watch me, she's teaching when I'm not there she always can see,

    She's got anger inside her, she wants us to grow!

    'Shooo's out the others, we can learn at our pace

    We are the women and our growing's no race!

    Humanity's children, they already know, we can re discover and move into their flow,

    The moons the reflection, the jewel in the night, the blood and two spiders and ancient birth right.

    **Reality Bomb**

    lol it was a fun night! She yanked of my wellies threw them away and gave me some leather foot wraps with a much softer soul

    I had another dream & vission too that I didn't share cause I wasn't asleep for part of it
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