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    Game Masters.

    by , 10-17-2016 at 08:13 PM (194 Views)

    This dream is awesome, lucid.. It's a WILD (WakeintoLucidDream) It's soo real.

    It's about putting bits back together, a future a past a game. A home! A game I play with friends...We are multidimensional ones were play hide and seek, have races to find stuff do stuff all across space and time.
    We have finished a game I'm a tunnel running threw pages of a book the pages are worlds/times/possibility's/
    A Grey tunnel with doors opens in front of me, I step in. It's got instructions and telepathic messages but I know the protocol I've done this lots. I step in close my eyes.
    It's like superspeed elevator going up and down at the same time..... St-reaching then wooshhhh --- Then robotic telepathic voice says , 'Extracting consciousness now' ...... BLISS!!

    I'm in a light body, on a space ship, it's grey with a red glow... There is a broadcast.... it's telepathic the vibration message goes to mind.
    'Good game everyone, lots of reds this time, then goes of to read codes and download speeds'

    We all have coloured lights in our hearts... many peoples are pure one colour but mine are mixed like a yin-yang.... I can see it reflected onto the wall rather than in me. It's Pinky/Red/Purple/Blue we are also given a DL speed.
    We are discussing different creations and ways to create. I recall I'm a bit of a maverick 'here' I work alone,rather than with a team.... I believe in growth naturally for the sake of it.

    I can see and remember 1000's of creations and reality's lives/games I've played.

    The lucid dream I had with a robot and the VR robot demo for the vive are all reality's.
    The dreams I've had that lasted years are all real too. We are all in a locker room waiting to de-brief, I can't wait to go again there is lots of humour and friendly competition.
    It's like we've been DL'd from an MMOLRPG -- ( Oh, these are taken from 'inside' too O.o lol)
    I come back.... This wasn't like waking up, it was like coming back

    I'm back in bed lol and the time is 3.33!!

    Sooo this felt so real, It's a concurrent life I think. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this type of setting? My daughter told me when she was 3 years old she didn't want to die and have to go back to space ship and come back to a different mother.
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