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    1. Better results from a nap.

      by , 05-22-2012 at 04:58 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Took a nap during the evening after meditating, and well...got some pretty interesting dreams.

      Dream #1 Greatest weed clips ever!

      Im in a public bathroom stall watching the greatest weed clips from movies ever! It showed, Dazed and Confused, Cheech and Chong, Friday, How High, ect ect.

      Dream #2 Homemade music video?

      Im upstairs in my current home in my room, rapping in a music video? The video is being recorded by some chic who looked light skin complexion and mixed with something. She had french braids to the back, and was wearing a orange prison jumpsuit, with a teardrop on her left eye. Im wearin a Hannibel lector mask, and half of my face looked deformed, so i kept the mask on? I looked like leatherface almost. Lol

      Dream #3 Nicki Minaj In The Public bathroom stall.

      Im back in the bathroom stall with a bunch of stoners. Im trying to figure out how i got here, when all of a sudden Nicki Minaj shows up.

      She grabs me by my hair, and pulls me out and started shaking her ass on me telling me that she wants to give me a orgasm in a very serious tone. I don't argue with her and just let her do her business on me. Lol

      Who Is Diamondfinity?

      Im with another black dude, we walk in his house and his starts reading thru his mail. He noticed that he had a letter from his girlfriend named Diamondfinity? He ignores the letter from his girlfriend, and opens up this crown shaped envelope. I ask him what was in it, and he says nothing. Irritated he closes it.

      Dream #4 Let me be yo thug girl.

      Im back in my room rapping with Charli Baltimore. The song is called..
      Let me be yo thug girl. It sounded pretty nice actually. Lol I tried cutting my room light on, (even though it was a little light from the light outside because it was evening time) but it did'nt work. (Facepalm missed reality check) Charli told me we did'nt need lights, and that i sounded sexy anyway. (I blushed) And we countinued rapping.

      Final dream: Craig Ferguson In The Library.

      Im in a library, and spot Craig Ferguson sitting at a table talking with a bunch of different people. I also see a sheet of paper with a bunch of different names on them. I forgot what some of the names were, but noticed that it had things such as..

      "Leave your message for a friend here."

      Hmm, i started thinking about how did i end up here, and begin looking around. I become lucid, and ask Samina or Natalia to show up. A black lady in a leopard print outfit shows up and asks me did i know what was the easiest way of becoming lucid. I told her what was it, and she says..

      "Well thats quite simple my dear. You see, you have to keep your left hand in pocket rubbing your totem the entire time."

      (I realize that many of you think that im talking about my penis, but it is my sacred coin that she meant people lol) I tell her that i do that anyway, and that i was looking for Natalia and Samina. She mentions to me that Samina is in school, and Natalia is taking care of some business at the moment. I try and figure out what i want to do.. but feel the dream closing in on me and i wake up. =/

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    2. A night full of missed dream cues.

      by , 05-22-2012 at 12:16 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Im sure you got. Just read away...

      Dream#1 WTF!? Part 1.

      Im with my cousin K, and she tells me that im missing a nightlight for the store or something like that. We start trying to look for the nightlight and ended up getting lost in the woods. I remember her saying that the Goatman lives out here and that we better hurry up and get out of here.

      We ended up making it out of the woods and back to our familiar neighborhood.
      I walk into the store and there is a guard guarding the stores entrance. He ask for ID before i enter the store, i tell him im 27, and don't need any damn ID! And he gives me a look like i need to see it anyway. I tell him i forgot it, and could he check to see if the damn nightlight is on upstairs. He tells me its on and we leave the store.

      Final dream. WTF!? Part 2.

      Im still with my cousin K, and we are using our hands to shovel the snow while walking at the same time?

      It ends up becoming sunny, and we notice this hunter who was walking with a deer over his shoulder, and he was whistling. My cousin K says to me, well here you are i got to go drop off our uncle later. I tell her thanks for the ride, and i'll see her next week.

      I enter the house to find that there are a bunch of hawks sitting in the living room just chilling watching the discovery channel. I tell them dinner will be ready in a few mins and head to the kitchen and start cooking something.

      There is obviously not nothing to say here except...Damn, WTF!

      If anything i did not expect this because i certainly did'nt slack yesterday. Well, i did stay up pretty late and did not do as much subconscious training like should. Well, i am very dissapointed at myself...and i am certainly not going to be slacking tonight!

      The Dreamprofessor will be back onboard tonight ladies and gentlemen!.