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    Dream Trek

    Dreaming, the unseen frontier. These are the stories of the voyage Into Drei. My lifelong mission: to explore and create strange, new worlds -- To seek out new ideas which defy reality -- to boldly go where all minds have gone before.

    After an extended hiatus from Dreamviews, I have returned to pursue my ultimate goal of adventuring through dreams, and helping to expand human understanding of the mind in the dream state.

    Recurring Themes
    1. Car Accidents
    2. Meeting Star Trek Characters

    Star Trek Characters Met
    1. Cmdr. T'Pol
    2. Lt. Reid
    3. Cmdr. Tucker
    4. Cmdr. Riker
    5. Lt. Cmdr LaForge

    Dream Goals
    [ ] Enter Sleep Paralysis
    [X] Become aware that I was dreaming.
    [X] Fly
    [ ] Create a dream setting in a lucid dream
    [ ] Create a dream character in a lucid dream
    [ ] Work on the bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise

    Favorite Accomplishments in Dreams
    1. Met T'Pol from Star Trek (First Star Trek Character Met)
    2. Destroyed something that was chasing me.

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