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    Horse/MCycle Race

    by , 07-02-2012 at 11:20 PM (404 Views)
    I was in a large barn talking to some girl and the owner of the barn... The owner explained to me that my friend Matt was to buy a horse with his long saved up money.

    I was wondering which horse he was to buy, so the owner showed me. It was a huge, white horse, ripped with muscles and was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen... "How much is he paying for it?" I asked...

    "$50,000". DAAAYUM. That's a lot of money for a teenager to fork over for a horse. :O...

    So My friend came, bought the horse, and we were on our way to race it in the first horse race. I hopped on the back of the horse behind him. He was around 300 LBs, and I was around 250... How the hell are we gonna win the race with all this weight on the horse?
    Matt assured me that the horse was a demigod, and that no amount of weight could slow it down.

    We set off on the road and began to haul ass. It wasn't long before we weren't on horses, but on motorcycles instead. We ran redlights, swerved through traffic, and just overall caused a racket ...

    When we ran through a tunnel, I found myself getting flung off of the motorcycle, and landing on the ground. With dozens of bikes flying by me, I attempted to generate my own bike using dream powers, with some effect. I conjured up a dirt bike, but it was in the air, like they end up in Grand Theft Auto when you try to cheat at the wrong spot. http://puu.sh/Fohl
    Was this a sign that I was lucid? Perhaps... But I don't remember actually being lucid

    Matt told me to bring his bike back to the finish line, so I tried.. Sohard... I found myself in my bedroom, handling a pipe. Looking inside to see that there was only a little bit of weed left in it. "Fuck it..." I grabbed my lighter, when another person came in and said: "WAAIIIT!!!!" If you mess with that pipe, you'll ruin Matt's chances of winning the race... Then he turned around and began to smoke a doobie.
    "You don't tell me what to smoke in MY ROOM!" I said... "And then turn around and smoke in MY ROOM!?!?!?"

    RAAAGEEEEE -- Wake up

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