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    by , 06-24-2012 at 06:13 PM (313 Views)
    I was an undercover cop, a female undercover cop at that. I lived in a house on the side of the highway with some other folks, and my job was to follow people who I was told were trafficking drugs down that strip of highway. I rode a light blue streetbike for speed and maneuverability.

    I got a notification that some bikers were taking contraband though, and I sent off on my way... I hauled ass down the highway, but saw them going down the other side of the highway. I tried to turn around but there was a median in the highway, so I attempted to pick up my motorcycle and put it on the other side, when another motorcyclist slowed down and pulled over where I was.

    He was riding a motorcycle that was long, with two different seats. I know you can fit two people on most motorcycles, but this one had a full seat, IN FRONT of the original rider. He told me to "Hop On!"
    With superhuman strength, I lifted my motorcycle and put it on top of his motorcycle. He was like "Whoah, put it down what are you doin?!"

    So I put the bike back on the ground, and hopped on his bike. He took me back to a place a few doors down and introduced me to some female friends he had, saying that I was a "Girl he met"... We began walking to my house, when out of nowhere my mother and one of her friends is in front of us. My new friends began to talk about how good looking she was, and I was like "STFU THATS MY MOM"... And we got back to the house.

    I showed them my bicycle, and told them about it, and chatted with my mom and them about how I'm actually a cop... And that's basically the dream.

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