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    The Bathroom Search

    by , 04-19-2012 at 01:58 PM (339 Views)
    I was in a large house, not mine, but I needed to use the bathroom. The nearest one ended up being occupied. The adjacent room led to its bathroom as well, but it was occupied too. I went a short ways down the hall to the main dining area, there were DCs around the table, eating. This room actually had 2 doors leading to small bathrooms. I tried the first, it was occupied. Finally the second one was empty. I shut the door and I was alone in here. The whole bathroom was run down, dirty, and filled with junk. Its like this bathroom was abandoned years ago and no one wanted to take care of it. The other occupied bathrooms I peeked into were nice and clean, even though a DC told me to go away. Well the broken bathroom I was in had a strange metal urinal, with a broken toilet lid sitting inside it. There was also a toilet in a corner with urine all over it. I decided the urinal was my better bet, especially since it flushed when you turned the tap. Now some woman bangs on the door and yells something at me. She isn't going to stop talking, so I decide I'll just find a different bathroom instead. As I make my way back to the door, I notice I'm stepping on something. There are metal ball bearings sticking to the bottom of my feet, guess I'm barefoot? Also there is a sharp piece of metal stuck slightly in my left foot, causing some pain. I pull it out and brush off the ball bearings and the pain goes away.

    Now I go down the hallway to the end of the house. There is a patio here that connects more rooms of the house on the other side of the patio. In the patio area though, you got your garden & lawn equipment. I get a mower, intending to use it, but there are already 2 guys going around mowing the grass. One has a pushmower like me, the other one is on a riding mower. I figure by the time I get my mower started, they will be done cutting the grass. So instead I go into the house area on the other side of the patio, I could sense a bathroom in this area. In this one room I met an old guy who was supposed to be my grandpa. He ends up talking to me for awhile, and after I ask if there was a bathroom near, he says yes, but then locks me in the room with him and shuts the window. I guess I'm not supposed to use the bathroom, huh? He keeps talking to me and showing me these giant sized boxes that came with dvds and toys themed after the movie it came with. After that I wake up.

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