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    Hulking Out

    by , 05-13-2012 at 09:58 AM (552 Views)
    I was in a department store in a mall, although it was modified somehow into a type of factory. There were robotic machinery installed in a certain section of the mall. I know I was talking to a few of my DCs, though I forget the conversations. The guy I was currently talking to was showing me what they did to him. They had cut off half of his lower left leg and given him a metal cybernetic one instead. He didn't like it, and there was no reason to do this, his leg was healthy. I don't know if "they" were the machines, or someone who was operating the machines to do this to people. After he told me this, the eyeball machine spotted me, that I was normal yet without modification. It hovered directly over me looking down, and asked me what I wanted replaced. It had a sharp curved knife like attachment on its robotic arm to do the procedure. It was like, "we can cut off your arms, legs, or your nads. Choose which one." I'm thinking hell no, I choose none! I start getting really angry, and I turn into the Hulk!

    Of course you can imagine what happens next, "Hulk Smash!" I rip down the machine hanging from the ceiling and smash it. Then I start smashing a major portion of the department store, looking for more machines to destroy. My DCs are all cheering me on, because I am defying the machines and paying the machines back for what they did to my DCs. It was so cool to be the Hulk, and I'm roaring alot while enraged, trying to find the evil machines. I'm not sure exactly, but I think one of my DCs also turns into a hulk as well, and we team up to do battle against the machines. As we get closer to the main factory area, "they" send forth their mutants as well. Their mutants are all green monsters too, but not Hulks. The biggest mutant was shaped like a giant egg, with a mouth stretching almost the whole width of its body, sharp teeth, and had many tentacles for arms. The mutants rushed us. I grabed each one as it approached, and threw each mutant back at Mr mouth as ammo. All it did was open its mouth and swallowed each mutant I threw at it. I think it ate 10 mutants this way, that was all of them. It grew bigger, trying to hold all them in its stomach. I got closer to the mouth mutant and grabbed many of its tentacles while struggling with it. It resisted long enough to get close to me and swallowed me too, well mostly. I went to 3rd person view and seen my hulk hands still reaching out from inside the creature grasping its jaws.

    I must have became my normal self again, standing in front of the creature. I wanted to help my Hulk that was still trapped inside the creature, and struggling against it from the inside now. I don't think the creature had "room" to swallow me, because it didn't try. As I contemplated the creature, I learned something profound about its stomach, that it wasn't what it seemed to be. The other hulk was still circling the creature, I guess it was trying to figure out how to attack the creature without being eaten as well. My dream was about to end but I remember starting to force its jaws open with my hands in order to release my hulk again. Then I awoke.
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