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    #166: Table / Home / Ex and bags / Modelling

    by , 06-27-2016 at 01:39 AM (436 Views)
    Bed: 23.00
    Wake up: 07.00
    Now: 07.20

    I'm in a house. There's a long, rectangular table, with I guess about 10 people sitting at it. There's my best friend, with her brother and father. There's Tina. And then some others I'm not sure about. At one point I make a comment to my best friend about people not sitting in their seats or something. She tells her dad and brother, who immediately go back to their seats. I ask her if she realises that I was joking. Next thing I'm suddenly online with whatever device, sending a message to her dad who is in America. I make a joke about not wanting my friend to be pushed off the sidewalk. He doesn't get it. The profile picture he uses is off a Repsol bike.

    I'm back in the Netherlands for just two weeks. I've ridden a bus to some station. My mom's boyfriend is there. We talk very briefly and then I walk away with.. my mom? And grandma? We walk in the direction of a big building, of which I'm not sure what it is. It's a new building, because I've never seen it before. It looks very old though. It's impressive.

    Ex and bags
    I'm with my first ex girlfriend. It's as if we're still together. We're in bed together I guess. I'm working on getting her horny, with success. She is on her period though. She shows this by using some weird.. I don't know what it is. A rectangular pill box for her birth control. The thing becomes red if she's on her period. Dirty, glowing, bloody red. There seems to be actual liquid inside. She's hoping that we'll still have sex. Nope! I on the other hand am hoping that at least I'll get lucky somehow. Nope again.

    I'm in the back of a car with her. We're driving in Amsterdam. There's a blanket partially covering us and she makes use of it to reach down to my crotch. She's not very proficient at being sneaky. Luckily there is no driver and the rearview mirror has not been adjusted for the person in the passenger seat to see what's going on. The car is driving a bit though. Eventually I need to get out. I take my bag with me. Then the car starts to drive off. My mom's doing. I get very annoyed as there is still a bag or 2 in the trunk which I want to take with me. Eventually I get the opportunity for this. There's my big backpack and then there's another one. I consider for a moment which bag I'll really need. I'm gonna see my mom soon, right?

    I'm seeing a WhatsApp conversation on my friend Fi's phone. She's talking to D, the guy who has hired me to model for him. He's annoyed because he thinks I only look internet pretty and not real life pretty, as if my online photo's have been photoshopped. I consider for a moment that it doesn't matter at all, as he'll likely photoshop my pictures anyway.

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