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    #171: Fragments

    by , 07-05-2016 at 02:16 AM (344 Views)
    Bed: 23.00
    Wake up: 07.45
    Now: 08.00

    I'm sitting on the couch in my mom's living room together with my little brother. I'm looking out the window. There's a party going on on the other side. The building is missing a wall, allowing me to look inside. There are just a few people, all teenagers. I'd say about 8 girls and 2 guys. I can't hear any of the music, making the dancing seem all the more weird. Adding to that is that the people are dancing in different rhythms. Is this a silent disco? I tell my little brother to have a look.

    I remember seeing a list of anime's. Three of them are different variations of Naruto. There's the original, Shippuden and then some other. Naruto is slightly older in every one of them. There's also something going on at one point, where I can select a character from the anime. I choose Shikamaru. There's something going on with a needle passing the screen and my finger. It's sowing into my finger. I can feel the pain of it a bit.

    I'm looking at FB on my laptop. The timer of stayfocusd seems to have run out, yet I'm still able to keep spending time on FB. Perhaps the timer won't allow me to reload?

    I'm in Indonesia, looking for a toilet. At some point I finally find one, though it's weird looking. I decide to pee anyway. Some people enter the hallway and with the door and walls being quite shady in this situation, I'm afraid of being spotted. Eventually a slightly older woman wearing a hijab and glasses comes in. She informs me that this is not a toilet, but a wasbak [sink]. Damn. A few seconds later, two women/girls exit from two white doors behind me, which seem like the actual toilets.

    I've just finished doing... something. Work perhaps. I've already gotten mostly dressed, but I hop into another big dressing room. A girl joins me in there. She leaves shortly after. I'm pretty much all done getting dressed. All that's left is for me to put on my black vest and my backpack and leave. I do this as slowly as possible, hoping that the girl will come back before I leave. She does come back just before I exit. A few moments later an English teacher from my high school is also there. She's asking what the plan is. The room has turned into a hotel bedroom with 2 separate beds. She's asking in a way that tells me she doesn't want me here. I tell her I wasn't planning on staying. I'm actually from this city, so I have a place to sleep. In my mind I curse this woman [who I already hated anyway].

    I'm meeting up with a friend on my way out. He invites me to join him and my other friends to [something] Monologues, or something. It's a play at [...] TTT. I'm trying really hard to resist, as I have a thesis to finish. In the end I give in, thinking to myself that I should allow myself to have some fun as well. I buy a ticket online for 27,- In the end my friend informs me that he won't be going anymore. Fuck.

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