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    #213: Live hash

    by , 10-16-2016 at 12:57 AM (300 Views)
    I'm in Bali, participating in a Hash run. I'm the hare, meaning that I'm setting the run. I don't remember much from this part of the dream. After that, I'm together with a group of people. We're just chilling and talking. Then it's time for the hash to start. At first I join the hounds in running the track. I stay in 2nd or 3rd position, as I have set the track and don't want to give away the directions. After running for just a little bit, I realise that I'm not supposed to run at all. A bit further down the dream, I realise that the run I set was incomplete. There was a great start with beautiful scenery, but that was it. I go down there to explain to the hounds that I got distracted by chilling with them. We decide to turn it into a live hash. I grab a bottle of water and a white bag with papers to set the trail.

    At first a 30 minute head start sounds good, but that's not how much I'm getting. We're in some kind of gym. I'm going to be the hare along with a girl, who is later (Super) Mario. We first have to score a goal in a football match that's going on, before we can continue down to the door opening in the back, which is completely dark. The hashers first have to swim a section, then jump over some obstacle and eventually they will catch up to us. I instruct them to only start once we've scored the goal, but they start too early a couple of times. I warn them that if another person starts too early, they all do an extra lap of swimming. They all start too early again. They do their lap. Meanwhile my partner scores the goal, shooting the ball softly (kinda lame) at the goal. It inches by the keeper, who doesn't move. We run for the dark door opening and enter another room. I want to take a door to the right, but my partner wants to go straight to the emergency exit. I had already dropped some paper, so I have to kinda reshuffle that. We exit and turn right. There are vertical steel handle bars on the walls, allowing one to climb onto the roof. At least that's what Mario is trying to do, but he can't get up. I jump over him and make it up there, no problem, in the mean time dropping some paper. There's a male police officer on the roof, who is not too happy with my presence. I panic a bit and go up another level. I think at this point I get caught, or the excitement of it all wakes me up.

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    Tags: hash, indonesia