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    by , 10-05-2015 at 08:59 AM (384 Views)
    I didn't sleep too well last night. I went to bed around 00:15 because I really wanted to finish the book I was reading and woke up somewhere between 06:00 and 07:00. I told myself I shouldn't get up to pee, because everytime I do I have trouble falling asleep again... which is exactly what happened after I got up to pee. I did eventually sleep another hour or 2.

    Dream 1
    I'm at the airport, about to head back to the Netherlands from Indonesia. Me, my girlfriend (who lives in Indonesia) and some others are standing at the top of one of those ladders which is mounted on a car. I look down and see some luggage, including my 2 items. Glad to see that they're actually going into the plane. I feel sad. I didn't expect that saying bye would be this hard.

    Dream 2 This dream was about Game of Thrones. Don't think there's much spoilerish stuff about it, but just in case.
    Spoiler for .:

    Dream 3
    Again like watching television. There are two rows of brown, sober desks, standing behind one another. Each desk has enough room for maybe 4 people. It's a sort of council. The image that pops up is Sam (from GoT) wearing a brown monk's robe. One man is standing in front of the desks. There is to be a vote on several matters, but the men behind the desks refuse to vote. One of them stating that he'd vote in favour of what the guy in front of the desks is saying, but that they swore not to vote. These two desks are called the Low Chamber. The view then changes and I see at least 2 more rows of desk (though I think there were more) behind the first 2. They are elevated and called the High Chamber. Here too men are refusing to carry out their duties. To the left of the desks are two big whiteboard: one for the HC, one for the LC. The man writes something on the HC one, a shitty task to be executed by the man who stated that the HC refused to cooperate, as a form of punishment.

    Dream 4
    I'm sitting on a bus, laptop on my lap. I get an incoming message from my cousin who lives in another country, though the interface doesn't resemble anything I use in real life (such as FB). She tells me that it's an emergency and asks me where the key to the house is. First I think something happened to the youngest of her children, but she tells me that her child is fine. She tells me there is a fire inside the house and that she needs to get in. I try to type, but I can't hit the right keys due to all the bouncing of the bus. Which house is she talking about? Her house? No clue where the spare key is. My mom's house? There is no spare key!

    Dream 5
    There are two short and small brickstone walls. About 1 meter high, 2 meters in width. Behind them is another 'wall' that's only a few centimeters of the ground. They're lined up behind one another, perhaps a meter in between. There's also a streetlight just a few centimeters away from one of the walls. This is a perfect spot to practice some parkour. I hold on the pole of the streetlight and swing around, landing on one of the walls. I carefully and slowly jump around a bit, landing on my right leg, as I'm aware that my left leg is injured.* At one point I stand on only my right leg and am slowly coming up from a sort of low limbo position. It is at this point that I'm defying gravity.

    I think there's a chance I might've become lucid here if the dream had not ended.

    * Remember that knee surgery I talked about?

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