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    by , 10-04-2015 at 09:06 AM (400 Views)
    I think I went to bed around 00:30, but it took me a while to get to sleep due to noise coming from my housemates. I just (09:40) crept out of bed, but I've been awake for atleast an hour.

    Dream fragments
    - Someone is cooking something in a pan. It is done very professionally. I recall it being a man and Jamie Oliver comes to mind, though I'm not sure it was him. The contents of the pan have a dark colour.

    - I'm standing maybe 1,5 meter behind Snoop Dogg. He's got really long dreads. Some are fairly regular sized in thickness, but some of them are extremely thick.
    Sidenote: In real life I have dreads too.

    - Something happened that involved a train. I have no recall on it whatsoever, but the feeling of having dreamt about a train is just present.

    Dream 1
    - I'm walking on a field. To my right is Kendrick Lamar, rapping while slowly walking towards a party tent. How awesome is that, being so near Kendrick?! He has a dark hoodie on, similar to what I often wear and it looks awesome. Seeing him look awesome in that makes me feel great because probably I look awesome in it too. I speed ahead a little bit and arrive in the tent just before him. Once I'm in the tent I turn around and see that he's not there yet. He's also stopped rapping and out of nowhere I can now hear a different song.

    Dream 2
    I'm standing in my aunt's kitchen with her, my grandma and my grandma's friend. There's a pan with something in it cooking. Despite it not being placed that high, my aunt has to stand on her toes to look into the pan. This makes no sense given her height. My aunt is being a little bit bold to my grandma and I comment on it laughingly. Evidently my aunt doesn't like it, because she walks out of the kitchen. As soon as she's gone, I immediate how she had hung over the pan while standing on her toes.

    Dream 3
    It's during the day and I'm walking outside, near a grassfield or a trackfield. Something that has drawn some people into doing outdoor activities. There's a family consisting atleast out of a father and a teenage boy (and I think one more teenage boy, but not certain anymore) who are playing football (I refuse to say soccer ) Somewhere before walking near that field I talked to 2 girls, though I don't recall what. I think it was slightly flirtatious. Later I see another girl jogging. I myself do a slight jog for several seconds before being quite tired already.

    Though in a totally different setting, it feels like it is still one dream. I'm in a room that reminds me of a classroom in my high school.* I'm complaining about the shitty weather, because it's raining heavily. Someone comments that it's just 5 minutes. Yeah.. 5 minutes of really heavy rain, but it's been raining all day, making it a shitty day. Two of my female friends who don't know each other (Sel & Floor) come across each other near the door. They are encouraged a bit and it's decided they'll do a dance battle. The others and I set up to sit in a circle around the battle area. Floor is sitting in a chair and I ask her if I can sit there, since she's gonna battle anyway. She gets up and I sit down. It's a comfy chair, not the bare type you'd expect in a classroom. I'm totally soaked from the rain and now the chair is wet as well. A bit to the front and to the right is a red-brownish couch like I have in my room in real life. Some friends are sitting on it. One of them, Li is complaining that he wants another spot. He puts himself in a weird/uncomfortable position with 1 leg stretched straight into the air. Someone mentions how that's not good for the knee.^ Another friend, Sander, comes up from behind and sits on the right armrest of my chair.

    I'm on the other side of the room now. The second contestant to the battle is late. He starts his turn by doing precisions, but going too fast one after another and messes up. He does do some awesome stuff. At one point he does 5 backflip variations in a row. Stupid.. that takes way too much energy for too little points.

    Still standing in the same spot, there's a thick red gymnastics mattress in the middle of the room. In quick succession, freerunners start busting out flips. They barely give each other time to get out of the way. One of my freerunning friends, Lucas, is too slow and gets pushed out of the way. It becomes faster and faster. Amazing that this spontaneous, uncoordinated thing is going so well. In the end, everyone is neatly lined up.

    *About 5 years since I last was there.
    ^I had knee surgery a few months ago and I probably shouldn't be doing what my friend was doing.
    I watched a part of Red Bull's Art of Motion freerunning competition yesterday.

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