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    #54: Scaly knee

    by , 12-11-2015 at 09:50 AM (388 Views)
    I went to bed around 00:30 I believe. I woke up around.. 7? I stayed awake for at least an hour, did some reading in bed and eventually went back to sleep.

    I'm somewhere in an urban area during daytime. I see my bicycle which was stolen 2 weeks ago. The wheels have been altered significantly, as well as the fenders, but I can still clearly tell it's my bike. Both the front and rear wheel have a chain lock on them. Near the back I can still see my green chain lock. This pisses me off. There are two people about. I wait for the thief so I can confront him.

    The bicycle that got stolen in reality and the bicycle I saw in this dream are entirely different. I saw the bicycle that is still safely in my possession.

    Scaly knee
    This dream was quite dimly lighted. I'm walking around in an indoor swimming pool. I'm walking from one area to another. There's a girl standing at the edge of the pool, facing the pool and with her back to me. I tap her for a moment because I know her. It's Ewa. She turns around. Then I continue walking. My friend Sander is walking in the opposite direction and he tells me that he just took a break from a game that was being played in the other room and that I should take his place. It was a 3 vs. 3 game, rugby perhaps. I open the glass door to another area and enter it. I hold on to the side of the door for a long time, nearly getting my fingers stuck in between the door and the frame. There are just a few people in this area, though I don't remember who they were. One of them might have been a high school classmate. There are some big inflatables in the water. I walk along the edge of the water and stop for some reason and look at my right knee. I had a series of pimples or wounds there that are healing. I have a series of scabs that covers my whole knee. The strangest thing about them is that they look like they are made out of hard plastic. A boy asks me about them, but I don't think I pay any attention to him.

    I feel like I'm at the bottom of the pool.
    My knee has made me realise that I'm dreaming. I consider again whether I should summon my friend Alexandra. I decide against it. It's better to first stabilise this dream. I slowly push the fingers of my left hand through the palm of my right hand. I truly believe it's possible and they go through easily. The sensation is unbelievable and indescribable. The idea that something moving through my hand should hurt me makes it feel slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time it's exhilarating. I feel this strange sensation not only in my hands, but also in my arms. I realise that there is practically no dream scene, as I'm supposedly at the bottom of a body of water, where little light reaches, though I didn't have any other indication that I was under water. I shout out 'stabilise!' (in English), but the sound is muffled and it sounds more like I whispered. I feel like it worked for just a second and would've worked better if the water hadn't messed up my command. At some point I realise that my eyes are closed. I'm afraid to open them, as I'm afraid that I will open my real eyes. I open them anyway and I remain in the dream. Next I notice that I've raised my arms. It feels very heavy to move them, as if I'm trying to raise them after an intense workout. I'm slightly concerned that I might be moving around in my bed and that I may have shouted in reality. In the end I may have softly heard an alarm beginning to go off, though I'm not certain about that.

    The description of the lucid part is very long, but the lucid itself was less than a minute I'd say. Still, I am quite content with the fact that I had the sense of mind to attempt to stabilise the dream before doing anything else

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