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    #81: Just hanging around

    by , 01-31-2016 at 11:20 PM (392 Views)
    Just hanging around
    I'm standing/hanging wrapped up in a hammock/sleeping bag which is standing up right. I'm in front of the door to the balcony at my grandma's house, with my back to the door. The hammock/sleeping bag serves to keep the cold away, as the door is damaged. The upper right corner is bend outwards, as if someone pushed with a lot of force at that spot only. Somehow I've seen that corner of the door, though I'm facing away from it. My phone is placed on a flat platform to my left. I've got an incoming message. I ask my cousin to rotate my phone so that I can read the message. It's easier for her to do so than for me to get my arm out of the sleeping bag.

    My friend Janet has sent a message on whatsapp to a group which we're both a part of. I ask her what she's doing and she tells me that she's studying. She mentions that a mutual friend of ours is a complicated guy. Dave, also in the group conversation, responds to that, though I don't remember what his reply was.

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