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    Deciphering my messy handwriting once more (Spring competition day 2)

    by , 03-04-2023 at 05:28 AM (210 Views)
    I have pretty neat handwriting during the day. But at night, when I wake up and record a dream -- a lot of the times I'm writing at an angle, too tired to get out of bed and write properly. Plus, I don't want to wake myself up too much.

    My dreams were as follows:

    - I was in a car trying to avoid a bunch of gang shootouts. Some couple built their own helicopter so they could fly away and escape to the wilderness until the violence died down.
    - Someone asked me if I was doing a certain (illegible???). There was a swimming pool and a track wherever I was at.
    - My dad was taking the family to Disney for a day before flying back home. But it was so crowded that we were debating whether or not to go.
    - I trapped a murder hornet (why did I look at pictures of those horrifying things before bed) in my bathtub.
    - Music album with an anime girl on it (that's all I remember)
    - Ripped and shirtless (don't ask what context this was, I have no idea, but I have been trying to exercise more and it's probably influencing my dreams)
    - Lavender haze was playing in the background of one of my dreams
    - I was on some list of gang members but instead of my name, it was the name of the Alexa skill that I coded a while back (IRL). I think I am listening to too much gangster rap. It's just good workout music lol.

    Then I had a 20-minute nap during lunch break and attempted some of the astral projection/WILD with my noise-canceling AirPods Pro in:

    I kept slipping from mildly sleep-paralyzed WILD and hypnic jerks into random NLDs, which I don't remember much of, and then back again. Other times, I would slip lightly into lucidity. I dreamt that my hands were lifting into the air, and I dreamt that I saw the faint outline of a dude floating above me (not scary at all). I dreamt that I was checking my phone. Counting these all as 1 fragment.

    And then I finally had one extremely brief lucid after a quick wakeup from an NLD, while carefully maintaining my sleep paralyzed state. I was walking outside my apartment complex. It was daytime, but pretty cloudy (just like it was in the waking world today). Some people were walking around. I realized I was dreaming and started to stabilize it and get ready to try my summoning task, but I woke up instead. Which was probably good because I had a work meeting in 15 minutes.

    Fragments: 8. Most of these I only remember a few details of, so they're fragments. (4 points)
    Full non-lucid: 1. (I'm counting the Disney one as I remember a storyline) (1 point)
    WILD: 1. (10 points)

    Total: 15 points

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    1. WanderingGhost's Avatar
      Congrats on the brief lucid. I also attempted to WILD during an after work nap yesterday but I just ended up falling asleep regularly. I didn't even end up remembering any of my dreams from it!
      Eveningsky likes this.
    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Thanks @WanderingGhost! I tried WILD again today, but with less success. I had caffeine today (120mg) and I didn't have any on Friday. I wonder if that was a factor. I'm going to keep experimenting. I wish you luck in your endeavors over the days to come