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    task of the year

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    1. MRI, and the big man upstairs.

      by , 12-20-2014 at 06:09 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I had two very intense, albeit short dreams last night...

      Dream 1. For a brief IRL context...I got an MRI yesterday, IRL, for my injured knee. The sports medicine doctor I saw thinks I tore my meniscus. In the dream, the guy who did the MRI was telling me I moved too much during it, and I would have to redo the entire thing. If you haven't had an MRI, they are NOT fun. You can't move at all for about 20 minutes straight, and it's extremely uncomfortable.

      Anyway, the doctor had a screen with the outline of my body on it, and there was some yellow marking around my chest area (I think). He told me that was where I had moved too much, and I was like...nooooo D:

      Dream 2. So this one was religious, heh. And quite unlike any dream I've ever had before. I mean, I go to church and all, and I enjoy it, but I don't usually have religion based dreams. I had this dream that...Christ came back to the earth and was judging everyone. O_o I was standing with my dad and my tulpa, and a few other family members and friends, and some other people I didn't know. We ran with him as a group and then stopped and stood. There were probably 14-20 of us.

      He asked us if we obeyed all these commandments, and I remember everyone said "YES!" because I guess we were all really righteous people, or something. xD And I was partially nervous, partially excited that my life was over and I was going to go to HEAVEN and all those good things. Then I woke up, and was incredibly disappointed, because I've got to, well, wake up and live normal life and things. xP It's all good.

      IRL, next semester's gonna be rough....If I get into all the classes I need and the job I want, it may not leave much time for sleeping. :/ But I'll do my best. It'd be nice to at least get 7 hours of sleep a night. I'd also like to post around these forums more, but I guess that all depends on time. I'm swamped, but I'm sure I could get on at least once a week or so.

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