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    1. THE DUCKS (Spring competition night 14)

      by , 03-16-2023 at 03:46 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Only 2 dream fragments last night.

      - I was playing a weird video game with ducks, school, marshmallows, AND trash. The whole package. Maybe this is due to my playing of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator IRL, but idk where the trash came from lol.
      - For some reason I asked out a woman that I know, who is definitely married IRL, and who I am definitely not interested in IRL, due to her being married. Weird stuff.

      2 fragments = 1 point

      Competition total: 97 + 1 = 98 points
    2. Dropping my laundry into the grand canyon (spring competition night 13)

      by , 03-15-2023 at 03:36 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Dang the time has flown by. Anyway.

      - Dream that I was writing in my dream journal. I NEED to do reality checks every time I write in that thing to check for false awakenings. -_- (0.5 points)
      - I was in my paracosm, but it got weird. There was a contraption hanging off of a cliff at the edge of "the Grand Canyon" (but upon waking, it was definitely not the grand canyon), used to transport laundry...For some reason. And I accidentally dropped some laundry using the contraption, all the way at the bottom of the canyon. D: I was mad at my dad especially because there were ants all over our stuff (probably due to outdoor laundry), and then (sorry this is SO, SO gross) I had ticks crawling and laying eggs on my foot (I felt this sensation still as I woke up, but there was nothing there). I had to smash them. Like man, my brain knows I hate insects and it does this to me anyway. .______. (1 point)

      1 fragment = 0.5 points
      1 full NLD = 1 point
      Competition total: 95.5 + 1.5 = 97 points
    3. Why tf do I keep dreaming about hornets? (Competition nights 11-12)

      by , 03-14-2023 at 03:52 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Night 11:

      - I was back in high school track. I was discussing my race times with 2 of my HS friends. We were heading to either a workout or a race on the track, and we were talking about how we wanted to get faster. We were a bit worried that our goals were unrealistic (I think we were talking about trying to go to the Olympics or something) but were determined to give it our best effort anyway. (Full non-lucid = 1 point)
      - I went to some sort of music festival. (Fragment = 0.5 pt)
      - I was cooking, and some dude put a giant hornet in my whipped cream. It escaped. D: WHY is it always hornets? (Non-lucid: 1 point)
      - WBTB lucid dream where I was at this very nice park. But I started to lose it very quickly (and couldn't remember any of my tasks). When I woke up, I tried to do DEILD into an OBE, and I successfully stayed sleep paralyzed. I also did successfully have a few seconds of an OBE in which I walked on top of the desk next to my bed, but then I lost it, and the imagery was so faint that it was almost daydream-like. (WBTB: 2 points, dream chaining: 2 points)
      - A dream fragment about the company I interned with last summer. (Fragment: 0.5 pt)
      - I had a dream that I got a text asking to man the cameras for a YouTube feed at church, including on a Saturday night event, which was weird because I knew Saturday night was over and it was Sunday morning (considering that I thought I was awake, and had a very real-life context this time). (Non-lucid: 1 point)

      Night 12:

      - Dream fragment. I was exiting a grocery store on a sunny winter day. (0.5 pt)
      - I attempted a DEILD into an OBE again, and I failed. My earplug had fallen out and I was getting distracted by late-night/early morning traffic noise, so I eventually had to snap myself out of the sleep paralysis vibration sensations and put the earplug back in.

      Nap after night 12:

      - I did not get enough sleep last night and I felt like crap with a headache all day due to the springing forward. BUT! I did have one cool experience as a result of it...It just didn't last very long. I'm getting better at LDing often, but not at preventing wakeups.

      Basically, I was exhausted and falling asleep against my will at work, and I work from home, so I gave in and took a nap. I really like the whole OBE sensation so I tried it once more. I did WILD and stayed lucid as my body fell asleep. I got intense falling sensations, occasional feelings like my arms were floating above my body, and an intense sensation of being pulled forward. I then tried to start controlling dream imagery, and did see a few faint flashes of trees or something green -- But then I opened my eyes and saw my room. I was on too much caffeine today, so that created some interesting sensations. Well, it was only 120mg and early in the morning, idk. (I think this counts as a WILD so 10 pts, but let me know if I should drop it and I can! )

      Nights 11-12

      3 non-lucids: 3 points
      3 fragments: 1.5 points
      WBTB: 2 points
      Dream chain: 2 points
      WILD (this only lasted for a tiny bit and it was mostly physical sensations, see blog, so lmk if I should refrain from counting it): 10 points

      Total: 1 + 0.5 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0.5 + 1 + 0.5 + 10 = 18.5

      Competition running total: 77 + 18.5 = 95.5 points

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    4. Back in business? :D (Spring competition nights 9 and 10)

      by , 03-12-2023 at 07:02 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      OK, I have been experiencing something of a resurgence. I think setting a strong intention to have a lucid dream is helping. If I am successful many days in a row, I start taking it for granted, and stop intending. Maybe. I'm still trying to figure out the pattern. That would also explain, though, why I was able to complete the character summoning task last night. I just thought, "it's my brain, I have control over it" and just like that, it worked.

      Night 9, the night of repeated nightmare NLDs:

      - I had this weird hypnagogic imagery dream where my friend kept turning into a carnivorous plant made out of eyes, AND biting my eye. Rude. It weirded me out and kept continuing, so I woke up fully and wrote it down to try and make my brain dream elsewhere. (Counting this as full since it felt very long, 1 point)
      - I wrote a song about "my major"...in college/grad school? Idk. I wrote a song about my major, whatever that means. I had intense jaw pain in this dream too (this was probably real as well -- I have bruxism). (0.5 points)
      - Dream that my brother was threatening to shoot me, which he would never do IRL. Quite a horrid nightmare actually. :c (0.5 points)
      - I had a stalker in some endless bathroom world. I have these weird bathroom dreams a lot and have to pee when I wake up. (0.5 points)
      - MORE FREAKING EYEBALLS. There was a giant eyeball watching me. I told some girl about it and I think she freaked out. (0.5 points)
      - I dreamed that some guy killed someone and then panicked due to the guilt. (0.5 points)

      ...IDK what I ate before bed to have nothing but 6 straight nightmares in one night. Actually, I think it was pizza. Wtf man. Speaking of which, it's like 10:45 PM, I should be asleep, and I kind of want a bit of ice cream................ am I going to get round two of this?

      Total = 3.5 points

      Night 10, much better:

      - Dream fragment about a selfie stick (0.5 points)
      - Dream fragment about free art courses offered online (0.5 points)
      - FINALLY A LUCID / DILD! I was with my friend and we summoned my target fictional character, and we were all walking up the stairs to a water slide! As for my character, he appeared in my peripheral vision and then in front of me almost instantly, which is interesting because I've struggled with summoning in the past. I then tried to ground myself in the dream, and it did become somewhat more vivid. I tried to go up the stairs more to ride down the water slide, because why not? Unfortunately, I then lost lucidity. (10 for DILD, + 1 for grounding, + 2 for interacting with DC, my friend, +5 for my first task, summoning a fictional character = 18 points)
      - The dream morphed into something about a spooky dinosaur ride, based off of a dinosaur that was never real. But the woman operating it wanted it to be. In the same dream, I was with my cousin in a shop kind of like Costco, and there was free merchandise available there. We were riding on scooters, trying to get on the dinosaur ride, but we were about to miss the next train/car. An old lady got mad at me for letting my cousin ride on her scooter in front of me, because this was apparently rude or improper. (1 point)

      Total = 20 points

      Competition total = 23.5 + 53.5 = 77


      Back on track!

      Night 9

      - 5 dream fragments (2.5 points)
      - 1 full non-lucid dream (1 point)

      Night 10

      - 2 dream fragments (1 point)
      - 1 full non-lucid (1 point)
      - 1 DILD (10 points)
      - Grounding (1 point)
      - Interacting with DC (2 points)
      - Completing my first task, summoning a fictional character from a game (5 points)

      Competition total = 23.5 + 53.5 = 77
    5. This was so wimpy (spring competition night 8)

      by , 03-10-2023 at 04:37 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I only remembered one fragment. In it, my brother suggested that we both hang out with a friend of his (who I haven't met IRL). That's it. So mundane. Dx

      1 fragment = 0.5 points

      Total = 53 + 0.5 = 53.5

      I'm going to be getting better sleep starting now! The results will be fantastic, I can feel it
    6. Insufficient recall (spring competition night 7)

      by , 03-09-2023 at 04:53 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I think I've figured out why my dry spell is occurring. I've had to adapt my schedule a bit so I actually get novel writing done (in addition to working full-time, exercising, doing art, working on my master's thesis, and having a little bit of time to relax after work, aargh...) and that's all dandy BUT I keep getting to bed too late. I might have to switch things around and do the writing block earlier so I can have a better meditation session and then sleep more. Because the LDs are not happening. D:


      - I used a sketchbook to draw bananas. (Fragment = 0.5 pts)
      - I realized something wasn't the most efficient. (I can't remember what though?) I was lost in some indoor labyrinth and kept getting turned around. At one point I thought I got out but ended up in a really sketchy neighborhood filled with people who looked like they wanted to hurt me. (Full NLD = 1 point)
      - I bought rainbow parts at some store because everyone in the group said we should buy in Texas or whatever we were. (???? I have no idea what this means xD) (Fragment = 0.5 pts)
      - One kid said that he thought we were annoying (Fragment = 0.5 pts)
      - I was arguing with my brother over which bed we got at some hotel. I have no idea why I was so ticked but I was. (Fragment = 0.5 pts)

      Total: 4 fragments = 2 points. 1 NLD = 1 point. So 3 points.

      Competition total: 50 + 3 = 53 points

      Tonight will be better! Just got to get ready for bed fast and have a nice, smooth meditation session.
    7. Dreams mirror reality, now if only it was the other way around. (Spring competition night 6)

      by , 03-08-2023 at 04:44 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      1. I was with another fan of this visual novel that I play. We were taking a walk and they were out of shape. We talked about the game and we both loved the same character. (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      2. Something illegible plus the word "coworkers" and "club"
      3. I had a dream that I was afraid my alarm was going to go off. (It didn't) (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      4. A dream that my car died. This happened IRL on Monday right in the middle of the road, and I'm still rather shaken from it (car is currently at the mechanic), so I guess that was my brain trying to process it. (Fragment = 0.5 points)

      I will not count the illegible one.

      Night 6. My results are not as they were at the beginning of the competition. Here's to hoping I can get back on track tonight!

      - 3 fragments = 1.5 points

      Running Total = 48.5 + 1.5 = 50 points
    8. Need to sleep more than 6.5 hours. (competition night 5)

      by , 03-07-2023 at 04:42 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I stayed up too late because Sundays are too full of tasks. It is very difficult to get to bed on time, and I was so determined to get to the gym. Anyway. I can't read most of my notes from last night.

      - I had a dream that someone had tattoos. (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      - A dream that I was writing in my dream journal, but did not become lucid. (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      - Dream that some couple on Reddit got their account suspended. (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      - "Hot spring was garbage". I do not remember the details of this. (Fragment = 0.5 points)
      - I was driving with someone through a forest. I had trouble driving up an EXTREMELY steep cliff with a car I was driving -- we almost crashed and flipped over. It was so steep that it was basically vertical, like cartoonishly, but that's where the road went. I was freaking out. (Full non-lucid = 1 point)

      4 fragments = 2 points
      1 full non-lucid = 1 point
      Total = 3 points
      Competition running total = 45.5 + 3 = 48.5 points.
    9. Fantasies and such (Spring competition night 4)

      by , 03-06-2023 at 05:47 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      - Dream #1: Someone asked a group of tulpas (sentient imaginary companions) and hosts what it was like to be together. We were at an apartment complex underneath the stars. (Fragment for 0.5 points)
      - Dream #2: I had a lucid astral projection experience which was induced with DEILD (I think from dream #3 below actually, sorry they're out of order). I felt myself floating out of my body slightly. I lifted my arms up into the air, seeing them rise above me. I heard a bunch of people talking all around me. I tried to launch into the air. For some reason, I fell back into my body instead, and just felt vibrations all over in mild sleep paralysis before waking up and having to pee lol. Need to practice better dream control and stabilizing. (DEILD for 10 points)
      - Dream #3: This one got NSFW. The clean parts: I was in a classroom. There was an anthropomorphic wolf that looked somewhat similar to Death/Lobo from Puss in Boots 2. He asked me where my parking validation was. He was then yelling at me for daring to be at a magical school when I have bipolar disorder (I have not been diagnosed with this IRL) and the ability to traverse between different worlds. I had more consciousness in this dream than usual, enough to really think about what was going on -- but not enough to become lucid. It got weirdly NSFW after that, and I wrote it down in my paper journal but we're not going to discuss that here. I'm not even sure wtf my brain was doing with this one. (Full non-lucid for 1 point)
      - Dream #4: I had a dream that I was writing in my dream journal! I love these because I am very likely to get lucid when they happen. That said, this time it didn't. (Fragment for 0.5 points)
      - Dream #5: I had a dream in which Taylor Swift was walking around. (Fragment for 0.5 points)
      - Dream #6: I was with all these crip dudes wearing blue and I was also wearing mostly blue for some reason. I think a sky blue football jersey? Again...I have been listening to too much gangster rap at the gym. (Fragment for 0.5 points)

      - 4 fragments = 2 points
      - 1 full non-lucid = 1 point
      - 1 DEILD = 10 points
      Total: 13 points

      Competition total: 32.5 (due to interacting with DC the previous night, thanks Saizaphod!) + 13 = 45.5
    10. I was going to go to bed, but I forgot to write this, so... (Spring competition day 3)

      by , 03-05-2023 at 07:13 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I have to get up annoyingly early on Sundays possibly for the rest of the year, which really sucks...I don't get any sleep-in days at all right now. It really screws up my LDs. Sat night / Sun morning are supposed to be the best days for me.

      The world probably won't end if I'm late tomorrow though so I might just sleep in anyway, since it's not urgent or work related or anything. I had some really cool experiences last summer with dream chaining sleeping upwards of 9 hours a night on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings...really want to try chaining again, even if it's just 8.5 hours of sleep.

      - I had a dream that I was playing Wordle. I do this every morning IRL lol. (0.5 points)
      - My friend, my brother, and I were all going through this ride/maze thing. My friend went through. Then, my brother talked to me and said that the "moon rooms" were designed to look very desolate. We walked into these "moon rooms" and their walls were covered in rocks that looked like little asteroids. We entered the room through a pool (swimming). At the end, we were annoyed that the pool was the only way to get in and out. It involved diving underwater and squeezing through extremely small spaces, in which I was worried I might suffocate or something. (1 point)
      - I keep having nightmares about a bad set of loud partier roommates that my brother and I had in college, IRL. I couldn't sleep at all for those two semesters because they were so loud late into each night. I had another nightmare about this -- my brother and I had to move back with them for some reason. But I had some noise-canceling headphones to sleep in, which helped. The rest of my notes on this dream are illegible. (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: Night sky outside with stars. (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: I dreamt that something I was looking at had a spelling error (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: I dreamt that I closed the blinds. (0.5 points)
      - I ALMOST had a DEILD but I got distracted or was thirsty or something. Dang it!
      - And then I had one spontaneous DILD. But it was wickedly short. All that happened was that I was with my friend (different one than before), and we were walking through a city. I randomly became lucid. I talked to my friend who also knew that I was dreaming and we wanted to try the summoning task together. I attempted, and then I woke up. I really need to work on stopping this as it's been a rather common trend for me lately -- waking up shortly after getting lucid and trying to stabilize. (10 points)

      NAP: I took a nap to attempt another WILD but I think I was too caffeinated and didn't really fall asleep? I had some faint signs of my body starting to fall asleep, and I had my noise-cancelling AirPods again...but I kept waking back up.

      Points: 13.5

      I had poor recall and low lucidity for months leading up to this competition. Weird how it's gone up, hopefully it will stay. I think forcing myself to get up and write my dreams down, each time I wake up at night, is the key to better recall. My Oura ring for sleep tracking gets angry at me though because it says I spend too much of the night awake and gives me a drastic overestimated reduction on my hours spent asleep, which in turn messes with my Apple Health statistics...ah well, c'est la vie.
    11. Deciphering my messy handwriting once more (Spring competition day 2)

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I have pretty neat handwriting during the day. But at night, when I wake up and record a dream -- a lot of the times I'm writing at an angle, too tired to get out of bed and write properly. Plus, I don't want to wake myself up too much.

      My dreams were as follows:

      - I was in a car trying to avoid a bunch of gang shootouts. Some couple built their own helicopter so they could fly away and escape to the wilderness until the violence died down.
      - Someone asked me if I was doing a certain (illegible???). There was a swimming pool and a track wherever I was at.
      - My dad was taking the family to Disney for a day before flying back home. But it was so crowded that we were debating whether or not to go.
      - I trapped a murder hornet (why did I look at pictures of those horrifying things before bed) in my bathtub.
      - Music album with an anime girl on it (that's all I remember)
      - Ripped and shirtless (don't ask what context this was, I have no idea, but I have been trying to exercise more and it's probably influencing my dreams)
      - Lavender haze was playing in the background of one of my dreams
      - I was on some list of gang members but instead of my name, it was the name of the Alexa skill that I coded a while back (IRL). I think I am listening to too much gangster rap. It's just good workout music lol.

      Then I had a 20-minute nap during lunch break and attempted some of the astral projection/WILD with my noise-canceling AirPods Pro in:

      I kept slipping from mildly sleep-paralyzed WILD and hypnic jerks into random NLDs, which I don't remember much of, and then back again. Other times, I would slip lightly into lucidity. I dreamt that my hands were lifting into the air, and I dreamt that I saw the faint outline of a dude floating above me (not scary at all). I dreamt that I was checking my phone. Counting these all as 1 fragment.

      And then I finally had one extremely brief lucid after a quick wakeup from an NLD, while carefully maintaining my sleep paralyzed state. I was walking outside my apartment complex. It was daytime, but pretty cloudy (just like it was in the waking world today). Some people were walking around. I realized I was dreaming and started to stabilize it and get ready to try my summoning task, but I woke up instead. Which was probably good because I had a work meeting in 15 minutes.

      Fragments: 8. Most of these I only remember a few details of, so they're fragments. (4 points)
      Full non-lucid: 1. (I'm counting the Disney one as I remember a storyline) (1 point)
      WILD: 1. (10 points)

      Total: 15 points
    12. (Spring 2023 Competition Day 1) Oklahoma is an island

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:09 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night's dreams are as follows...and I'm late to bed so this will be quick so I can get at least 7.5 hours of sleep...

      1. I cannot read my half-asleep handwriting. It says something about "workout myths" and "crips land". I cannot remember what this means, so I won't count it for the competition.
      2. (fragment) I left the door unlocked to something, and I was really worried about it. I watched some TV.
      3. (full) I was trapped in some prison maze, trying to escape from my captors, and I hid in many different rooms. But eventually I got caught by a guard. He started choking me while another guard played the song "Emma" by Mindy Gledhill on the piano. It was really odd.
      4. (full) Someone was explaining to me that most of Oklahoma was actually an isolated inland island surrounded by water, and a large chunk of the state was actually located somewhere else, I think between a few west coast states. When they showed me Oklahoma, I noticed the panhandle was missing, and I was really confused.

      Like man I've never even been to Oklahoma.

      Anyway, 1 non-lucid fragment and 2 non-lucid full = 2.5 points.
    13. Failed a reality check, crawled through a freezer, and unloaded a trunk.

      by , 01-15-2022 at 02:25 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      All right, here we go.

      Iíve been using the How To Lucid app to reality check once an hour. Right before falling asleep I checked my hand to see if it had the right amount of fingers. Thing is, Iím pretty sure I had a dream where I did that too, in the exact same manner, putting my hand up in front of me and counting the fingers.

      The problem is, it was too vague, and I lost focus halfway through the count, so I thought ďyeah I havenít fallen asleep yetĒ when in reality I had.

      I need to sleep more. Only got like 7.5 last night and I think 8 makes a huge difference. I woke up at around 4:15 to use the restroom and yet I was just too mentally tired to try WILD. Well, I sort of tried it but then I gave up and fell asleep to these dreams:

      - I was at a theme park or zoo? We had to walk through a freezing cold building despite it being winter that was supposed to be a Coca Cola shop. But I remember crawling underneath it because it was too cold to go inside.
      - I was with my family, helping my dad unload a trunk after a day trip, and there was SO much stuff in it. Stuff we never used in the trip. Including a crapload of beach chairs. I was annoyed and then woke up.

      It was like 10 minutes before my alarm. I changed the alarm so Iíd have 20 and attempted to do an astral projection/OBE experience as Iíve heard how vivid those are. I finally felt well rested enough to attempt it. But as soon as I started to feel a bit of paralysis, boom! There went my alarm.

      Moral of the story: SLEEP MORE.
      Tags: almost lucid
    14. An interesting proposition

      by , 10-12-2020 at 01:52 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I was at school (university), preparing to do some homework. Some faculty member asked me if I wanted to get on this shortbus to the nearby amusement park. I considered it. Nearby, some students were doing kinky/sex stuff, in public which was super random. There were also some students that didnít look fully human. I was talking to some other students and deliberating as to whether I should go on this trip or stay on campus, eat lunch, and do homework. But by the time I had decided to go on the trip, the bus had already left.
    15. The cult

      by , 12-28-2019 at 08:30 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Iíve been sleeping very well and long this week due to being off work. Itís been quite the boon. However, I have been slacking on my dream journals.

      Last night I dreamt about being trapped by an evil cult. They were trying to make me drink alcohol and I was worried that it might be laced with something. I tried to contact my dad but was unable to.
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