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    I stopped posting my DJ's for various reasons, one of them being the amount of work required. I do believe the time you spend posting your DJ online helps keep your mind on dreams and reinforces your dream recall, both of which definitely help with lucid dreaming in my experience. If you want to view my dj without the Photobucket stamp on all the pictures, you may want to pull it up on archive.org where you can view past versions of webpages. Easy link: https://web.archive.org/web/20171208055654/https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/fogelbise/ and at the bottom of each page you can choose page 2, 3 etc.

    1. Personal Notes

      by , 02-07-2018 at 01:33 AM
      ~~!!falling asleep too fast!! Arm up - NEW: release (centers me) and set intention(s) ; I value my dreams and have vivid amazing dreams; dance-keep it going@any fade!! Incubate romance@GA with GF!! FLOW-er; release+little; MILD where? aha dream location!! Face2face, REM simul w/eyes, release:clear view ; +meditate!! ; focus space=beach+senses; (Beach+senses of beach scene I guess? Focus space: is that when focus on breathing becomes the focus on the space in front of me like space between me and wall and then redirecting to Beach kind of like that idea of taking the release technique and adding one or two exciting elements or minor joys to that clear view which feels joyous much like the feeling of realizing you're lucid in a dream.)

      ~~!! HSOP head, wait4tension+release+sink, awareness-out, pass into dream 1.Before bed mild that I notice dream fade/pre-DEILD focus+dance/; diff from poss waking to closed eyelids: glottal then eye clench; RRCIS; 2.wbtb + MILD and/or SSILD and RRCIS;

      From older 6/4/2017 dj:
      review/practice based on notes from grassy sea period=self awareness C RRC, add balance with environment awareness, open beta (didn't use tonight (old 6/4/17 notes) but it's offshoot- boldness MILD, weirdness induction used (+ mild and ssild in bed)

      ~~!!WBTB exercises: How is your awareness flowing from one point to the next? How often throughout the day are you aware of your awareness as well as your position in your surroundings? Centering!

      ssild my normal then keep up loosely til sleep; ASMR, boldness/take control, other open beta??-childlike fascination, recognize dream scenarios, weirdness induction, self awareness crrcis , spinning. * Found nice awareness by going straight to: I am he who is aware of the awareness WITH awareness power rods coming down into my head. It's a WTF feeling! (Realize it is almost same feeling after release technique)

      After a game, a common way that I break through post game fog is boldness!

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