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    1. 8/7/14 Sky, Sex & More Sex!! - Sensei's Competition Night 11

      by , 08-07-2014 at 11:29 PM
      Tonight I took a break from goals and I feel like that paid dividends!..explanation at the end...

      11 355am Being chased by a big Ebola virus caricature. He shows up in several locations. Oh no not Ebola again!?? This time in dark house with fireplace going. Previously in another house. Didn't feel particularly scared. Explanation that if he shows up more than 18% of the time, you have the virus? He was like a big long dreadlocks wig standing maybe over 6 feet tall. Weird day residue from the Ebola virus news story. / I am looking up at constellations in the sky and notice one is particularly bright. I point it out to someone and all the sudden it looks very normal no longer super bright and I realize that I'm dreaming. When I first saw it it was like almost as bright as the moon. It was mostly semi circular in shape. I haven't had one of these night sky based DILDs in a while and was excited to see this. Took a walk last night during sunset and could already see some beautiful stars and the moon and afterwards watched two tv shows about space on the
      Science Channel. Anyway, I flew up into the sky wanting to head closer to the constellation but, I started experiencing strong vibrations...possibly day residue from reading Sensei's dream journal. I play with the vibrations trying different levels of softly or more aggressively clenching my eyes to check the effect and I start to see a scene form
      but I lose it and wake up. / I travel through two big rectangular levels of what seems most like an apartment building. I pass many different DC's. In one area on the first floor near where I started there's a party going on that seems somewhat Mardi Gras themed. I give a few head nods to the party goers as we pass. I am with my wife and son. I get down to the end of that hall coming down towards the next level and there is another party going on mostly younger crowd than the previous one. As I am observing the second group I notice my son and wife has left but I retraced my steps and find them and get mad at
      them for leaving me back there not telling me that they were walking away. / there's an appointment before 5pm Wednesday that I need to make for a side gig that is in conflict with my work schedule. / I am in this club-like or party setting and there is some kind of neon sculpture on the wall of a woman's butt. I think about the earlier party dream and the connection between the two seems to be what makes me lucid. I go down to the right and then right again into a little wing of this club or whatever it is and there is this beautiful petite thin black woman sitting between two big black guys. At first I ignore them but then I decided it's a great way to test or prove my level of lucidity to myself and strengthen it...and it's better not to have any interference from any unfriendly DC's. I say something like hey you don't mind if I borrow her for a moment (more like a Jedi mind trick statement...not a question). Cool! I reach over and give a handshake (dc interact) to the big guy on the right. She gets up and approaches me and I asked her to remove her top. She was wearing a bikini-like top and she revealed beautiful smallish perky breasts. I whip off both her bottom piece and my clothes in one TK swoop of my hands as if the clothes were never there. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me, with me inserted inside of her. I walk around the club lifting her body up and down occasionally on my (ahem) enjoying this awesome scene for a while. I just remembered this detail > I see another woman, maybe latino, with large breasts and I ask her to remove her top and as she does I see man boobs and look up and she is now a chubby black guy. I poke at his man boobs and joke with him in a friendly way. < I walk back towards where I first entered and over to my left is a different wing that looks like a bedroom. I approach it and there is another beautiful woman inside slouching on a bed and the first woman has disappeared off of me. I approach the second woman she has dark hair , she is white and wearing pink lingerie. The bed coverings are also in silky pink. I lay down on the bed and gently start making out with her then straight to intercourse for a little while before
      waking up...I think for real. / I doze back off doing some mental recall but wake into a false awakening and my wife and son is there and I start to tell them about becoming lucid but then I remember that they don't like the idea of "messing with dreams" like that (memory was slow to catch up and I am not lucid). I instead told them about the dream regarding the appointment before 5pm since it is fairly ordinary and it shouldn't take any offense to me remembering an ordinary dream! The transition after the above is not clear in my memory, it must have either another FA or a transition within that last scene but I saw the woman from the bedroom in the earlier dream and instantly knew I was dreaming again! I walked over to her as she was walking away into a hallway and I caught up with her. We started making out they're in the hallway end another blonde woman who was apparently her sister comes out of the bedroom and I start kissing her as well! We are making out (dc interact) in the hall and they start inching me towards the bathroom. For once the DC's are taking charge and I don't mind! We get into the bathroom and it seems as if their idea was for some privacy and I think for a moment about closing the door behind us but remind myself that there is no need, this is all a dream. They both go down and my pants and underwear are gone and they both started going at my (ahem) and I am just looking down fascinated at the realism and highly enjoying the two of them who both seem very skilled! I wake up smiling ear to ear and after trying to go back in, I roll over and pulled out my hidden paper dream journal to write down a few quick notes so that I don't forget any details. After some quick notes I experiment with getting to sleep quickly using two short (combined senses) SSILD cycles that take no more than about 5-7 seconds. I do quickly get to either advanced dreamlets or the beginnings of dreams that I seem to be scaring away
      being a little too alert. This night I was reminded of my other theory that I was experimenting with two nights ago but forgot to log that basically says that if you maintain awareness into HI's and then go to sleep then you are more likely to have a DILD. That has probably been said before but much of this process is all about discovering things for yourself. 185-187

      I was considering what to do about my extended RC's specifically for the competition having become so rote. During my RC's I invoke the feeling of becoming lucid, slow myself down and then run through my goals for the competition. I had been doing this since maybe the 2nd or 3rd night and I had a long list of items to complete. I completed roughly half of the ones I had worked out ahead of time quite a number of nights back while lucid. After that I just worked on the 2nd half of my goals during the extended RC's during the day...but since the last half was the same as it had always been, it felt worn out and tired so yesterday I decided to just focus on doing anything fun for my next lucid. I think this made me more excited about getting lucid and resulted in a very fun triple!
    2. April 25th, Closest Thing I've Had to a Shared Dream, Falling Off a Cliff

      by , 04-25-2014 at 09:32 PM
      4/25/14* I saw 2 sets of people in my dream that I don't remember dreaming about before from waking life and people I haven't seen for a while. One I haven't seen for probably 25 years (MB) and the other set were my wife's uncles L, P, & E , two of which I saw maybe 3 or 4 years ago and one of them about seven years ago perhaps. Also there was C from the office & bro-law B. I did get news feeds from facebook for them recently including just last night on the one that I haven't seen for 25 years.

      To bed 11pm. Not trying anything tonight but I woke up at 4 a.m. from a disturbing dream related to possession. Basically "D" from the office was looking at me and saying that there's something wrong with you and I kind of laugh it off and later he says oh your left sleeve is bundled up oddly like you are possessed, however that connection was made! I joke around about being possessed but I also think about some of the people who think lucid dreaming could lead to something like that. He says you shouldn't joke around, you've got a strange vibe about you and I make a growling noise as a joke but when I did that I felt very strange and backed off from my joking and woke up. I think that raised my awareness quite well which resulted in the unintentional dild in the dream below.

      (R-rated sexual content - if you don't visualize the words)
      I was at a party (I think @my sister in laws house) and I was leaving the party getting ready to walk to my car and one of the women at the party walked up to me and said hey wait maybe I can walk with you because
      my house is around the corner. it seems she didn't want to walk alone, it was night time. After a little walk she comes to her car. I guess she lives far enough around the corner to have driven and she tells me to get in she will show me her house and then take me back to my car. She has a 6 unit building and she lives in one of the units even though there are no multi family dwellings in the neighborhood...this doesn't occur to me at the time. She starts to take me back to my car but she's driving backwards instead of turning around. I go with it but then she starts rolling up on a curb, a steep curb and I can feel the car tilt but I remind myself that the tilt is not severe enough to turn the car over and surely she's about to roll back off the curb but then she keeps going and now she's heading towards a cliff. As we approach the cliff I realize how improbable this is and that it feels like a dream scenario but as we're dropping off the cliff I'm not
      100% sure so I think well there's nothing I can do at this point anyway might as well enjoy the ride down either way. I can feel the strong g's particularly on my face from dropping and it feels so realistic like one of those drop tower rides but I am 99% sure that it is a dream now. A thought pops in my head that well if I we're about to die we might as well have last sex and it seems like at that point the vehicle stops dropping and it is now a large van. The woman seems to have heard my thoughts or was thinking the same thing and lays down on the floor of the van and pulls up her shirt. She is not wearing a bra underneath. We both start taking off our pants and underwear and the driver of the van, like one of those large shuttle vans starts walking back towards us like she its going to tell us off. I look up at her and the woman on the floor starts giving me a bj and it feels very realistic I start looking around this shuttle van and looking down at the woman who is giving me the bj and I am fascinated by
      all of the realism. Her eyes, her eyebrows, her hair. Apparently this is a bus full of nurses and they all look so realistic as well but I don't have ideas for the others yet and in fact the nurses all start giving us reasons why we should not be doing this which seems to be trying to tug at my lucidity
      . Instead I find myself back in bed, awake. *Now this is a little bit of a strange coincidence but my wife woke up and told me she had a bad dream. She almost never remembers our dreams and rarely talks about them and thinks it's strange that I focus on my dreams and that I lucid dream. She said she had a dream that she was at a party (like mine) and I was there with a woman and I was being nice to her like she was my new woman or something and my wife got very upset and left. Not necessarily an uncommon thing to have a dream about being at a party & jealousy, but I thought it was interesting. Lately my self-awareness still seems to be lower as it has swung more towards my surroundings.
    3. Possible WILD-style Entry, Sexual, FA-like Transition

      by , 02-04-2014 at 06:41 PM
      Will be another quick entry. "Possible" WILD because I am not sure that I maintained awareness all of the way to the entry. Mostly data for myself...so those easily bored, beware. Go to bathroom after 4 hours, hmm...usually 90 minute increments (though 120 minute increments seem more common if less sleep the night before, but not enough data recorded to support that yet...previous night didn't sleep great though). Woke up recalling a dream about lucid dreaming and relaying them in two different ways. Back to bed quickly. Woke up from the actual LD about 25 minutes after laying back down so also supports the idea that I might have woken up to go to the bathroom in the middle of REM since I got back to REM so quickly...or REM rebound...Anyway no big plans tonight but did the old mantra that never seemed to be consistent: "The next time I am dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming" maybe 5 times but I think this was not the key. I think it was a combination of nightmarish SP-like HH's raising my awareness just before the vibrations hit. I don't remember the "villain" but I remember thinking it was based off of a paranormal movie. Regardless, I recognized it as not being a real threat, felt the vibrations and nudged them on. I felt myself being carried into the air but I flew back to the floor and happened upon a sexy DC woman. I removed her pants to reveal white cotton underwear bunched up in places as if it wasn't the right size. I removed those and was awe-struck once again at how realistic a DC's skin could feel. I removed her bra and for was surprised that the breasts were not larger but they were just right and so realistic to the touch. At some point during all of this sensuality I heard a DC of my wife waking up across the room and I went over to her and she said that she was dreaming of silk purses and silk dresses. I wondered if this was some form of a false awakening for me but clearly still a dream since I was in a studio apartment nothing like my house with a kitchen and bedroom adjoined with no wall between. I had been getting busy with the sexy DC woman in between the futon(?) where my wife was and the kitchen but she had disappeared. Thinking about FAs I started actually waking up and I attempted my idea of what I think BB's awakening test/teleport technique must be or at least what I think an effective one would be for me but apparently I was too awake to go back in despite staying calm and still...probably finished up that REM cycle..? 104
    4. DILD, DEILD Chaining, FA caught, Ocean Swimming, Lucid Dreaming Interuptus

      by , 10-27-2013 at 10:30 PM
      10/27/13*+ 1145 505 WBTB SSILD. I am in my home office doing one of my typical functions closing out. The computer software is freezing up. I hear the sound aluminum blinds rustling and I realize I'm dreaming. Perhaps because I do not have blinds here. But I wake up. I deild I feel the vibrations and I see my ceiling up close this is the second or third time recently I have entered a dream this way. I look at patterns on the ceiling and realize that they are probably nothing like patterns of my actual ceiling and they start to form very consistent pattern. I think about how I want to proceed from here and I feel I'm back in bed and vibrations start up again this time decide picture a beautiful view of the ocean. I end up in the ocean start swimming putting both hands in front of me and paddling outwards to move forward. I remember suggestions to just keep going, moving forward, to stabilize a dream and I do this. I also think about rubbing my hands together but then I realize I start to sink and I resume swimming. I
      remember my goal and I start to visualize an island after swimming what seemed like a decent while. A small island appears with a single palm tree and I crawl myself on the shore and the dream fades
      into a false awakening where I write down my previous dreams not wanting to forget but then I noticed that my son is here and and we dropped him off already IWL so I realize I'm dreaming again. I talked to him about dreaming and I say that we are dreaming right now and he says yeah I guess we are...or something like that. Then I tell my wife the same thing and say look we even have visitors sleeping over that we weren't expecting a lady over there and a baby. My wife says nah like she doesn't believe me that we're dreaming. I lean over lady I think she looks kind of like G's friend from last night. My elbow and forearm accidentally touches her down in her private area and I feel awkward wondering if I should pretend like I didn't notice... she looks at me
      funny and seems to get upset
      this makes me lose my already dwindling lucidity it seems...thinking I am awake now I get & hide my DJ before wife starts tying it together with my mistake. The lady notices what I'm doing and says something about what I'm doing being wrong or something and she begins to prepare something with another lady. They put two dabs of something wet on the space between my foot and my shin but closer to the foot in the front of my lower leg or upper foot. I start to think this is weird and she has some occult website up on her laptop that she has and is following along like she's going to chant some spell and I start to say no no no you're not going to do this. She says it makes you feel good. I say yeah the evil can make you feel good but then you start doing things that you don't want to or should not do. Odd!!! This should have brought me back to lucidity. I guess I was so wrapped up in the attempt to make sure I stop them from proceeding. I wake up and write down
      the dream for real this time. I can see in my dream journal this morning where as the first part was not obviously. My next dream there's an announcement for all police officers to stay clear of a particular intersection. I even remembered one of the streets maybe both of them but do not recall them at this time and I don't think they are street names that mean anything to me. It seems but that they are tracking someone near that intersection and they don't want any police presence to scare them off. I'm in a room and I hear a knock on the door, open the door or someone else opens the door and someone pops out from out of sight and it startles me and I wake up. It feels like I realized it was a dream right before I woke up but I'm not sure if it was as I was waking up so I'm definitely I'm not counting it. Fragment where someone says salad with spicy chicken chunks is the only choice to eat at this time. I wake up and write it down. I have a number of advanced
      dreamlets with with short action and dialogue and I try to grab onto a few of them. When that doesn't work I just observe them as passively as I can. My last dream was not lucid unfortunately but I'm in line at McDonalds or a fast food place like it, and I see a little girl go behind the counter and grab a piece of food. I then notice that what appears to be her father is also behind the counter in plain clothes(not a uniform) and it seems like they're family of one of the workers. He is putting miscellaneous food items in his pocket to eat later I assume. I do wonder how cleanly that is and whether I should order food here. Then another girl probably another daughter is getting food as well and putting it in one of the containers they use sitting on the counter. I wake up and write down the dream. I close my eyes and see if I have any random odd thoughts or images come up indicating that I might still be able to dream but I think it is too late in the morning and I decide to get up.