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    1. January 15th 2017: 2 TOTMs Completed, Alien Craft, Canyons, Sense of Adventure,WILD Style Transition

      by , 01-15-2017 at 11:45 PM
      I haven't put any focus on WILDs in quite some time but was motivated to mix attempts back in the last 2 nights, but only after doing my MILD to increase chances of my fairly trusty DILDs if the WILD fails. At BTB I do location-aha-MILD first, followed by face to face, clear view release and some REM eye movement simulation (4 eye sweeps behind closed eyelids). The face to face and REM simulation are found to be the most efficient method of losing the feel of my waking body. I get a good number of color and pattern HH's, followed by some that resemble objects and people, followed by dreamlets. At those first two stages I was able to use a technique of "reaching" for additional senses related to the items more than just the visual: primarily tactile and temperature, but sometimes sounds and smells that match with the visual. I didn't remember to try taste. For the third stage where I was getting dreamlets I found that I had to become more passive it seemed because I was finding my senses return to my waking body or perhaps within an FA. I didn't test it, assuming FA's and decided I did need to be more passive during these dreamlets, perhaps wrongly. I know passive is generally recommended but since I have a fair bit of experience with WILDs I feel more inclined toward the active side of the scale. Anyway, I end up in an FA and then an actual waking or FA where I go for a WILD.

      I am naked in bed with my wife and for some reason my mother in law is there and I seem to be semi-lucid at this stage but as more people arrive I seem to drop below semi-lucid and get caught up in the dream. I see this commercial anti-bacterial spray I have looked for in the past and ask the guy where he got it without a good answer. I either wake or have another FA in my normal bed/scenario and go for a DEILD but feels more like a WILD with HH's and back to reaching for additional senses tied to the HH visuals. After some fading in and out of HHs I get a more steady one that looks most like a cave opening at first and imagine some cooler air emanating from it. It develops into a a vague looking canyon and then to a canyon formation like you might see in Arches National Park with a double arch entrance to a canyon opening where both "arches" were relatively flat on their top sides but the bottom "arch" had an arch shape to it whereas the top "arch" was also relatively flat across the bottom as well. This was all in a brightly lit daylight scene once the arches formed. This morphed from more of a natural formation to something purposely built like you might see in a sci-fi set on a canyon-like planet. I want to go there but it seems my dream body is still forming so I use intent with my eyes to start moving in that direction and I reach for the sensation of the wind on my face and body and it feels like a slightly cool breeze and I am now flying in my dream body. As I get to the canyon "entrance" I land due to the low clearance and find my self alternating between walking and crawling in a very cool scene that seems a lot like a dry cave but tons of light coming in on the far side that I want to get to and also light coming from the side I came in on. It was a very cool place to explore, but I love caves and canyons. It also reminded me of some of my favorite lucid dreams like the wall and childhood "treasures" found on the beach of the grassy sea (posted in my DJ on DV somewhere a good ways back). As I get to the end of the low clearance I fly up and out to the next bend in the canyon and think of one of the TOTM's and decide that an alien spaceship will be the right around the bend but nothing is there. I then decide it will be at the top of this canyon wall to my left and I fly up to the top of it and there it is a huge mega spaceship with an outer shell that is made up of many circular metal panels with lattice work in between, perhaps 100 circular panels on the side of the ship that I can see. I fly into the lattice work and I feel myself being pulled further into the craft with a fade to darkness at first but soon after a bright long and fairly wide hall appears that looks like a mall with humans walking around and a food place to my right. Perhaps the scenario is that the dream aliens created an environment where I would feel comfortable but I proceeded to treat it just like any dream scene. I tried to slow down one lady passing by, but she seemed in a hurry and I look ahead down the hallway/walkway of the "mall" and see a tall beautiful lady that looks slightly not of this world with her unusually big and stunningly attractive eyes.
      (eyes were wider and bigger but this is close)
      After the experience with the previous lady I made sure I would be able to stop her in her tracks by creating the back story of: "Finally we are reunited! It has been so long!" grasping both of her hands face to face and giving her a big wet kiss. I feel myself getting rather excited but I remember to calm down. I think of another TOTM, the pencil one and tell her I have something to show her and reach in my back pocket but coming up empty handed. I then ask her if she has a pencil and she pulls one out of her purse and I try to float it in the air in front of me and it disappears. I then walk over to the food place and ask the guy behind the counter for a pencil and he gives me one. I see an order stub on the counter and float the pencil with the tip touching the paper and tell it to draw something and it starts doodling. It looks like nothing more than a toddler's drawing but as I look closer, it looks like it morphs into words on the order stub.
      I wake and quickly use the bathroom in order to get back to dreaming, this time RCing to make sure I'm actually awake. I jot down a few keywords from the dream and a few quick drawings of the canyon arches and the alien craft lattice work and go back to bed, forgetting to write down the words that I remembered.

      After playing with HH's for a while and deciding to doze off, I get a dream where the wife asks me where one of the bills is and if it has been paid. I said that I think I filed it already but I can check on the computer if I paid it. At the computer, the keyboard is missing and I ask my wife if she's seen it but then I find the keyboard unplugged and sitting on top of the computer desktop tower. I feel someone tugging on me in darkness and I realize I must have fallen asleep, maybe in front of the computer. Either way I treat the tugging as HHs not waking life and a scene forms where I am at an office elevator and a woman is asking me for directions. Already aware that I am dreaming I decide to see where the elevator takes me just like in last night's lucid, with a little excited anticipation. I don't remember anything but going up in the elevator before waking up needing to pee again and I decide to get up for the day.
    2. TOTM Early Success & Failure for January Tasks - Morning of 31st December 2016

      by , 01-01-2017 at 12:58 AM

      715am wake from first LD; 925am wake from 2nd for late morning LD. I recalled that heavy visualizations were important for late morning LDs and it worked.

      * I am on a road driving and people are changing lanes strategically to get around people turning left and to keep moving somewhere in a hurry and at some point I am riding a bike instead and I realize I'm dreaming and I start to fly from the bike but then I noticed the dream visuals lessening a bit so I decided to land. I remember the 3 task of the month goals I had planned on doing first but this didn't seem like the right time to try the alien spaceship one. Even before bed while awake and doing some brief planning I somehow forgot about the translucent forest of Pandora, even though that sounds terrific if somewhat difficult. Anyway, I think of the pencil talk and I reach into my front right pocket with my left hand and my back right pocket with my right hand and they are big and loose and empty and I notice the visuals starting to fade again. I look down to the ground and I say but I think I see a forgotten Christmas present and it forms on the ground in front of my feet. It is wrapped in a wrapping paper more like cellophane and it's a blue color between blue and turquoise on the lighter end of the color scale. I start to open it where the paper comes together and I see that there is another layer underneath and I remove that also to see another layer. I start to realize this could continue forever and I confidently summon a pair of scissors in my hand instantly and surprisingly easily and I start to cut through the wrapping material to reveal a nice hard covered sturdy cardboard box with a lid. When I open the lid the first thing on top or a couple of gel inserts clear and the size of the heel of your foot maybe a bit smaller. Under that is a receipt and I'm thinking during the dream that it would be interesting to report to everyone on DV what the receipt said so I looked at it closely but all I recall is that the price was 89 dollars and with tax it was 95 something. Under some packaging paper in the box eventually uncovering the rest of the item which is a very fancy pair of leather slippers perhaps house slippers. They are a shiny brown leather in a thick leather that reminds me of thick rubber and squishy and they have clean stylish black soles. They seem like a very nice pair of slippers even though slippers are not something I would typically look forward to opening for a Christmas present. I wake and try to DEILD. I get only dreamlets, aware I'm dreaming but not full dreams and they kept dissipating so not counting a 2nd LD here, included: picking up string of lit Christmas lights, chips on big plastic storage container lid eating them, me with a santa bag carrying it, big goblet full of perfectly frozen ice cream sharing with nephew, sled and sled tracks in the snow, thick green shiny and partially translucent rectangular plate. Again each of the above dissipating before the next dreamlet appears.

      *Over two hours later I have my second full LD. My earliest recall from this dream was a feeling of boldness to take off flying, realizing I'm dreaming! I am in a beautiful mountainous landscape not very different from where I was IWL this very day before going to bed. It was some of the most fun flying in a long time staying low to the ground flying over green grass and hills and punching the air in Superman flying posture to speed up. After a while, I approach two gigantic trees probably Oak trees or at least shaped like huge majestic Oak trees and the branches and foliage are so thick that it seems to be blocking my path to the mountains I saw on the other side and was heading to before getting caught up trying to get around these tree branches. Perhaps I should have spent some time under the trees, perhaps something to learn, as I do love trees. Instead I turn around and fly behind me planning on looping around but I am now in a neighborhood block scene, still a nice sunny day. I see a woman sitting in a car as I pass the end of the block and when I swing back around the car is gone so I start looking into windows of some 2 story houses and I'm not seeing much so I decide to land and go inside one of the houses which is actually a single-story house. I find the door unlocked and I open the door and peek in. It looks like an old person's house with an old couch multi-colored but mostly tan woven fabric where the colors are woven tightly together and blend in, until you look up close. It is along the wall on the far side of the living room and I see a bed physical through a bedroom door and a recliner chair to my left. This reminds me of my Grandmother's home. There's that distinct smell I've smelled somewhere before that reminds me of old peoples houses, but not my Grandmother's. I decide to go elsewhere and look back as I leave and I seem to see a big colorful face through the curtains, perhaps inspired by the mardi gras figure in the movie "Self/less" seen the day before. I wonder if someone might indeed be home and sure enough an older lady somewhat stocky and shorter comes to the front and I say I'm sorry I came in your home, but this is just a dream. She seems like she wants to talk and this reminds me I have some things I wanted to ask in a dream. I ask her about f she knows how to have very long lucid dreams. In a very thick Eastern European accent she says "you have to remember that in about 4 hours you will be ready to go back to sleep again and when you feel that sadness coming on..." The visuals and her voice starts to fade. Sadness? Seems like a gibberish answer. Also, I won't be ready to sleep again in 4 hours.
    3. TOTM entry morning of 12/24/2016

      by , 12-26-2016 at 07:54 AM
      24th December 2016


      quick recap:

      I see a taller blonde lady and I feel boldness and realize I'm dreaming.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I then think of my goals and remember the room 100 year bonus task. I see a door and open it and as I step in and close the door there is not much space but no matter. I say time stands still for me while time advances 100 years outside of this room. When I open the door = windy dusty barren land with "bones" of an old structure are all that remains. The bones come together in a wigwam shape.
      I wake. I tried not to expect anything but a few times when thinking about the task I imagined seeing a technologically futuristic scene but I got a dystopian wasteland instead.
    4. TOTM Spinning Task 15th December 2016

      by , 12-16-2016 at 01:39 AM
      I am walking along a path on a sunny day and I am engulfed by the beauty of the setting and how the light is hitting some flowers and miscellaneous landscaping. I am thinking this is a beautiful waking life side effect of my new practice. I say to myself if this were a dream I would fly over all of this and I lift myself up on my toes like I do IWL and I begin to float. I gave myself a mild-mannered "how about that...I'm actually dreaming this" with a short chuckle...a more calm knowing than the aha realizations. I play around with my flying staying no more than 50 feet or so high and swooping down in some aerial acrobatics which feel quite realistic and fun though maybe not the strong stomach effect, a bit muted. I think of the spinning TOTM which was a dream activity I wanted to revisit and play with and I spin while seemingly still floating many feet off the ground and the spin feels very realistic and I seem to close my eyes a few times like a kid often does while spinning but it could have also been the effect of the spin on my vision, I don't remember consciously choosing to close my eyes. I think of wanting to arrive at a beach but then I remember that it's supposed to be a surprise where I arrive. I hear upbeat music while spinning and I stop a few rotations after hearing the music to go the opposite direction to try to rewind back to that "location" but the music is gone so I start spinning again and decided that should be good enough and stop and I see a big dark room and a open doorway I pass through. On the other side is like this large holographic display maybe equivalent to a 100" screen TV but transparent with a clear outline and it is displaying an older style computer animation of a girl walking around in a simple maybe only three color animation. As I watch it the animation looks more refined. I move on and see the back view of a thin female (assuming) of unknown age wearing skinny jeans or tight pants, tan in color, and she has brown hair down to about her shoulder blades and a light colored top. I called out for her to come back but she was already ducking into another hall ahead and to my left. I decide to stay where I am at and shortly after a group of ladies to my right come strolling into this large room which is still dark (though the details have been clear since the big holographic screen animation, though never as vibrant as the scene with the sunlight on the flowers). I think the ladies were residue from the Incorporated TV show. They were wearing skimpy evening wear, mostly little black dresses but also a red dress or two. Dream fades to me in bed.
    5. May 21st 2015: Sex, Consoling Crying Girl, Astronaut Pilot, Becoming Tree

      by , 05-22-2015 at 12:23 AM
      Thu, 21 May 2015:
      1st feel transitioned to dream but float to confirm. Slow! Yes. Darkish. Wife gets out of bed and goes to toilet. I wonder if she did in waking and go in front of toilet and dance around to see if I get a reaction. Not really but she looks up and either she has no face or it is blurred and hard to make out. Shortly after back in bed needing to turn over.

      Later after a WBTB, I get comfortable.
      I feel I have transitioned again but when I make a small move to get out of bed it feels like I risk moving my waking body and waking up. I try to float again but nothing and then I mentally push my whole body towards the right front corner of my bad and my dream by jumps up on to the corner of the bed! I walk out of the room this time and out to the loft

      and I think about my day time visualization: floating up and then over the loft and I do. I float down to the landing or ledge where we could display items but we don't. From there I float down to the floor. I get some audio of my son asking me what I'm doing but I know it's just from the dream I head to front door and I walk out. Before I walk out I can hear what sounds like a crowd of people outside and I like that I will be able to walk through the crowd and pick out some beautiful DC's! as I walk out there is a crowd and I find one girl.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and then I think how I wanted and planned to go about things like this more consensually. I cross the street and there are 3 women wearing choir robes like you might see in church. I think about the church connection but continue over there with my dirty intentions. I look at them with the look that I know they all want a piece of me and one by one they go to work
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and there's a little girl nearby that approaches and starts crying. I decided I had enough and switched to consoling her. I no longer felt like I was naked but neither did I put on any clothes or really consider this. I tried to commit to memory what she was saying as she was crying but that part is gone. She hugs me back as she cries.

      I walked back to the other side of the street and there was another woman crying a little more gently, whereas the girl was more sobbing. I was going through the dream details in my head to better commit them to memory when I felt what was a false awakening but I wasn't sure at first. I was back in my bed and my wife was playfully touching my arm but then started tickling me under my arm and I kind of moan like she is going to wake me up but I tried to feel if I was still asleep and decided that indeed I was. I did an in dream wild again (like earlier in the month) closing my dream eyes until a new scene forms through my closed dream eyes or maybe I open them up gently but either way I was in a long room not very wide but plenty of space. There were a number of pieces of equipment to the end of the room in front of me and this pilot or astronaut in a suit

      like a pressure suit and there was a small one man rocket or flight craft that was warming up its' engines

      and pointing towards the ceiling though there wasn't really a ceiling or a sky but mind you this all felt very indoors. he gets down from the rocket contraption having started the warm up process and is talking to me and something in my head makes me wonder what they wear under that suit and he hears my thoughts and unzips his outfit and shows me that he is naked underneath. I see his penis and everything. he's zips it back up and continues to prepare. I look back towards the part of the room I was in before that was basically behind me when I was facing the astronaut guy and my son is sitting and doing his studies and back towards where the astronaut was there is now a TV and something risque is on TV. it seems to be some r-rated version of MTV where some chunky lady is walking around without a top on. I start to lose a little lucidity here as I wonder if we should change the channel but after a bit I realized it doesn't matter regaining some lucidity. I start thinking about how it seems like the scene is going on for a long time and I start thinking about my goals. I jump to memory peg number 5 and after a bit of a scene fade I find myself standing over my wife

      who is sitting in a chair in our dining room. number 5 is the smell task of the month and I remember how I smelled her hair earlier in the day freshly washed with a nice scent to it and the dream seems to replicate the scent but it was a little more faint almost as if the dream accounted for the time that has passed since the fresh washing of the hair. I then think about how I reset memory peg number 2 back to the lucid dare to become a tree and I start stretching out my arms like the branches of the tree and my feet down like the roots and I get the sensation of my torso and arms growing and expanding upwards

      but I'm not too sure how much of a tree I became with no mirror around. I then thought of memory peg number 6 and this is the talking to the monster under your bed for task of the month. I decide that there is a bed just ahead and I walk that way but I don't see one and the dream is fading a bit and I decide that I will just arrive back in bed, my dream bed and then I can get out of bed and talk to the monster from there but it doesn't work
      and I soon find myself back in my actual bed needing to urinate but I stay still and try to reenter the dream but eventually realize I am too wake and need to relieve myself before trying anything else. when I go back to bed I do get a lot of great visualisations that seem to take legs which like in my previous LD aftermath several days ago I wondered if I might be in a dream state with the amount of effect I have over what seems like HH's. very long lucid series! 8 milligrams of G + 500 milligrams of choline. #326 & 327
    6. May 5th and May 10th 2015 LD's Brief Notes: TOTM's, Starry Sky, Ancient Canyon

      by , 05-13-2015 at 11:53 PM
      May 10th
      (already noted in TOTM thread if you read this there)

      Brief notes…

      -DILD: in an office waiting for Ken. Is he even coming to work today? I remove my earplugs twice. I decide to look around office while I am waiting maybe there is someone who can tell me if he is expected to come in today. Cute women...hmmm…wait! I am dreaming! Go around the office a bit checking out the women and then into the void.

      -visuals come back with women around, have sex, some fading in and out of the visuals

      -I think of the smell TOTM, memory peg#5 and settle on smelling the perfume of a woman I am embracing - it is very nice and familiar floral note from somewhere in the distant past, possibly reminiscent of lily of the valley (void)

      -waiting for the fade to fade - I eventually find myself at a long table like in a school cafeteria. I look around excited that the I have managed to get another dream scene after another trip to the void. With me turning around from the table to look around at the rest of the room I loose some visuals and think TOTM. I think of the wind carrying me task and the wind generates with no effort and lifts me up easily and pulls up towards those typical white ceiling panels, up and through and to another level of them above and then I get swept sideways up and sideways into an outdoor red sandstone canyon with village structures and tents below.

      It feels like I am in some ancient place and just enjoy as I get swept down the canyon and up a bit for nice views in spots. (void)

      -Later I think of the fun wind task again and get swept up towards the night sky. I can see some stars but the more I look, the more stars that come into view. So many beautiful stars in a beautiful night sky that I almost want to cry.

      -during one of the trips to the void I did some dancing in the void - some concern about moving my waking body and decide to just float in the void and stay patient. Getting some nice lucid time on my G-nights (usually Saturday night/Sunday morning). 8mg G + 500mg C. Chemical enhancement experiments started after LD#300.
      #321 & 322

      May 5th

      College freshman girl "if dreaming" thoughts cue me in. I'm walking down the school hallway and it's the beginning of the school year, there are new freshman students arriving. I see one girl who is very attractive and I try to make eye contact before we pass and I also have a glance looking back towards her. I think if only she looked at me with a strong stare it would be like one of those moments in dreams. Wait a minute! I am dreaming! I go to the nearest girl and immediately start making out with her and getting fairly frisky. I have been given freedom, dream freedom! After a bit of that I wake directly to my alarm. My alarm ended this one but likely also near end of REM. #320
    7. May 3rd 2015 One of My Longest LD's: Sex and Exploration

      by , 05-05-2015 at 12:09 AM
      I am zooming along at a good pace and there is a fork in a covered retail and food area like an outdoor mall with mostly covered sections. I veer to the fork at the left and something about the decision or the way I made the action cues me in…wait a minute, I am dreaming right now! I go around the shops looking for something interesting to check out. I see a few DC's here and there, including a couple in some kind of dessert shop.

      I fade into a false awakening of being in a laying position in bed but I feel like I am still in a dream and in my dream body with no visuals at first. I start to see a view of a wall next to the bed mostly obstructed by a sleep mask. I am doubtful that this is my actual sleep mask and is in fact a dream sleep mask and I am in our old bedroom at M Blvd so obviously this is a false awakening.

      I go for the TOTM to do an in dream WILD. I pull down the sleep mask and search in the darkness of my closed eyes. It still feels like I am laying in bed but I can see the room again and it seems like the same room. I decide to float up out of bed just in case I start moving my waking body. After a few seconds of nothing I start to float up in the laying position

      and I immediately jump down onto the bed up and down joyful that I held onto the dream realm. My wife is in the bed
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I move on out of the bedroom door. There are two females in the living room area, one particularly petite and the other average sized. I thought about some things that I had read from some who want to put some moral taboo on dream sexuality and I decided that such thoughts were BS. I reminded myself of that decision and held each of their hands and led them into the bedroom on the other side of the living room.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      After a while the visuals started to fade but I just danced my way through the void until the visuals came back up and I found myself in a very different house.

      I decided it was time to go outside and headed toward what felt like the front of the house. I came to a door and reached for the handle but all I could see was a dead-bolt lock with the key side facing me and no key in hand. Instead of summoning a key I decided that the door would be unlocked and would open with a simple push and it did. I look out to a huge field with many large trees and brush hiding what may lay below.

      I fly up and out over the landscape at a leisurely pace a little ways and start to get some declining visuals and decide to fly back towards the house that I came out of. As I approached it, it was a large stately house with several large balconies on the left side of the house.

      It looked like either the sun had just set or that it was just before sunrise, a little darker than when the sun is fully out, but with that special lighting at those times. I see several windows with lights on and think about peeking into them to see what I might come across but instead go to a door on the left side of what looks like the back of the house.

      As I enter there are a few DC's in the large room and they are introducing me to two blonde women that are coming down large and wide wooden staircase.

      This is obviously a mansion house of a wealthy family that has many craftsman features, the kind of features that you don't often see any more except in restored homes. The home didn't feel old at all however. I wasn't looking for any more DC interaction and decided to explore the house instead.

      I went up the stairs sort of float walking my way up and turned back towards the back of the house and into a great study.

      I was planning on looking out the window to the field I flew over earlier to see what it looked like but got interested in the various intriguing items on display. One was a little statuette that looked like it was made of stone with faded paint. It was fairly simple, not intricate, figure with what looked like a crown on their head, not unlike a chess piece that was made to resemble a person. I decided I would try to morph it and it shortened and curved into the shape of a figurine of a small girl leaning over something…interesting. I see a figurine of a polar bear and without really thinking it morphs briefly into a deer with large antlers before becoming a brown bear.

      I look around to my left and there are what look like a lot of nicer antique souvenirs. One is a wooden stick looking item stained darker and with some decoupage design on it that looked like something you might find in a nice tiki bar. The dream started fading again but this time I eventually could feel that I was truly back in bed. I tried for a while to see if I could drift back to sleep without moving but eventually had to a adjust my position and was too awake. #319

      Took 8mg G + 500mg C around 620am after going to bed late at 2am (started G experiments one time per week after LD#300). I estimate that I woke from the above series around 8:40 first trying to get back to sleep and tossing and turning a little before eventually looking at the time on my phone showing 8:58am. Continuing "this could really be a dream right now" daytime practice with RRCIS but slacking a little too much.
    8. March 28th through April 26th 2015 #301-318

      by , 04-26-2015 at 09:28 PM
      3/28 - WILD-style entry but memory gap before entry. Nudge vibrations. Sound I decide will be shower and dream girl inside. Roll out of bed and despite poor visuals I interact with dream girl sexually. First G use, 4mg + 250mg C (commit to use it no more than once a week). #301

      3/29 - DILD notice I am shirtless at a party in a library and realize I am dreaming. Float around vaulted ceilings above crowd. #302

      3/31 vivid apple juice dreams! DILD in which I use my time stopping stop watch and have a sexual interaction.#303

      4/1 FA caught DILD. Suspect sound of alarm being turned off is not waking life. Hall too dark - should mean this is a dream. See a sign on bottom half of home office door with moving visuals and know for sure I am dreaming. Phase outside and end up back inside later and stabilize by licking and touching wall. I decide I will find Girl Friday in the house and do under some blankets in a bedroom. Interact sexually! 304

      4/2 Day practices: This really could be a dream!
      I reach for a cat that fades away…aha DILD. Flying among interesting clouds as far as I can see. 305

      DILD Hose being pulled…by who? See no one and head to front door…it's ajar…break in? I bet I'm dreaming. Float RC, yes! Ends trying to stabilize rubbing the ground. 306

      DEILD Although I feel myself back in bed, I get the idea to imagine that I can still feel the ground I was rubbing and I can. Eye clench vibrations. Lots more ground rubbing. Eventually get classroom scene with cute blonde nearby and sexual interaction. 307

      4/5 DILD guard messing with me and I use dream actions to attack him in a van. Lower level lucid. 308

      DILD I go into my familiar hall bathroom but the toilet is gone..aha! Sexual interaction with Girl Friday and her mother. 2nd ever G experiment. Same 4mg/250mg G+C dosage. 309

      4/9 DILD guy pops out and I think whoop him like in a dream…I am dreaming! I attack him with multiple combinations and the move on to dream goal peg 1. 310

      4/10 DILD narrow stairs and black lady coming down them. Start to move aside and then realize I can just float over her…ah yes I am dreaming. Float up to next level and low head space and mostly crawl through interesting halls and rooms. Some interesting toys remind me of one of my favorite lucid dreams. Attempt dream goal peg 1. 311

      4/12 After some trouble getting to sleep and memory gap I have a WILD style entry. Dream started in bedroom and continued in house and bedroom with some involved stabilization on street. Completed dream goal peg 1 (subconscious question..should I..? Answer: "If you want to." Dream felt like 10 minutes. 3rd G experiment same dose 4mg+250mg. 312

      4/18 vibrations and WILD style. Sexy woman in short skirt. 313

      4/19 WILD style entry and maybe held onto consciousness throughout - remember thinking it is taking a while to get to sleep. Vibrations, ethereal experience, no visuals but feel I'm in my dream body. I remember my previous embrace of Girl Friday in a non-lucid, the warm hug and I start to feel her again. I rub my hands up and down her back to bring us both firmly into the same space. We have a very sensual, sexual interaction. Eventually vibrations and a fade back to bed. 314

      After some minutes of patience, which is unusual for my DEILDs, normally feeling that if it doesn't happen in a matter of seconds that it won't...so perhaps more WILD than DEILD. Involved some eye clenches to nudge the vibrations…guessing some waking eyes and some dreaming eyes doing the clenches. The rest here: http://www.dreamviews.com/tasks-mont...ml#post2156310 315

      Similar set of playing with vibrations and then backing off trying to let the vibrations ride on their own. So many voices. After a while I find myself at a busy conference. Rest at the same link above, TOTM. This was my 4th experiment with G + C and the first at a dosage of 8mg and 500mg. 316

      4/24 DILD running down this beautiful wide set of stairs I am easily able to jump down to the next flight and 2 flights on the next jump fully realizing that I am dreaming. Joyfully float down to a huge open lobby area. Later FA where I am telling someone about the dream. 317

      4/26 I seem to go in and out of lucidity for a good length of dreams with many sexual interactions and experiences. 2nd time with upped dose G + C 8mg and 500mg. 318
    9. Dec 17th - Jan 10th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #254 to 263 With Dry Spell

      by , 01-19-2015 at 05:10 AM
      Dec 17th - Jan 19th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #254 to 270 With Dry Spell

      Super quick notes to catch up.

      12/17/14 FA "back to sleep" vibrations, stay patient then visuals with eyes closed. Flight to Girl Friday's house and lose patience. Decide to fly up to moon but can't find it and decide I will drop down a bit and land on the moon but end up in a living room with my son about 12 years younger! Hold his hand and talk. #254


      12/18 cute DC gets me thinking about dream options turns into LD. woman in black is creepy and other weird DC's. Talk to them all searching for SC insight but dumb answers. I mostly ignore woman in black until she re-asserts herself. 255

      12/19 with Wife on bench, a sexy woman approaches. Semi to full LD. Boldness initiated. Telepathically tell them to kiss and remove clothes. Sexy! 256

      <vacation starts and I change everything I'm doing and pay the price with a dry streak after which I am slow to get back in the groove. Up to this point I was rolling strong 16 LD's in the first 19 days of December.>

      12/30 I feel bold early in dream probably assisted by bold visualizations after WBTB. I tell all of the female DC's to follow and gather around me and I float up to a mezzanine overlooking a wide open library-like indoor space to get a good look around at the women. Sex and watching another woman undress sexily. 257

      12/31 lucid at seeing deceased father-in-law. Happy to see this dream sign back! 258

      Trying to DEILD. Clump of simple images in mostly empty void becomes more complete and I start air swimming towards the scene. Explore a video game-like green landscape by air. 259

      1/5/15 become lucid in doctors office probably from seeing cute woman. 260

      FA caught: semi to full LD. Crawl over bed. What if someone in bed? Sure enough. Must be a dream! End up in void. Another FA in bed caught due to unlikely scenario. Nudge vibrations. Void. Closed eye teleport. Eventually scene forms in bedroom. Cool courtyard between buildings do backwards TOTM while attempting to find crystal ball for other advanced task. Western shoot'em up! See TOTM thread 1/5 for more complete description. Only counting one LD in this FA series. 261

      1/10 on couch with Wife I get dreamy ideas bring another woman in. Sexual then end up outdoors confusion then regain lucidity. Dance with beautiful woman and she becomes this glowing gorgeous bright eyed blonde. 262

      Riding down street trucks passing I recognize the street from earlier dream and realize I'm dreaming. Billboard. 263

      Praying for someone who seemed to get news of terminal illness my eyes are closed and I see the words "me too" and right below "smile." I take this as a sign that I am being given the opportunity to be lucid but wake. Not counting.

      1/11 epic night...to be continued...
    10. 12/6/14 Two OBE Style LD's, TOTM and Possibly a 3rd One Turned Semi-lucid

      by , 12-06-2014 at 07:22 PM
      12/6/14 11:40+ 2:50 early for wbtb but already awake. Wake from OBE style LD 5:10 felt like end of a REM cycle but if so no recall before OBE or dreaming I'm trying to get to sleep. Did my son actually come in the room? Anyway I feel vibrations but nothing happening but remain patient. Eventually decide to nudge vibrations and they get quite heavy...almost uncomfortable but I decide to experiment nudging them harder (eye clench) and I finally feel like I am in my dream body in bed and struggle to get out...nudge vibrations some more and feel ready to roll out and do. I feel a little sluggish like waking in middle of the night so I do glottal - seems to indicate awake. Finger through palm...solid...unreliable. Nose pinch since I am quite sure it is a dream there are no sinus repercussions and I can breathe through the pinch. It always feels so amazing. I start out of bedroom door and it sounds like my son is in the family room watching TV. I float the rest of the way to the front door. There is a chain door latch unlike IWL and I remove it and unlock the deadbolt and as I crack open the door there is a hint of cold air and I find that interesting since temperature is not noticed often. I am only wearing underwear in this dream body. I decide it will be a normal neutral temperature and also wonder if my dream will replicate my son wondering who is opening the door in the middle of the night but I suppress that thought and both work (neutral temperature and no son tugging at my lucidity. I go outside walking again at first. There are fictional neighbors across the street coming home. Night time scene. It is a husband, wife and small boy maybe 5 years old. Young Asian family. They parked in the middle of the street, perhaps only unloading. I float-fly a little slower than desired at first then speed up to get a quick look on my way toward Girl Friday's. Though the woman (the wife) is attractive I decide to continue down the street. I see another lone woman walking towards her front door and I float just above her as she goes in her house and I wonder if the DC will even pay any attention to me but she does looking a little uncomfortable. She has a big vaulted ceiling living room very much like ours and I float up into it enjoying the sensation. A bit of that then I float back down closer to her and whip it out to see her reaction. She acts uncomfortable once again. I decide to leave and as I head towards her door it starts to fade and try to closed eye teleport but I am already back in bed. I resolve to ignore the urge to reposition and attempt DEILD but perhaps a mistake after trying for too long may have been counterproductive and better to roll over and reposition more quickly. I also didn't want to open my eyes to check the time and may place in the REM cycles but later realize it was later after wbtb than I would have guessed. 6am

      Semi-lucid with two Tonys. Later Tony was the store owner. Got wrapped up in being caught messing around the front of his house which seemed to pull away what little lucidity I may have had. I'm trying to remember the other Tony but I remember thinking during the dream that it was pretty cool that the interaction with one Tony brought up the dream with the other Tony. Also experiment more with eye clench vibrations. More noticeable while semi-awake when ear plugs are in but still degrees of vibrations achieved so must be a sleep/wake level component to the vibrations as previously deduced.

      Wake from LD#2 7:55
      Weird colored schematic of a water fountain very vivid and I am looking at a stable image for quite a while before it starts changing. This is more than a dreamlet. I am stationary and just observing and the image becomes the outside of the water fountain and a hand reaching down to push the button. The image is panning out and I am interested to see who it is but it all fades to black. I decide it is time to get back to using the closed eye teleport. Awareness and memory is great. I start to imagine my favorite starting point that lead to some of my favorite dreams (teleport to ocean) but perhaps I focused on the wrong thing (the ocean instead of the beach that often dumps me in the ocean). I stay with it and it almost feels like I am floating in water but when the visuals come back I am laying mostly face down on my bed but it is transparent and there are a lot of miscellaneous things on the floor underneath the transparent bed including small papers like post its and other junk. I decide to do a swimming motion with my arms and perhaps that will take me to a different place. The image below my bed stays static and not moving with my supposed swims forward. This image is so out of this world and very bright but I know that I am wearing my sleep mask so there is no doubt but this is all an odd dream location. With not enough happening I decided I might as well roll out (of this transparent dream bed) like in my first LD. This time the door is straight ahead from my bed instead of up and to the left. I go out and head down the stairs and notice that the stairs are not like my stairs in waking life as opposed to the first LD. It is more of a traditional all white banister of thick block shaped wood unlike my rounded natural oak banister. As I am heading down the stairs I recalled my thoughts after my first LD that I should have tried to do at least one task of the month. I decide that when I open the door there will be snow all over the grass but as I do it is a bright sunny day with green grass and I see people over to the left and what looks like a small child over to the right across the street sitting on their porch. I decide "well there will be a small clump of snow left that hasn't melted" and I look down around the grass in front of the house I just walked out of and I find some melting snow but very little. I reach down and clump it together and it is barely larger than a golf ball but good enough and I pick up a piece of foam laying on the grass to put underneath the snowball so that the dream has no excuse to melt it. The group to the left is no longer there but the child on the porch is still there and I approach. The child is a small girl maybe only 3 or 4 years old and she is adorable blond girls with shoulder length hair. I threw the snowball very softly at her and it hit her in the face and fell apart. Her only reaction was blinking
      her eyes a lot because of the snow that got in her eyes. I decided this is just a dream and I should probably give it a proper throw and I clump back together the pieces of snow and throw it properly at her and this time she disappeared with only her small plastic figurines she had been playing with left behind. I decide to take a closer look at the figurines to remember what they were when I wake up and see if there was any significance. There are three; 1 is a standing owl-man (standing more like a man but with the head of an owl) another is a Little Mermaid knock off figurine (didn't look much like Disney's Little Mermaid and more little girl than Disney's) and the third one I forget at the moment. And actually there was a 4th one that became the owl-man but I can't remember what that one was either. The dream starts fading here and I decide to try the closed eye teleport again and it seems like I am staying asleep unt
      il my wife moves in bed abruptly and coughs and I can feel that I have fully returned to my bed, to my waking body. 243 & 244
    11. 7/20/14 Flight to an Alien Planet

      by , 07-21-2014 at 05:32 PM
      On a trip. At mall. Sears. Make my way past miscellaneous stores; overall path is a D shape with the curve being the mall and the straight line is the parking lot and my way back to point A from point B. Big movie theater with areas to sit and a huge ramp-like area to watch from with people laying and/or sleeping on it. Sealed door exit from the theater. But a guy comes in through sealed door. I can go out then and I do. This looks like way back to my car. Somewhere in here I'm thinking that I haven't gotten a hotel yet. I can use my phone to search for hotel deals. Walking in parking lot I see my wife's cousin N with his nice convertible. This has to be a dream to run into you here out of town! Yup! I do some of my I know I'm a lucid challenges basically bragging but it's great for confidence...I say to him, hey can I have sex with ( his wife's name). "It would be like" and I make the motions as if his wife is laid out on the hood of his convertible. I say you could have sex with (insert my wife's name). This was somehow much more fun than it sounds and just acting it out around the hood of his car felt a lot like doing it. I think: Down to goals! I think I want to do the planet one next. I considered doing it with the elevator one but no
      elevator around right now so just decide to fly up into space - way up and it gets dark I can't see anything but I stay calm fly up some more and then decide that I will just freefall until I hit a planet. (Note: It is my dream, I can make that work no matter how improbable IWL, LOL! In the dream I only thought that I can make this work. I didn't even go there with thinking about it being improbable IWL.) I simulate to myself a soft landing and I get it...I basically just find myself on solid ground as if I floated there like a feather. I can see through kind of a window or space into this other room or void (this is probably the dream reforming the environment after the void and free fall) and there are green rocks that have a lot of straight lines kind of like blocks thrown together creating odd shaped rocks, not unlike crystal formations. I cross through and there is big huge rocky formation that looks like it has teeth. I studied for a moment so that I can remember it later. The teeth are jagged kind of like sharks teeth. But the rest of it is not really shaped like creature really more like a big rock. I look around the room or space and there is another set of different shaped items that I come back to later but two of the items are shaped kind of like elongated travel chests. I could
      see something move off in the corner of the room the distance but when I look over there there's nothing. I walked over that way and I say "I come in peace" while holding up my right hand while kind of laughing to myself . I am creating my own cheesy 50's Alien movie here I think to myself. He comes back out. It is very difficult to describe what he looks like but he is a short creature maybe 2 feet tall . As for something you would find on the earth, he is most like an octopus perhaps but the base that he walks around on is a little more rectangular shaped than circular like an octopus. He has a bit of a goofy friendly face and is kind of a grayish bluish color. I try a line from one of my previous lucid dreams and I say "bring me one of your hottest alien women." A doll looking thing comes down from above on a rope. It becomes more and more lifelike, and more human woman like as this plays out. The rope is around her and slipping up and down her body pulling up her white nightgown and revealing her naked body. It is strangely erotic. I will
      leave out the rest of the sexual stuff with her but I may share by PM if requested. This space looks a lot like a big house. I decide to go back to look and kind of draw out all of the items on a sketch pad that I summon to help me remember this dreamscape, to really lock it into my memory. I go back over by the elongated chests but the chests are no longer there but I study the rest of the items but I drop the idea of drawing them. There are two clear glass bowls with a clear liquid in them. One has round multicolor items in it that look like fruits. The other one has some loaf shaped items sticking up out of it. It looks like it was set out for a party. I go off to my left and sure enough it's kind of liked a little party with my son there and some other people. Either I am back on earth now or they came up to visit! I then see my son's friend C and I think about how everyone talks about how promiscuous she has become. Not sure if she is still in college IWL. I think of another test / brag to my lucidity. I told my son I'm going to get it on with his friend C. I start to mount her and I see her luscious lips and switch gears and stick it in her mouth. She does a very nice job. Wow!!
      After a bit of that
      the dreams fades back to bed but I remember that I to always have to check to see if it's a real awakening...but alas it is this time. I was reminded yesterday to put more of myself in the self awareness work. I also switched up my SSILD somatic cycle a little and did some self awareness work during WBTB which I shortened. I also woke up closer to 5.5 hours after bed for WBTB whereas the last few nights were around 4.5 and I seemed too tired to make it work right. Woke from dream around 7 something. 175

      Late Late dream 10 a.m. Young guy is broadcasting himself in his bedroom on justin.tv for a long time. At this point it is on the news...his girlfriend got shot through the bedroom window while he was broadcasting and I said what are the chances of that...that can't be...that's impossible. Then a playback of all the stuff that happened before the shooting. His run in with some other teenagers at school, they call him something weak and they have some kind flipping competition to see who could do standing flips. The scene where his girlfriend was shot had him holding her in bed rolling around and it just did not look natural like he was acting, but it did not make me lucid either...none of this thinking that all this was impossible. The dream explained it away. Oh well, had my awesome LD already.

      7/21/14 FA: hearing the alarm turn off warning stop without key punch sounds made me realize I am dreaming. I never really understood people feeling sleepy in a lucid dream until this time. I felt like dozing off within my lucid, so I did. 176

      071814 a guy is telling me about all these cool artifacts he found...I'm seeing them visually like I'm in video game. Golden breastplate, etc. Thai government is looking for him (movie at bedtime=character is in Thailand before heading to Cambodia).

      7/17 crater in ocean. Where I was when 17, recurring dream. Go back for son. Hydrofoil boat. Coach M has game at 6pm. L on sons grades, report card. "Lucid" is written out on grades in one place but instead of a clue that I am dreaming, I worry that wife will see. Coach M talks about how he lost his father. I relay this to my son. Looking for school office helps with college apps. It is after 5pm but she's still there (5am? Wake 545am). Lady sits funny almost showing up skirt. A skills test is done: measure the area of two adjacent tables....easy. Life lessons you need I guess.
    12. 7/14/14 Spotlight Burlesque DILD

      by , 07-14-2014 at 09:53 PM
      7/14/14* My previous DJ entry was up there with my all time favorites. I just loved the setting and vividness. Tonight near lucid then lucid later. I'm in a parking garage. Guy pulls up in a car with a tarp over a big part of it. What do you have under there? He says he doesn't need to tell me. We need to know (am I police or security or something?). First thought=could be bomb! Then, it could be kidnapped kids...Sure enough dream comes up with 2 kids under the tarp. Some other guy struggles with guy that came in the car and also with the kids who are being brats. A relatively big tough guy nearby wants to stop me from intervening. "The three of us can take you," I start to say. He says some threats related to him not being afraid to go back to jail. I back off...wake=FA. I think to myself if I was lucid I could have knocked him around with TK! Tough guy and I are sharing a sleeping space now? I'm on couch and he crawls over me slowly...to go to the bathroom? I can feel him stepping on the couch in several places trying to make his way over me. I pretend to be asleep. When he gets back he seems to be cuddling me... Hell no, I think...uh...I need to go pee. I get up and say something like "gotta stop drinking so much water...gotta pee all the time (excuse)." I look back at him. He has this weird peeking eye?..One eye is slightly open but he is also snoring so I assume he is asleep. His feet are up on the couch and his upper half on the floor, face up. I head to the bathroom and I have to pull 2 doors together to lock it in a very loose fashion and I can still see out. While I am urinating I see a lady with a spotlight on her doing burlesque! I'm dreaming! I approach her. She changes to a different woman and then back. She is not really slender, dark hair and is in black lingerie. I think let's look around while doing a little dancing with her but I can't focus on the surroundings much. I start to have intercourse with the dancer lady standing up. Someone says "here's Mom" and a older motherly figure and an older fatherly figure show up. I take this as a test to my lucidity and think: no worries! I say "Hey mom, check her out" as I continue intercourse. "Hey check out these breasts" and I remove her bra..."nice breasts, right?!" Ok...let me get down to goals...I want to find Dreamer for the Bonus TOTM, but not here, not like this. I will teleport...closed eye
      teleport. I say I want to arrive in a beautiful and vivid world...but perhaps I did not give it enough focus. I open my eyes and I am in a hazy storage room? There are stacked metal folding chairs in a few different spots. I look around a little while, but I am not seeing anything interesting and unfortunately lose patience. I try another teleport and instead of closing my eyes I clench my eyes like when I am trying to DEILD and I
      wake up or have a convincing FA of right where I'm at IWL...possibly FA because when I decide to roll over and check the time it feels like I am shaking off SP. Either way, awake. 174
    13. Awesome! Exploring a Beautiful Hotel Felt Like I Travelled to the 1920's

      by , 07-14-2014 at 03:00 AM
      7/13/14* Awesome! Finally one of my recent vivid dreams became lucid! Similar calm, highly lucid, exploration like my grassy sea lucid and right after seeing the closest thing I have seen to a grassy sea: I just watched Gravity for the first time last night and there is a scene where you see a grassy vegetation growing up out of a large body of water. When I saw that scene in the movie IWL my heart fluttered emotionally with the memory of the wonderful lucid dream it so much reminded me of and it must have inspired another awesome LD. I think it solidified the point for me to slow down and explore all of the wonder right around you. I have also had similar experiences IWL.

      One of my earlier dreams was very vivid. At the end there is a squirrel that got into a house with a gathering or party. After trying to lead him out an open door, I was able to catch it but it reached back and bit my hand. I moved my hands further up his body to the base of his head to keep him from biting me again. All I could see from the injury was what looked more like a bloody scratch. I woke with the thought that the squirrel biting me should have made me lucid.

      I am on a trip again, a common theme. My family and I are heading to quarantine area where they are going to apply some treatment to everyone via spray in the room so that no one carries any diseases into this foreign country. In a seemingly semi lucid moment I put my arms around this beautiful woman who takes to it kindly at first but then pushes me away. I sit on the floor apparently wearing a baseball cap as my view is slightly obscured looking upwards. Two cute kids are playing with me as I sit there. My wife is sitting on a ledge above on the perimeter of the room and a guy next to her is apparently stinky and she makes a face. I asked my wife where our son is. She didn't seem sure and didn't seem worried. Doors to the room opened up to let everyone out and transport trolleys are coming in and I'm the last one still in there and the doors closed but I'm able to scurry my way to the door and open it and go out. It is a beautiful countryside with
      green hills reminding me of where I was in 1993. Lots of people hanging around outside but no wife and son. I just wait knowing they would know where to find me. People are sitting at an outdoor table talking while most others mingling much like a party but it is daytime, outside and of course in the beautiful scenery. I see a group walking down the road maybe they are with them up that way. I pass a place that raises collies apparently, the dog breed. I strain my neck to see and a dog runs up to me to jump or bite me...ah dog dream sign (One of the dream signs I thought about during WBTB...I'm dreaming.. fades and I clench my eyes to try to reenter the dream. It probably never ended, probably just the void, it's hazy but I can see a little bit and I think of the task of the month and I start to visualize an elevator...nothing at first but then a big red button appears and I press it and at this point it is more like I am visualizing an elevator door opening and seeing the elevator car and stepping in.
      I can feel myself going up up up in what feels more like an open-air elevator car and still hazy. I am not satisfied with experience due to the lack of visuals. I think that I wake up but wait remember always check when waking up. I do feel that I'm still in a dream, an FA, laying in bed. I get out of bed. I'm in a hotel room with strange striped wallpaper. I end up face down on the floor and struggle to crawl up to the wall to lift myself up. How tricky the transition is to an FA. Try to stick my finger through my palm and it indicates that I am awake. No! I am sure that I'm dreaming so I look at my left hand and there are five fingers. But, I have a small appendage or extra little finger sticking out to the right of my left index finger going out from a spot about 3/4 of an inch down my finger. I think again of the elevator task...a hotel should be perfect. I go through two sets of doors to exit my hotel room but before I close the door I take one
      more look at my hand and it looks just like before surprisingly...five fingers with a little extra one. The hallway of the hotel is awesome it looks maybe 1920s!! The walls are adorned with a beautiful rich dark wood paneling up and down. I go down to one end of the hall and there's a short flight of stairs up straight ahead, maybe 5 stairs and I start to go up and I think this wouldn't be the way to an elevator but at the top I see there's a small opening or space and there is a small door not more than a foot and a half tall . I go back the other way down the hall past where I came out and circle around to the right and I see a man and a woman in an open area with curtains that are opened. It looks like an opium den and/or a brothel. I keep going then I come to an opening in the hall there is a weird creature or boy sitting on the floor with his back to me. I decide to turn my back to him...out of sight out of mind. I continue down another hall and
      walk past this man who had first looks like a guy in a suit and tie. Still not seeing an elevator I decide to go back to the man who now looks more like a bellman , an old fashioned one. I asked him if there's an elevator here. He says that the elevator will be ready in 1 to 2 weeks. I then think perhaps I can teleport to one of the neighboring buildings it seems like I'm in a big city downtown with lots of buildings back at the early part of the century from everything I see in this hotel and the way that guy is dressed. I'm amazed how vivid this dream is and how beautiful everything is. I ask if there's another building around with an elevator. The guy says that actually I can ride their elevator but I just have to sign a waiver. I ask him where will it take me. He says it will take me up to the top. I ask him what is there? He says the tree. I say the tree? Is this construction, unfinished? No he says it is solid. It used to house our Communications
      department(?). I follow him towards the elevator down the hall that looks like a maintenance corridor and I'm having trouble standing up straight. I am leaning heavily as if I will fall to my left down a stairwell but I am hanging on to some bars or pipes that line the right side. It seems like the guy I am following is growing impatient at how slow I am. I'm in a dilemma. I'm not sure if I should let go and have faith that I can walk straight or keep going while holding on. I think it's okay if I fall it is just a dream but I might lose the scene and my path to the elevator. I also I think that I could teleport. I got probably 20 feet down this hall hanging on
      before I finally woke up for real. Still very cool lucid scenes and I wake up smiling. My day practices up until yesterday were focusing on doing the elevator task next for whatever reason. Yesterday I thought I started incubating the idea that I should meet up with Dreamer first, but next need to incubate that a bit more. Might have gotten to that task if I had ever completed the elevator one! 173
    14. 6/27/14 - 7/5/14 6 DILDs, Exploring Paths DILDs, 3 Nude TOTM tasks

      by , 07-05-2014 at 11:48 PM
      6/27/14* hold my hand / little blind girl with little pink ribbon with writing on adorable / driving onto soccer field me in passenger seat so many kids so close to car but he's driving slowly. Typical markings on field plus extra for coach's game plan on field itself! (world cup residue perhaps) / Someone named David falls off a 2nd story or higher front porch balcony but lives to say something from down below. I crawl over railing into front door and plan to go back down and out through a back door and stairs I assume there should be. Working my way through the house feeling lost I think what if I could fly out like in dreams...why of course, this is a dream. Phase out through back of house and goes gray. I fly in an undulating dolphin-like motion and can see my hands (normally I am looking down with my hands out front while flying). After a bit I start looking down for anything and start to see a flat dark green surface with little nicks in it with no apparent pattern. Eventually I am on the ground and my son is there. Feeling frisky, bold and very lucid I
      announce to my son that I am going to give it to "your mother!" (wouldn't dare say this if there was any doubt I was dreaming). Wife appears and I throw off her clothes with tk and get to business. Ready to add another female to the mix I think of who to summon, Girl Friday? Scarlett?
      But the dream fades. 167

      7/4/14 Didn't record these LDs right away so going from memory hours later. Late dream malaise affects last 2 LDs. DILD#1 I am getting instructions from 30-something woman with large breasts in a seating position. I am standing over her and I get the idea to brush my arm against her breasts. As I do, I realize that I am dreaming and immediately think of the basic naked task and strip down once again with my pants bunched up around the ankles I fling them off with telekinesis. She has removed her shirt and I reach behind her back and undo her bra and her sumptuous breasts flow out. I gawk and enjoy the scene and don't remember anything else before before waking. 168

      DILD#2 end of REM assumed. Wife, Son and I have free tickets to a nice dinner and we are being seated with another group who left 2 seats on one side of the table and one on the other. Wife and son go down left side of table with plenty of room but the one seat on my side is blocked in by the rest of the group at the table and by the neighboring table being so close. I wait patiently and they eventually get up and I get to my seat apparently thirst and look down at an untouched small thin medium-tall glass of water with a small amount of melted ice water and a clear straw. I am obviously focused on it and slurp on the straw thirstily. The water is barely splashing in my throat as if the straw is broken and the sensation keys me in that I am dreaming again! But even shorter than the previous. I wake up feeling quite thirsty. 169

      #3 In dream DEILD (really a DILD) I am attempting to WILD and I am getting decent vibration feedback with my clinched eyes method but lose consciousness before dream begins. I am playing a song on my phone that has a really nice beat and electronic percussion sounds and something reminds me that I was just trying to WILD but I don't feel fully immersed in the dream and feel like I am still trying to WILD so I try a movement based entry and start dancing my way into the dream and end up on a big concert stage and for some reason I think it is Prince playing. I just keep dancing on the stage and rip off my clothes and will my junk to hang large and low. I think I feel movement in bed and I am probably close to waking up anyway, but that either way I do. 170

      7/5 DILD#1 Son sick goes into huge public bathroom but doesn't choose stall. Seems drunk also. I get him to move but all toilets have no stall. 2 ladies come through with their small boys and I get mad at them, chide them. I go back to room and lady getting ready to go to bed and husband already asleep. Leave but come back and she is changing and is in her bra but bottomless, she just took off her pants. Seems shy at first but then not so much. I start to close the door but keep opening it back a little to look at her sexiness. I continue around a long hall that circles the whole floor passing different couples beds and looking to see what I can. One lady is topless in bed as I pass. All Asian like last night. Some start to wake and one mentions getting coffee. I comment that they are getting up so early but i need an excuse...I was not able to get back to sleep. I continue to around the halfway point of circling the floor and it goes dark with thick curtains and I
      realize I'm dreaming. I float up a little and back down and planning to go back the way I came but not working so I visualize a church where I thought it would be more challenging to get naked and I see it from the outside like an old largish white country church with one traditional steeple in the middle front and then I'm suddenly inside on the stage-like pulpit. And I remove all my clothes. People start mumbling that I'm one of those demon loving lucid dreamers...I laugh it off and start to imagine an elevator and starting to think about the other tasks but can start to hear sounds from IWL.
      Try to DEILD but must be end of REM. Get up and record. 171

      DILD#2 I was sure I would remember the details and was very lazy and planned to commit it to memory but dozed back off quickly. All I can remember at this point is that the DILD moment had something to do with an interaction with a woman while looking for a towel when coming out of the shower. And I remember thinking 2nd DILD of the night. 172

      Some short DILDs lately. Possible ways to rectify: 1. adjust WBTB time, mostly doing them too long lately and it seems to affect how I am doing my SSILD cycles and perhaps length of REM? 2. Get back up to par with my daytime practices. 3. Start off my LDs properly more grounded in my dream environment! will try Click-Freeze-study environment (click=time stopping pocket watch but more for me to stop and take a moment). Too much of myself in the dream (reference: Mzzkc's Stabilization Fundamentals).

      Did self hypnosis lucid dreaming script night of 7/3 and recall one a night or two before that.
    15. 6/7 & 6/10 TOTM Kardashian Impregnation KILD-DILD + FA

      by , 06-11-2014 at 12:11 AM
      6/10/14* (short version, though not a super long LD; KILD=Kiss Induced Lucid Dream) I am getting on a commuter train and feel very tired. I think to myself what if I can lucid dream on the train but it doesn't occur to me that I'm dreaming yet. Seem to doze off quickly and I'm standing in a hall and three ladies that I think are supposed to be the Kardashian sisters are standing on the other side of the hall across from me. The shortest one (seems to be Kourtney) is in between the other two and is changing her top and I could briefly see her breasts and the other two sisters are trying to cover her up while she changes. I move my head to the left and get another view of her right breast facing me. I believe that I am semi-lucid here. Khloe walks over to me like she is going to set me straight and I grasp her and kiss her and she is into it and I fully realize that this is a dream and I think of the TOTM bonus impregnation task. My original plan was to do it with Girl Friday (and I still can) and then to summon a meteor to mark the occasion (perform the meteor task) and visit the meteor landing site. We take it to the ground after some standing foreplay which includes my common reach down for moisture. Anyway, the main thing is we get down to intercourse. I start imagining exploding inside her and can kind of feel it (I think about how it has felt way more realistic on at least one occasion) and I pull up a little and say "look...your stomach is growing" and it does grow taking her up to what must be like 6 months pregnant or less with multiple babies or something...who knows. Anyway this blends into a very convincing false awakening where I think I hear my wife calling for me from downstairs as if I am making her late and I notice I am having trouble rolling out of bed and getting up and think that I hear her coming up the stairs. I try to reach over and bang the wall to let her know that I'm awake and getting up and I am finally able to fully wake myself and I wake up only to find that the last part was all just a false awakening. 159

      Craziness has been keeping me from doing much with my day practices and no night time practices this night due to needing a good night's sleep but going back over exercise 4a from the Open Beta exercises yesterday may have helped. The exercise gave me the sense that everything is a dream (at least for a more extended period than normal) and I found more exciting about my waking world.

      6/7/14* DILD involved me driving on what at first seemed like a familiar road and then realizing that I did not know this road at all - I am dreaming. I fly up out of the car and end up in the void where I patiently summon Girl Friday and have her strip which was very hot, turned into a false awakening of wife coming into the room and her being pleasantly surprised by my condition down there. 158
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