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    The Dream of the Mall Guerilla

    by , 01-15-2012 at 04:40 PM (650 Views)
    The Dream of the Mall Shoot-Out (DILD)


    I went to the bigger island next to mine to meet a local woman whose young daughter was in the hospital. I decided to accompany her to the hospital. We drove there. The hospital was in a giant mall which was partly underground.
    Once there, we got separated because I went to buy a magazine for the little girl. I was in the shopping part of the mall, outside the checkout lanes, when
    people started firing. It was a small squad, about a dozen people. I ducked being a checkout counter. I could only hear them, so I had to guess what they were doing. They were coming from my left and getting closer, shooting people as they went. I heard the victims scream.
    There was a dead female cashier close to me so I crawled there, put some of her blood on my shirt and played dead when the squad passed by.
    When I was alone, I tried to think about what to do. Other gunmen joined the first squad, it was a little army and they were obviously professionals. They occupied the whole mall, stoping the country's forces from liberating it.
    I met other survivors in the mall and we started a resistance. We gathered a few weapons, for instance I had my commando knife with me. Some of the men were older men
    whom I met in real life about a week before. There was also a man about my age which seemed to have war experience. We fought the invaders, it was a real mall guerilla, hiding in boutiques and between shopshelves. Many people died on our side. Everybody fought, mothers, children, old people.
    There were also a few conflicts within our group. I had misunderstanding with the man of my age when I thought he'd stolen my knife, but it was a close-looking one.
    In the end, after a few days, the country's army managed to get in the mall but they realized we'd done most of the work. We were tired, dirty and hungry, so we roamed the mall for food, and the police had the nerve to tell us to stop stealing!
    Flash forward a few months: the mall has been abandonned following the blood shed. The state has decided to convert the office buildings into nice flats, and me and some of the other survivors are imagining our future life there, the landscaping, etc. As for the shopping part of the mall, it will be turned into a giant market like Rungis for the whole south of France.
    End: I'm at home when I receive a phone call from a British woman. She says she wants to meet me to make a film about the attack. For some reason I can't make out a third of what she's saying, but in the end I understand that she wants to make a film and not a documentary, and would like me to star as myself.

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